Supernatural Recap: Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets


By: Megan Farquharson (@mykarate)
Season 12, Episode 10 – Flashback into Castiel’s past as he faces a vengeful human with interesting powers. Written by Steve Yockey, Directed by Thomas J. Wright.

Spoilers ahead

An episode centered around Castiel and his past…I’m pretty sure that’s what most fans have been waiting for. And even though Steve Yockey is new as a Supernatural writer this season, he truly seems to have an excellent grasp of the character.
What’s there to say? This episode was awesome. You have a badass lady (Lily) with a super cool eye-patch taking angels out like it’s nothing. Then the same badass lady has an actual backstory and isn’t indiscriminately evil. She’s only going after the angels that killed her husband and daughter. That seems like a fair reason for vengeance.
It was interesting to see Castiel in an adult female vessel. I was also glad that the flashbacks were brief. The actor does a great job, but I wouldn’t want a Cas-centric episode that isn’t mostly Misha Collins. Especially when the episode started off with him being sassy as hell toward Dean and both of them refusing to talk.
Dean has a solid reason for being upset with Cas. For probably the first time ever, he is concerned about consequences. Killing Billie certainly saved a Winchester life, but at what cosmic price? I’m kind of proud that they’re worried and acknowledging that something is going to happen.
The story with Ishim, Lily, and the other angels was an interesting backdrop to what the real theme of the episode was: Family. Once again we get to hear Dean call Cas family. We see the brothers refuse to let Cas go off on his own. We see Ishim try to make Cas chose between him and Dean (and it’s really a no-brainer for Cas). There’s also the hilariously awkward car scene with Sam playing mediator to Dean and Cas’s sass-fest. In another scene, they all try to squeeze into one side of a bench seat like a group of giant children. The whole episode is full of tiny moments like these that really helped develop their relationships and bring the focus back to them as a group, as Team Free Will.
It’s also the second episode in a row that ends with Cas stabbing someone in the back with an angel-blade, and then making a short yet emotional speech. He once again is willing to accept any consequences for his actions. This time it was for his part in the death of an innocent child, last time it was for killing a reaper. Cas, stop making me worry so much.

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  1. LDFebruary 5th, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    Well, that was the best episode of the season so far! I don’t even know where to start. This episode will easily be in my top ten for the amazing character insight we got, a compelling “villain”, and a unified family front of Dean, Sam, and Cas. I love how the episode gave us more wonderful depth of character and backstory for Cas, while interweaving the current plotline with the death of Billie and the rest of the Winchester drama. I love that Dean started off grumpy with Cas for his sacrifice from last week, but basically both brothers devolved into “well, WE can be grumpy, but if you’re mean to our angel, we’ll fight you.” I knew it had to be based on worry for his safety. 🙂

    I really loved the plot with Lily, the old battalion of angels, and the emotional background to her story. Alicia Witt was a wonderful guest star and her scene with Sam was great. Sam is such a good egg. And now I’m really interested to see what happens with the repercussions after killing Billie, but I’m 187% confident that Dean, Sam, and Cas will always protect each other. Always.

    Dean, Sam, and Cas were all SO good in this ep – so human, so familial, definitely the unified team free will I know and love. THIS is why I watch SPN. This is everything I love about Supernatural, rolled into one wonderful perfect episode. Excellent delivery from one of the new writers! This was just so, so good. My roommate and I watched it again as soon as we were done. And that last scene with Team Free Will in the bunker at the end? I loved it.

    Some favorite quotes that bear repeating:

    “Cas is our family, so we can’t let you hurt him.”

    “My friendship with Sam and Dean has made me stronger.”

    “Cas and I might not agree all the time, but at least he knows who his real friends are.”

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