Supernatural: Game Over


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


The episode began with Dean waking up in 1951 surrounded by dead bodies with a sense of impending doom. Then the text “24 hours earlier” came across the screen and we were left none the wiser. Straightaway we might think Men of Letters have sent him back in time, or oh no the Nazi necromancers are back. A tad late for World War Two, but back nevertheless.

So, twenty-four hours earlier.

Sam’s sick, not cold or flu sick, but “even Cas thinks you can’t be healed” sick. Which is weird because we hardly ever see either of the brothers under the weather, which is even weirder considering all the junk they put into their bodies. Anyway, Sam is stumbling, coughing and spluttering. Sam is adamant on going out and finding Kevin, but Dean puts him to the test. Literally. He takes him to the secret lair’s mysteriously well-equipped shooting range and asks him to hit a target. His aim is awful and Dean is not impressed. To break through the tension, Charlie arrives, our favourite nerd. Charlie is also hiding something. A nice old fix for continuity errors was that Charlie found the ‘Supernatural’ books Chuck Shurley wrote in previous seasons and is completely up to date in all things monster. The books just so happen to be online now. Nice touch. As Sam is forced into bed rest and Charlie wanted to tag along, Dean puts her to the same test and within a millisecond she hits her target. And as a girl is on the scene, Dean is finally taken shopping. With suiting montage music, Charlie is fitted into an FBI-esque pantsuit and stripped of her normal … colorful… clothing.

After a failed FBI front, an almost-deadly encounter with djinn, and a heartbreaking story later and Charlie is now an honorary Woman of Letters. Charlie was hiding the real reason she was in Kansas. Her mother, knocked into a coma due to a drunken driver, was the focus of Charlie’s backstory. As Charlie was taken into the world of the djinn she was sucked into a game. To save her, Dean followed suit with dream root, hence the 1951 soldier suit and the impending sense of doom. The game wasn’t to battle the zombie soldiers, but to let go of what needed to be left behind. In this case, it was her mother. In Dean’s case, it was Sam. Dean talked Charlie into letting her mother go; explaining that is wasn’t her fault that she was gone. They left the game with heavy hearts and tears in their eyes. Back at the lair, Sam started to explain why he had gone after the djinn instead of resting at home (saving their lives might I add) and Dean hugged Sam instead of giving him an earful. It was quite the broment. Props to Charlie for the term.

This episode seemed remarkably human for a Supernatural installment. We were faced with Sam’s mortality. We were presented a dark past for our cheery hacker. And Dean highlighted that he will never let go of Sam, even if it means he has to play an endless game of Nazi Zombies while his insides liquefy.

5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Lindsey JoApril 25th, 2013 at 9:33 am

    Thought this was a GREAT episode! Felt very reminiscent of early-Supernatural, S1/2-ish, while still keeping up with current storylines. Loved the throwbacks to djinns and John’s journal. Charlie is a FAB supporting character and I absolutely loved getting to explore her back story. I’m really hoping she gets to stick around for a while because I adore the relationship she’s building with both the boys.

    Ep had humor, drama, and some classic Supernatural moments. Plus, HUGS! Tremendous episode.

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