Supernatural: Road Trip


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Three cheers for Supernatural and taking the road we wanted to take but feared they wouldn’t. As we know, this season we’ve dealt with a possessed Sam. But this episode took it to a whole new level. Thankfully, we weren’t presented with yet another episode of Sam doing things he wasn’t aware of while possessed with a psychopath. Instead, we saw Dean do everything in his power to save Sam. Again. And so it seems, it came down to allowing Crowley to possess Sam while Gadreel was already in possession of him, this was Plan C as an alternative to Castiel possessing him. Keeping in mind that Lucifer himself has been inside Sam’s noggin, we’re going to say that Sam’s head is pretty prone to possession.

Unfortunately, Kevin’s death was not a dream, rouse or situation where he can be brought back to life instantaneously. Instead Dean gave him a hunter’s funeral and gave the bunker an interior make over after beating the furniture to a pulp. After filling Cas in on how utterly messed up their lives have become, the most unlikely team of angel, demon and hunter grouped together in order to find Sam and save him. As for Abadon and Crowley’s mini-armies and their allegiance, apparently demons are only loyal to a certain point. So with the rest of the season, we’ll see both Abadon and Crowley not fight it out, but campaign it out in order to find a way to get the loyalty of their followers – basically a presidential campaign for Hell.

With Crowley’s de-possession of Sam successful, Gadreel is now in his original host and his plans with Metatron are far from over. Dean decided to leave Sam in order to find Gadreel and kill him and Sam isn’t dealing too well of the news of his possession, de-possession and his “killing Kevin while possessed” fiasco either. And we really can’t blame him. Once more the brothers are going their separate ways, but this time with a dark task ahead and the burden of Kevin’s death on both their shoulders. Who knows where this season will take us but hopefully the Winchesters will find peace… or a bit of revenge.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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