Supernatural Recap: Regarding Dean


By: Megan Farquharson (@mykarate)
Season 12, Episode 11 – Dean loses his memory, hijinks ensue, witches ruin everything. Written by Meredith Glynn, Directed by John Badham.

Spoilers ahead

Regarding Dean brought us a version of Dean that we haven’t seen in quite a while. The episode opened with him hunting a witch, only for the witch to cast a memory spell before dying. Dean slowly loses his memory throughout the episode. It seems to be a mix between short-term and long-term memory. And it is hilarious.
Imagine, if you will, a carefree Dean with no memories of all the terrible things that have happened, that he’s done, or that he’s seen.
It’s hard, right? My closest mental image before this episode is the episode where he ate the gloopy, weird sandwiches.
We see happy waffle-eating Dean, cartoon watching Dean, admirer of bouncy hair Dean. We also see what happens when Sam explains to him that they’re hunters, and Dean actually thinks it sounds awesome.
But even with all of the carefree moments, never forget that this is Supernatural. Sam admits to Rowena that watching Dean slowly lose himself is almost worse than all the times he’s seen him die. At first, he appears to be amused by the situation, but by the end Sam looks as though he is constantly trying not to cry. And when Dean is struggling to remember who he is by reciting his name and the names of his family in the mirror…go ahead and try to break my heart just a little bit more.
With the guidance of post-it notes, Dean manages to save the day with some witch killing bullets. Rowena breaks the spell, but doesn’t get away with the grimoire. The weight of the world is immediately back in Dean’s eyes. At Sam’s admission that he was jealous at first that Dean didn’t have to remember everything they’ve done, Dean talks about how important his memories are and that he will always prefer to keep them. They make him who he is.
The end montage was pure beauty. Dean riding Larry (the mechanical bull) is most likely going to be the top Supernatural gif for a long long time. I can’t wait to see the gag reel clips of that scene. Until next week, nerds!

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