Supernatural: Everybody Hates Hitler


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Spoilers: Season Eight, Episode Thirteen.

Everybody hates Hitler. No, it’s not a spinoff of Everybody Loves Raymond, but a really good episode of Supernatural. Thankfully, the episode continued on with the idea of Henry Winchester and his wizarding ways. The ‘Men of Letters’ plotline carried on into this episode as the history of all things Supernatural were explored. We were transported in time to World War II where there were not only Nazis but Nazi Necromancers as well. What? Exactly. This week’s episode was confusing, but they did eventually explain what was going on. I had myself believing the leader of the Thule was Hitler, until I realized he had no mustache. This episode concerned itself with two ancient objects: the key their grandfather left them with and the book Aaron’s grandfather left him with. Part of me is hoping they’re collecting ancient artifacts as part of a ‘rings of the four horsemen’ story line.

A huge improvement to the plot was Golem, no pun intended. The giant formed of clay created by Rabbis to protect Jewish people in time of ‘general crappiness’. The massive presence of his physicality was equaled by his importance in the episode. Supernatural writers have tied in a Jewish legend with paranormal occurrences adding depth to the plot… and his “hulk smash” moments were pretty cool too. Thankfully the writers are drifting away from the Amelia, Sam, Don, Dean and Benny love pentagon.

Before all of World War II’s Nazis with a knack for necromancy emerged, Dean and Sam were settling rather nicely in the ‘Men of Letters’ Bat Cave. Well, by ‘settling in’ I mean Dean took a shower and Sam read some books. Although they received news of the case hours after they arrived having to take off again, it was refreshing to see the boys return to the secret hideaway at the end of the episode. The hunters are back at hunting, but now they have an ancient, polished Oakwood table to put their feet up on and call home… for now at least.

Although the brothers did bring up Kevin, Cas and Garth in passing, they’re all just ‘brought up’ in conversations. “Just spoke to Garth on the phone”… “Kevin seems okay”… “I haven’t heard from Cas.” Does this mean they’re not going to be playing any central roles for the next few episodes? And the episode didn’t mention Naomi or heaven at all, which might be worth remarking on soon. Something that was worth mentioning was their clever use of code. “I’ve got something stuck to my shoe,” means “I’m being followed.” Smart. Next time I’m in a life or death situation with my demon-hunter brother on the line I’ll be sure to use that phrase.

This episode exploited the differences between Aaron and the Winchesters. Aaron represented the unassuming individual. He only just realized monsters actually exist and had a major responsibility thrust upon him. Sam and Dean have always known monsters are real; they grew up with them under their bed and in their closets. But they’ve only just realized the history of the hunting world. Aaron’s a rookie – he unknowingly smoked the leaves of Golem’s owner’s manual. And watching Sam and Dean warm their hands on the burning body of a Nazi necromancer, Aaron also made us realize the absurdity of some of the Winchesters’ actions. Some might even say their indifference to burning a body in an open area was probably a professional mistake. The introduction of Aaron made us acknowledge that not everyone is integrated into the supernatural world, even if they are part of the Supernatural universe.

This week’s episode did seem short, but maybe that’s just because it was really good and left us wanting. The ending did seem easy, but maybe that’s just because there’s more to come. Either way, I’m liking the new direction Supernatural seems to be taking. It’s unpredictable and thought through. The history of a world that has only existed in this TV show is finally coming to light and it’s a world we’ve all been waiting to see.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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