Supernatural: Goodbye Stranger


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


Guess whose back?  Back again. Meg is back, and she’s blonde. Okay maybe it doesn’t rhyme  but it’s still relevant. This week’s episode starts with Castiel killing  Dean. Say what now? It gets weirder; it’s a computer simulation up in  heaven generated by Naomi in order to reprogram Cas into a creepy Dean  and Sam killer.     Back on Earth, Dean and Sam are looking around their new home. Which  I’m kind of surprised they still have. Dean messes with what the Men  of Letter’s left behind while Sam displays his coughing skills. Oh no,  wait, it’s just his tendency to cough up blood after the first trial.  Back to Dean, apparently even back then the Men of Letters enjoyed the  same “delicacies” Dean so often does. Interesting add on.  This bit of disturbing history was interrupted by another case for the  Winchesters. Liquidated insides? Sounds about right.     Dean suspects Sam’s lying about his health. Surprise. Surprise. He confronts  him about it afterwards. Surprise. Surrrprise. Castiel, when he returns,  confirms that Sam is damaged in ways even he can’t heal. Now that was  surprising.

During the case and a demon showdown, a very docile Castiel came strolling  back into their lives. Oh Cas, you never have your head screwed on the  right way. “Where have you been?”… No answer. “Hunting demons,”  he says. Meanwhile he has a telepathic conversation with Naomi about  how much he should actually reveal. He reveals he’s been looking for  the other half of the demon tablet and that Crowley set demons out to  find Lucifer’s crypts. And then he starts lying. A demonic decoder is  what they think they’re looking for. Cas knows different. The case surrounds  a town that was once wiped from the earth and the town’s original records  were lost. Demons were looking for said original records to find The  Angel Tablet. The Angel Tablet, much like The Demon Tablet, can shut  the gates of Heaven forever. That could be important, right?  This is  all very sucky for Sam and Dean. Naomi thinks they “cannot be trusted.”  Apparently, Castiel “cannot be trusted.”


This case has  demons all over it. Literally, there are demons all over the place;  in the basement, possessing the old lady, even chilling in the backyard.  Thankfully, I think, Meg is one of the demons among them. Meg; Hitch-hiking;  Dick Roman-killing, and as of late, Crowley’s chew toy: Meg. Who just  so happens to be blonde now, by the way. Apparently it was Crowley’s  idea and then they said nothing of it. Weird. With Meg’s appearance  Castiel is faced with the dilemma of working with an “unclean”  demon. An “unclean” demon that asks things like “Do I  look like Google to you?” Oh we missed you Meg. Kind of. I do love  the lines she comes out with, though. “Cut me, do I not bleed?”  Meg and Cas had a cute moment where Mama Meg reminded Crazy Cas of “the  pizza man.” If you remember what they’re referring to, you’ll be  laughing right now. And if you watched that awkwardly cute conversation  that followed, you’d wet yourself laughing.

Crowley is back.  Yay. And in his opening scene he kills someone and stands in the middle  of a room of dead bodies. Standard. Meanwhile, Dean and Cas venture into  Tomb Raider to find the tablet. Dean wants the tablet for Kevin, Cas  wants the tablet for Heaven, Naomi wants Dean dead, Cas wants Dean alive.  It is getting really intense. Cas gets knife out. And a real-time playback  commentary sounded something like this: “No! No. NO! This is intense.  Too intense. Stop. STOP!” In his mind, Cas wasn’t hurting Dean.  In reality, he was attacking the hell out of him. Cas broke Dean’s wrist,  extracted the tablet and almost killed him in the process. In one of  the most touching moments in Supernatural-history during a literal internal conflict; Castiel chose Dean over  Naomi. Yes, it was after beating the hell out of him, but hey at least  he didn’t kill him. I do not like seeing Dean broken.


Outside Tomb Raider:  Hello Crowley. Goodbye Meg. Crowley showed up, Meg warded him off and  he killed her. I’d be more upset, but she has died about twelve times  by now. And finally, the angelic cat is out of the heavenly bag. Cas  told Dean all about Naomi before disappearing into nothingness. Oops.  Let me leave you with this image: Castiel on public transport, specifically  a bus. You’re welcome.


Side note: “We saw  you Zero Dark Thirty that demon.” Quoting Lord of the Rings? Good to see Supernatural keeping it current.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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  1. ceiling_burnMarch 28th, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    i can’t believe they killed meg.


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