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by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Caution: Spoilernaturals.

The episode began with the reintroduction of Krissy Chambers, the girl who Dean taught right from wrong in Season Seven’s “Adventures in Babysitting.” It’s a standard scene: girl and guy in an empty parking lot, someone sees something, other person leaves the car and splat they die. Except not in this episode. This time, in true Supernatural form, tables turned and heads literally dropped. Krissy, Aidan and Josephine are hunters. The introduction of this episode brought an opportune moment to use the coveted Supernatural blood spatter across the screen, but alas there were no splatters of vampire blood. As Dean and Sam realized the pattern of vampire killings in Kansas, they drove through, pulled the “FBI” card and saw Krissy on the surveillance footage. They then used their teenage-tracking skills to find her and her gang in a motel, living the Winchester way: cash only, guns under pillows and tracking systems on their laptops.

Welcome to Victor’s School for Teenage Vampire Hunters and Revenge Seekers. Oh me, oh my, how times have changed. This week’s episode gave Supernatural fans an outlook they have not seen before, a potential new way of training future hunters. Victor, the man that took the teenagers in after their families had been slaughtered, trained them how to fight and then helped them exact revenge on said vampires, introduced a concept. This concept was that teenagers could become hunters, but also maintain normal lives. They went to school, had waffles for breakfast, studied for trigonometry tests, they even cleaned their rooms. But when Victor caught wind of a family-killing vampire they would be pulled out of school, strap up and go hunting. But of course, with this being Supernatural, a good thing is never as it seems.

Victor had “scouted” the future hunters, worked in collaboration with a vampire to have their families killed, and then he had taken the children in as his own in order to train them. They thought they were killing the vampires that denied them of their families, but in reality Victor’s vampire was turning civilians into fresh meat for easy picking. This week’s plot twist was more believable than previous ones due to Victor’s sincere portrayal of the concerned father figure. In hindsight, it’s probably because that’s exactly what he thought he was being until the other shoe dropped and his “children” showed him exactly where he went wrong. The episode ended with Victor taking his own life, Krissy promising not to go looking for trouble and Dean giving Aidan a fatherly “she will kill you if you break her heart” talk in reference to Krissy.

Although we’re off the track once more with the “closing the gates of Hell forever” thing, this episode proved to be emotional and a good tie-in with previous episodes. Of course, there’s still a lot of “Are you okay, Sam?” from Dean, but it was handled well with a comical almost-moment between Sam and Dean where Sam tried to get Dean to talk about his feelings and Dean suggested they grab some herbal tea and talk it out. As for the X-Men School of Hunters, it was exciting to see what Sam and Dean could’ve been like as teenagers. Before Sam and Dean drove away, Sam mentioned something along the lines of “maybe the teenage hunters turned semi-normal teenagers won’t the only ones who can have a real life after the gates of Hell are closed.” Which might get fans thinking, “Sam, have you forgotten something? You are the chosen one, after all.” The trials have been hinted at throughout the past few episodes, and the outcome has never seemed to be a good one, so if Sam does survive: three guesses as to what kind of life he wants afterwards.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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