Supernatural: Holy Terror


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Warning: spoilers and heartache.

Kevin: “I always trust you, Dean. And I always end up screwed”.

Supernatural set the tone for the ominous episode with an appropriate beginning; angels killing angels. Malachi and Bartholomew are at odds; no I have no idea who Malachi is either. But both of them want to take heaven back, but Bartholomew doesn’t like sharing. As a game plan, Malachi started off with killed Bartholomew’s messengers. I guess the phrase “don’t kill the messenger” doesn’t hold much weight in heaven.

On a much lighter note, Cas is back in town. And he is having his “first beer as a human”, accompanied by a bit of light chatter about April the “hot” angel that was “really nice” until she started torturing Cas. Ezekiel really pushed the “I’m too busy helping your brother to think of anything else” card at the beginning of this episode, making my suspicions about him escalate even further. And Zeek is annoyed that Cas is back in the picture, so he (and Sam) stormed off to “get something from the car” only to face Metatron. Metatron is on earth. Why? To tell the audience through a brief encounter with Ezekiel in Sam, that he is not Ezekiel. Then who is he? Gadriel. He was locked in heaven’s darkest dungeons for hundreds and thousands of years. He was God’s most trusted – he protected the garden, to keep evil from entering. So basically, Gadriel is the reason evil entered the Earth and all of Heaven blamed him for it. Well done, Gad. Metatron confesses that he is bored in his massive mansion with no one to play with, so he’s recruiting the very best to “rebuild Heaven”.  And he wants Sam, I mean, Ezekiel, I mean, Gadriel, to help. Oh, and Metatron also wants to be called X when he’s ruler of heaven. X. Yeah, I’m not kidding.

On the other side of things, Cas has left Sam and Dean once again after Dean illustrated the stakes once more. So, Cas goes home and prays/meditates/does yoga while trying to communicate with God/angels/whoever is out there. An angel answers him. But she unintentionally leads Malachi straight to Cas, allowing him to beat them both up trying to get information about Metatron from Cas. Cas is left to be tortured by a crazy scar-faced man, but instead of torturing him he asks for his help saying that Malachi is a crazy man he doesn’t want to work for anymore. And Cas plays it smart. Finally! Tricking Theo/scar-faced man into thinking he’ll “talk to Metatron about letting him into heaven”.  Instead, he makes him set him free and STEALS HIS GRACE. Cas is back, people. And so is his grace. His reasoning, “if we’re going to war, I’m going to be ready”.

Cas calls Dean to tell him one thing, “Ezekiel died when the angels fell,” and boom. Everything kicks off. Gad tells Metatron that he will join him as his second-in-command. As a measure of good faith to Metatron, Metatron asks him to kill… I’m sorry “neutralize”… those against him. And in the final ten minutes of the episode, Supernatural successfully ripped my heart out, stepped on it, set it on fire, put it back in my chest and ripped it out once more. Dean used a spell to talk to Sam without Gad hearing him, told him that he has an angel inside him, Sam freaked out (understandably) and punched Dean knocking him out. Sam then left the room and killed Kevin. Sam was never Sam, Gad heard Dean asking Kevin about the spell to speak to Sam alone and Kevin was also the first on Metatron’s hit list.

The mid-season finale left us with Kevin dead, Sam permanently possessed, Dean heartbroken and Cas with his grace back and everyone at the brink of war.

The next episode will air January 14th (and I can’t wait).

Rating 5 out of 5 stars


  1. TkaczowDecember 5th, 2013 at 11:33 am

    April was a reaper, not an angel, and it’s Gadreel not Gadriel.

    Otherwise, my heart was smashed by the episode.

  2. Jane PeiponenDecember 5th, 2013 at 11:50 am

    We have to wait for over a month?
    I’m not sure I’m able to do that.

    Wasn’t April a reaper? Well, potato, poteto.. The important thing is that she was hot.

    I was drinking tea while watching this episode and when Metatron said that he wants to be called X (when he’s ruler of heaven), I started laughing so hard that I spilled my tea allover my laptop, so yeah.

    I kinda had a feeling that Ezekiel is not really Ezekiel, but seen how this turned out, I feel bad for having that feeling. Stupid, I know.

    Cas got his grace back. Well it’s not his, but it’ll do. I kinda missed the angel Cas, but I have a feeling that now I’ll miss the human Cas.

    And what Noor Alnaqeeb wrote about the heartache – I couldn’t agree more. I pretty much felt the same way.
    And the look in Dean’s eyes in the end. And the way he said Kevin’s name, hoping that he responds, knowing that he won’t. OMG!

    This episode is one of the best. The way they built the tension and how they left us with… I’m not sure what they left us with.

  3. Noor AlnaqeebDecember 8th, 2013 at 7:43 am

    So sorry guys! Tkaczow and Jane, I thought reaper but wrote angel and I had a feeling I spelt Gadreel wrong. I must’ve been shocked by the emotional terror this episode put me through. Thanks so much for the feedback!

    Side note: Just remember guys; yes, our hearts have been smashed by this episode. Yes, we’ll have to wait over a month. But hell yes, it’ll definitely be worth it.

  4. lightningirl12December 9th, 2013 at 12:42 am

    It kind of makes me sad that everyone is being so harsh to the writers about this episode. The writing was good and the fact that they committed the act that I will not speak of does not make the writing any worse. And in terms of Gadreel vs. Gadriel I think we should just let people spell it how they want for now cause we have multiple sources telling us different things. Sometimes they’re the same angel other time’s they’re not and so forth. But that’s just my opinion so yeah.

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