Supernatural: Dog Dean Afternoon


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


This week on Supernatural, Dean became a dog and Sam became dinner. Almost. Sam and Dean find themselves in the middle of a supernatural double homicide investigation where the only witness is a dog. With a little help from their friends (The Men of Letters’ extensive records and Kevin) Sam and Dean found a way to communicate with the dog. Naturally, with all seemingly easy tricks, come the side effects. Dean drinks the potion and recites an Inuit spell and bada-bing bada-boom he’s basically Lassie’s best friend. What they didn’t count on was that Dean would exhibit the characteristics of a dog; including but not limited to barking at a mailman, playing fetch with a piece of tissue and falling in love with a poodle.

Dean’s new ‘gift’ proved to be invaluable in solving the case as he spoke to dogs, rats and birds about this mystery murderer. A dog that could “read French” gave Dean information as long as Sam gave her a tummy rub. Before leaving the shelter, Dean (the big softy he is) answered the crucial age-old question and let the dogs out… of the shelter. A bird did nothing but vandalize the Impala with their excrements. And rats, who sound creepily like children, told Dean that “the bad man is gonna eat us”. And hence, with the help of furry little creatures, they found their serial killer; a chef suffering from cancer who has decided to mix magic and animal intestines in order to absorb their powers; owls are smart, wolves are great hunters and chameleons have killer claws and the ability to camouflage themselves. As Dean literally sniffed his way around the future crime scene, Sam was faced with the chameleon-like killer who sliced Sam’s neck open. Right before Sam lost consciousness Ezekiel swooped in, healed Sam and left again within seconds, leaving Sam severely confused and giving chameleon-man an idea for his main course. Apparently, eating a human is a small price to pay for ultimate healing powers. With Zeke running low on his Angel powers, Sam was left unconscious while Dean tried to sneak up on our course-preparing-chameleon man, but to no avail. Animals have an acute sense of smell especially when dogs (Dean) are involved. After a game of cats and dogs (or wolves and dogs) Dean lured the murderer out into the open, where the pack of dogs he set free came to his aid, killing the crazy organ-eater. Sam still has questions that went a little like, “why did he ask me what I was?” You’d think after dying at least four times in five episodes, Sam would know a bit more about what’s going on, but it feels like that time of the season where all hell is about to break loose; maybe even literally.

This episode, although having nothing to do with the major plot arc once more, is definitely going down in Supernatural books as one of the funniest. With laugh out loud moments akin to The French Mistake, Yellow Fever and Mystery Spot, Supernatural proves once more that it can be just as funny as it is paranormal.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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