Supernatural Review: I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


Broken hearts, broken wings and broken bones. Last season the Winchesters left us with a remorseful Crowley, a human Castiel and hundreds of angels falling from the sky. This season premier lands us in familiar Supernatural territory; with Sam in trouble and Dean desperately trying to dig him out of it. While Sam was stuck in Impala limbo contemplating the pros and cons of death with Limbo Bobby and Limbo Dean, the real Dean was in the real world calling all angels for some sort of miracle. But the thing is, when you send an open invitation to hundreds of angels that have just had their wings clipped by you and your squad, they’re not going to come running with open arms. They’ll come running heavily armed. Thankfully, a helpful angel (rare, but they do still exist) Ezekiel came to Dean’s aid. Although he didn’t have the power to heal Sam, he had the power to possess him and heal him from the inside. And so Ezekiel, dressed in Dean’s meat suit, interrupted Sam’s cozy chat by the fire with Death, to remind his brother that, “there ain’t no me, if there ain’t no you”, convincing Sam to live and unknowingly allowing Ezekiel to stroll into his subconscious. So here’s the catch, Dean can’t tell Sam what’s going on because he’ll reject the angel’s presence and subsequently, he’ll die. This is definitely not going to go according to plan.

Meanwhile, Castiel befriended a wingless angel, a blue-eyed innocent looking Hael whose dream it was to see the Grand Canyon. Only to whack Cas on the back of the head, kidnap him and decide to possess his vessel and “become one” with him. But as Castiel quickly learned, humans bleed and angels without wings can just as easily be thrown out of cars when not wearing their seatbelts. The imagery that followed was terrifying; Hael with broken glass protruding from her forehead warned Cas that all angels will blame him for what has happened to them. And as the broken doll sat there bloodied and bruised, promising to fuel the war against him, Castiel finally realized what it means to survive and took an angel’s blade to her throat, went to a Laundromat and bought a bottle of water. Might I add that Castiel’s most endearing (and most human) moment was his inner conflict about whether to wash his clothes or buy a snack with his last quarter; the inner struggle of every human being at one point in their lives. And so, Castiel continues on in this season without his cloak, suit and tie. Folks, we have entered uncharted waters and I am definitely on board.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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  1. lightningirl12October 9th, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    I loved the episode but I was really conflicted! The whole time I felt like Dean was betraying Sammy! Of course I wanted Sammy to live as much as Dean did and I was on Dean’s side but it was still a little hard to let go of the fact that he was doing something that Sammy would despise. So much so that he can’t even tell him about it!

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