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This week on Supernatural, we’re following the three paths of Dean and Crowley, Cas and Hannah, and Sam and his almost-assassin, Cole. These three paths are at the point of convergence and everyone’s safety hangs in the balance.

Crowley’s mission is to create ‘Dean the demon henchman.’ Dean just wants to kill, but can’t get himself to follow Crowley’s orders. Following the battle of the angels in the season premiere, Hannah helps a wounded Cas find his way back to Sam. Sam escapes from Cole, but almost too easily as Cole starts tracking Sam back to Dean. Cole is seemingly unaware of the demon world and is tracking Dean for vengeance for his father’s death by Dean’s hands.

On Dean’s mission to fulfill a client’s wish to have his cheating wife killed, Dean gives the husband a visit and instead decides to “kill the douche.” Can’t say I blame demon Dean as the guy did say, “Monogamy isn’t for men; they’re not programmed that way.” This scenario externalizes Dean’s internal struggle; he can’t pick Crowley’s side, but he can’t let go of his urge to kill. And so the almost co-reign of the almost dynamic duo is no longer. After a touching moment of “it’s not me, it’s you,” Crowley gives Dean up to Sam in exchange (of course) for a finder’s fee – Dean’s blade.

Hannah goes to visit Metatron to get Castiel’s grace back. But as “everybody wants something” and nothing comes cheap, Metatron asks to be released. Although Cas stops her before she makes the deal, Metatron does have a bit of Castiel’s grace left.

Finally, with ten minutes left: the Winchester showdown! On one side we have the ever-regretful, sympathetic, and pleading Sam Winchester. On the other is his demon-Dean brother; filled with anger, resent and…demonic tendencies! Round One: Sam, armed with puppy dog eyes, uses the ever-so-touching line, “You’re my brother and I’m here to take you home,” while Dean retorts with a pour of his drink. Exhausting his emotional options, Sam then grabs for his handcuffs, but before the showdown can turn physical, Cole steps in.

Now here’s something we haven’t seen before. Cole is really fighting the good fight and you find yourself sympathizing with Cole’s humanity and rooting for Dean’s at the same time. When Dean’s eyes turn black and he says, “I’m a demon,” it all seems lost, but what kind of demon wouldn’t kill their attacker at the first chance? Dean not only took it easy on him, but he let him go. Sam takes this opportunity to douse his brother in holy water and cuff him. And on their first car ride in the Impala this season, Dean explains his actions with Cole were not signs of mercy, it was a method of torture. “And what I’m gonna do to you, Sammy, well that ain’t gonna be mercy either”.

Dreary, I know. But here’s an image to keep your spirits up until next week’s episode:


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  1. jenOctober 16th, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    demon dean is channeling matthew mccconaughey in true detective

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