Supernatural: Man’s Best Friend with Benefits


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Spoilers! And a bit of a rant.

Unfortunately, Supernatural has gone off track once again. Although it was an entertaining week’s dose of the series, it’s never a good sign when a review begins with the word “unfortunately.” Supernatural has just been renewed for another season and with a show as mature as it is, it’s unfair to introduce a magnificently juicy storyline and put the brakes on it with three other storylines that are chilling in the backseat. I’m referring to Castiel and Naomi, Kevin, Crawley and his vendetta against the Winchesters, and as of late, ‘The Men of Letters’ and the three trials. Castiel seems to be in a never-ending state of ‘hiding out’ as Kevin disappears from the storyline once again. With a “Kevin still doesn’t know the second trial” obligatory line to justify the lack of Kevin, this fan isn’t impressed.

This episode gave us the plotline of the Winchesters helping a cop-turned-witch that they once worked a case with. It began with an FBI employee having dreams of killing people while the world’s cutest dog watched him sleep. The world’s cutest dog, to our definite surprise, turned into a woman while visiting Sam and Dean. That is only after Sam rubbed her belly. The ‘witches’ club the episode introduced was remarkable, mostly because of the delightful man with an extraordinary moustache who wandered in and out of frame. The notion that ‘familiars’ are animals/pets to witches was a bit strange. This episode brought us an element of traditional witchcraft, secret societies and underground operations. It all seemed pretty old school. That was until the most sophisticated looking witch made an Edward and Bella reference. Not cool, Supernatural writers. There we were, enjoying the old rustic feeling Supernatural was bringing to the table with The Men of Letters and speakeasy-looking witches’ bars and then a fireball like Twilight was thrown into the mix. Speaking of references, it may be my overexposed mind playing tricks, but was Dean’s line “we’re going to need the odds to be in our favor” a reference to The Hunger Games? That’s entirely open for discussion.

As per usual, there was friction between Sam and Dean this episode. Sam had the revelation that Dean doesn’t distrust Sam; he just doesn’t trust anyone but himself. And something like that could possibly get in the way of Dean trusting Sam to close the gates of Hell forever. During an altercation with a witch, Sam and Dean were forced to relive their worst memories; their mother dying, Dean in hell and Sam in Satan’s pit. Making Dean finally realize, as we knew he would, that they are The Winchesters, they can’t get through anything without each other. It’ll be interesting to see exactly what Sam has to go through. So far all we’ve seen is a glowing arm and a mouthful of blood.

This episode brought elements of humor, heartache and humanity into play, which would’ve been fine before The Men of Letters were introduced. But right now, Supernatural has their audiences expecting too much and receiving too little. The anticipation of the storyline will soon turn to aggravation and then to dismay at the lack of continuity with the set of circumstances that have already been presented to us. Or I’m just expecting too much of the series. But as they have proven to their audiences, Supernatural is a great show, a show worth renewing and a show definitely worth the wait. But right now we’re done waiting; so hit us with your best shot.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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  1. DeansFamiliarFebruary 21st, 2013 at 11:40 am

    The whole ‘start-stop-start-stop’ method of story lines is starting to get frustrating. I get that the writers are trying to build anticipation but throwing in these filler episodes isn’t helping. And BTW, Sam, you want to prove to Dean that you are not a burden and don’t need him to take care of you all the time. You want to prove that you can handle whatever comes with as much strength and courage as Dean does. You want to be as good a hunter as your big brother. You want Dean to be happy and not have to worry about you all the time. You hide the truth from him as a way of protecting him but also as a lame ass way of protecting yourself from having to deal with Dean’s inevitable, ‘I TOLD YOU SO!!” You want so badly to prove yourself to Dean and to show him that you can take care of him too. We get it. But apparently you don’t. Haven’t you noticed yet that something inevitably goes wrong? Either you make a stupid judgment call or get tricked or get hurt and Dean has to ride to your rescue yet again. The thing is, you should stop lying to him and realize and accept that Dean LIVES to take care of you. He LOVES protecting you. It’s who he is and what he was created to do, so let him do it and shut up about it. Lying to him doesn’t foster his trust in you. Lying to him isn’t protecting him from anything. Lying to him means he is’playing blind and wounded’ b/c by the time he finds out that something is wrong with you, he has to simultaneously fight the big bads while trying to figure out WTF is wrong with you and fix it. That puts him in a constant state of playing catch-up while trying to keep you both alive. By virtue of trying to show Dean you can take care of yourself, you do the exact opposite: you end up proving how deeply and profoundly you need Dean to take care of you. Who better than the Winchesters knows that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We get that you are trying to save Dean from his own self-fulfulling prophecy of dying with a gun in his hand by doing the 3 trials but he’ll only worry himself to death trying to make sure you are safe. Knowledge is power so tell him the truth; straight no chaser, and then sit back and watch Dean Winchester do what he does best: be a complete and utter badass hunter.

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