Supernatural: First Born


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


This Supernatural episode continued on from last week’s promise that Dean would get revenge and Sam’s promise that he wanted nothing to do with his brother. Crowley approached Dean with the proposition that for both of them to get on their merry ways before Abadon came along, they would have to kill her and in order to kill a Knight of Hell they would have to find the First Blade. After more than a bit of convincing, Crowley and Dean teamed up (something they should be doing a lot less of) to find the blade and kill Abadon.

Meanwhile, Cas and Sam teamed up to figure out a way to exact revenge on Gadreel and Metatron. During one of Sam’s healing sessions at the hands of Cas, Castiel realized that Sam has a little bit of angel’s grace in him left over from Gadreel’s possession. Before getting too excited – no, this does not mean that Sam is somehow an all-healing angel. Instead, it meant that through one of The Men of Letters’ theories, they could extract the grace from Sam and use a spell to track down Gadreel. The problem with extracting the grace from Sam’s soul was that it could regress Sam to the condition he was in before Gadreel came along and fixed him up. This type of scenario would usually present us with one outcome: Castiel agreeing to go all the way potentially killing Sam to extract what he needed from him. However, after Castiel had what resembled a human life at the loss of his grace, he realized more than his love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He also realized that he had made mistakes; human mistakes. And when that happens, the guilt can consume you; but he also realized that no ends to any means would be met if it meant sacrificing Sam’s life for it. So instead, they were left with a fully (I think) healed Sam, but a lack of grace to successfully complete the tracking spell. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

On the other hand, Crowley and Dean were successful in tracking down the source of the First Blade. Meet Cain… you know, from Cain and Able. However, the story in Supernatural differed a bit from the biblical version. Cain didn’t kill Able because Able was talking to God, but because Lucifer had a hold on Able and wasn’t going to let go. Cain made a deal where Able would go to heaven and Cain would go to hell, but on the condition that Cain would be the one to send Able on his way to heaven. This all rings many Winchester bells. Cain realized that himself and Dean are “kindred spirits”. Dean also finds out that Cain both trained and killed the Knights of Hell because they (specifically Abadon) killed his beautiful wife. Yet another Winchester bell of revenge and heartache has been rung. Cain agreed to tell Dean where the blade to kill Abadon is on two conditions: 1) he would wear the mark that comes with the ability to use the blade (amongst other abilities and burdens that were not discussed in this episode) and 2) when the time comes, Cain will ask Dean to use the blade to kill him because he was unable to fulfill his dying wife’s wishes and stay away from all the demon-killing, hell-raising business he had to regress to do get Dean and Crowley out of Cain’s house over-run with Abadon’s army.

Who knows what consequences will come with bearing Cain’s mark, maybe it’s Dean’s turn to become terrifyingly powerful or maybe it has some resonance of evil. However, one thing’ is for sure, Supernatural really have stepped up their game in the second half of this season.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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