Supernatural: Remember the Titans


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


There’s nothing like a little Greek mythology to get Supernatural back on track. Or not. This week we were given a traditional hour-filling Supernatural episode that left us with nothing more than what happened throughout the hour. No new companions, no new information, nothing. You know things are getting interesting when a John Doe who dies daily and comes back to life daily turns out to be Prometheus, a Greek titan who stole fire from Zeus in order to facilitate the growth of mankind. It gets even more intriguing when Prometheus doesn’t know who he is, doesn’t know he has a child and doesn’t know his child has his same curse. Cue the Winchesters and their ability to make everything go right. After doing exactly what I hoped they wouldn’t this week; saying the line, “No word from Cas, Kevin is taking his sweet time and you’re acting all cage-y”. Literally translating to “Kevin isn’t in this episode, Cas isn’t in this episode and Sam is going to hide his supernatural-trial-fighting-problems from Dean in this episode. Landing us here with “Remember the Titans;” a filler episode.

Although this week’s dose of the unnatural was witty, funny and entertaining, it was just another run of the mill filler episode. Prometheus, the attractive yet silent Greek titan, went as fast as he came. The hunter’s funeral made sure that Supernatural audiences shouldn’t be expecting Prometheus back any time soon. One interesting aspect was the use of ‘The Men of Letters’ secret lair. The information found in their lair helped the case, if not solved it entirely. But I can’t help thinking that this myriad of supernatural-related books is just a quick fix to the lack-of-Bobby and lack-of-Garth-acting-as-Bobby situation they’ve found themselves in.

Dean and Sam will never learn. They will die for each other. They will kill other people for each other. But they never let each other in. Sam isn’t going to tell Dean any time soon, as usual, that he is coughing blood. Dean isn’t going to tell Sam any time soon, as usual, that he knows he’s hiding something. To fast-forward a couple of episodes, I predict a fight, a storm off and a dramatic cliffhanger. At least I hope that’s what’s going to happen. Supernatural it is about time you changed things up a little. Remember in Harry Potter where the wizarding world and the muggle world clashed and leaked into each other? Wouldn’t it be awesome if that happened during the tree trials? The fate of the world is always on the line where Sam and Dean are involved.

Maybe it’s time they showed it a bit more than usual and on a larger scale. Yes, there were the apocalyptic days where Death sat in a pizza parlor as a hurricane threatened to rip the city apart. And that was awesome. But we need to see it more now. Bring it on back Supernatural. I’ve said it once; I’ve actually said it about seven times, but either up the ante or bring back Cas and Kevin in one big bang of an episode.  Answer all the questions the fans have been hounding the Internet about. Don’t pluck Greek gods out of thin air with no explanation of where they’ve been or what they’ve been doing for the past thousands of years. Supernatural is about to take a twenty-one-day break and it would’ve been great to see this section end with a bang. But maybe they need to regroup and rethink the direction they’re taking with this season. So “Goodbye Stranger,” out on the 20th of March better have Cas, Kevin, Crawley and every demon, angel and monster in operation. Hell, at this rate they better throw in the kitchen sink.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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