Supernatural: Sacrifice


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

DO NOT read this unless you have seen the season finale of Supernatural.

Quote of the season:

Cas: Do you really think it’s a good idea to drink on the job?

Dean: What show have you been watching?

My brain wishes it could deal with the emotions the season finale of Supernatural presented us with. Between concern for Sam, a certain sense of impending doom and the dire need and then sudden rejection of seeing the trials through, this episode can be summed up in one word: Omgwhatjusthappenedsomeonehelpme. Or: Wow. It’s also worth mentioning that as serious as a season finale always is with Supernatural they really did strike gold with some of the funnier moments.

The episode began with the shocking revelation that Crowley’s next target was Sheriff Mills – showing her almost choke to death on her own blood. But before Crowley could carry it through, the boys called with the proposition of an exchange; the angel tablet for the demon tablet. They met (at Bobby’s junk yard), they talked legislation and Sam almost signed the contract. Instead of signing the Winchesters used their ninja demon-holding cuffs and took Crowley hostage; revealing that Crowley is the last trial. Between Sam’s long list of confessions, his blood being purified and injected into Crowley, and Crowley biting Sam to acquire his blood and phone home – there’s a lot to process. By the way, nice move, Crowley, too bad you didn’t call a demon more stable than Abaddon. I’m glad the episode didn’t focus on another female baddy trying to mess the boys around in their hour of glory. Even if their hour of glory turned out to be their hour of need.

While Abaddon kicked Sam and Crowley’s backsides, Metatron and Castiel were on their ‘closing the gates of heaven’ mission. With the first trial completed, Naomi caught the two rebels before they could complete the second and take possession of cupid’s arrow. So, as Sam worked his magic on the King of Hell and faced the big bad witch, Castiel took Dean in order to help him complete the Angel trials in Metatron’s absence. While torturing Metatron and “getting inside his head” Naomi found out a few things that would’ve been appreciated if mentioned earlier: 1. Sam will die if he completes the trials; 2. There is no “closing heaven’s gates” – just a way to ground all angels; and finally, 3. Metatron is a vindictive son of a vendetta. The way Metatron sees it: they cast him out of Heaven so the same fate must fall upon them.

After Naomi found Dean and Castiel and told them the truth, Dean ran back to Sam, Castiel flew back to heaven and a whole different league of disasters was carried out. Metatron, the vindictive pencil-pusher angel, removed Castiel’s essence as the final step to de-angel-ing all angels; making Castiel human. A horrific flashback to Dean trying to get to Sam and Ruby before all hell broke loose in the fourth season finale made me think the same would happen, but thankfully Dean got to Sam’s side right in time to stop him. Dean tried to explain that everything they’d been working towards couldn’t happen because it would kill Sam but that didn’t seem to stop him. But the speech about how Dean needs Sam to function worked like a charm, and let’s face it by this point we know the two are useless without each other. Not gonna lie; tears were shed. Sam let go of the trials, but the side effects were not… healthy, for lack of a better word.

The body count this finale wasn’t as high as previous seasons but everything has changed: Castiel’s essence and grace was taken from him, Sam is in no working order, Crowley seems human (and a major fan of Girls) and Naomi, her workforce and all of heaven’s angels have lost their wings and are walking the Earth. The final scene showed thousands of angels falling from the sky with Sam, Dean, Castiel and Kevin looking on completely helpless, making us certain that Season Nine Episode is going to be one hell of a game changer.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Side note:

Anyone else realize that both Supernatural and Arrow‘s finales were called Sacrifice?

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