Supernatural: LARP and the Real Girl


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Spoiler Alert! Season Eight, Episode Eleven.

Supernatural finally brought everything  back to basics this week, delivering a wonderfully hilarious episode  that Supernatural fans should not miss.

The primary  indicator that this episode would remind everyone why the world loves  the show was the very beginning. Ye old Supernatural blood splatter was back from  the get go as an unsuspecting victim was drawn and quartered in his  locked apartment. A witty sheriff with an epic mustache, with the help  of a Garth-turned-Bobby lead, got the Winchesters to Moondoor – a live-action  role-playing medieval village. And who was the Queen of Moondoor? Why,  none other than Charlie Bradbury, the redhead hacker turned heroine  of Season Seven.

Speaking  of recurring roles, a character we should be seeing more of in Supernatural is Garth  Fitzgerald. With Bobby gone and his role being filled by Garth, the  natural progression of things seems to head in the direction of seeing  more of him. Or how he puts it: “being Garth-ed.” His ability  to track the brothers down to assign them jobs shows he can handle the  pressure, but we’re going to need more than a hint of a voice at the  end of the line. Where are the face-to-face conversations about things  found in Bobby’s books? Would Bobby have found the symbol that was the  clue to solving the mystery this episode? But more importantly, why  did they not call Garth? Garth is a great character, he’s received a  lot of stick in the past for seeming like a filler personality, but  let’s consider otherwise. Garth facilitated the scene where the brothers  dealt with Bobby’s absence and is now facilitating the episodes where  the brothers need distractions from their heartache/lack of demon hunting.  We need a Bobby and for now, Garth will have to keep showing us that  he can fill his big sarcastic and lovingly overbearing shoes.

This episode  brought in the gaming factor as Sam and Dean were thrown into the world  of LARPing. Dean enjoyed himself just enough for audiences’ liking;  even Sam gave into the world’s charm by the end of the episode. The  deciding influence making this one of my favorite episodes of the season  was one thing alone: Dean suiting up medieval style and absolutely loving  it. Reminiscent of Dean’s excitement to gear up this week was the time  he Wild Wild West-ed it up for his first meet with Samuel Colt. Moments  like these remind Supernatural audiences that Dean isn’t always  a big, bad torturer of paranormal souls, but he can also have a childish  and endearing side that loves dressing up and playing Mel Gibson in Braveheart.   Side note: if you’re  reading this and haven’t seen the episode, at LEAST watch the last sixty  seconds, they are priceless.

Speaking  of two sides to one person: the “very powerful Mage”-turned-cry-baby  suspect was a funny twist to a bad situation, reinforcing Supernatural’s ‘back-to-basics’  theme this week. Another appreciated aspect to this episode was that  they acknowledged the ghosts of Supernatural’s past, finally mentioning  Leviathan again and the effect it almost had on the world. Bringing  Charlie Bradbury back was a great move – one I had hoped they would  make this season. Then, she was the girl who saved the world while singing.  Now, she’s the girl who gave Dean the opportunity to recite the speech  from Braveheart before charging at the opposition.  By fan rule, they have to bring her back at least four more times. But  for now, this episode will do.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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