Supernatural – Devil May Care


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


First and foremost, intentional or not, Supernatural used the words ‘Breaking Bad’ in their script which brought my attention to the fact that Supernatural is always filled with appreciated references. What was intentional was Dean’s reference to The Hunger Games calling Kevin ‘Katniss’ after shooting an arrow at Dean (and missing). This episode focused on Crowley and Abaddon. Back in The Men of Letters bunker, trying to bring Crowley’s humanity back, Sam and Dean decide to lock him in a room and torture him – not physically but by simply leaving him with his own thoughts. Until, of course, Kevin jumped on in and tried to beat him senseless. Kevin isn’t the only one out for Crowley’s head. Abaddon is back on the scene and she wants to be the Queen that defeats the King of Hell; leading to a worldwide witch-hunt for his head.

Abaddon’s first plan of action: find and torture friends of the Winchesters, and grab some meat suits in the form of dead soldiers. In order to save their friends, the Winchesters had to walk into an ambush (as per usual) and so we were introduced to one temporary character and Tracy. Her family was killed by demons celebrating the release of Lucifer… and she blames Sam for all of it. Baggage, much? But in yet another one of Dean’s pep talks he warns that if she’s fighting something she better be sure they have black eyes. Near the end of the battle with no way out, our temporary character told Sam he would keep them off as much as he could, while sacrificing his life to help them get away. As he was speaking he walked straight into the path of a sniper… and died before dying for the cause. Leaving Dean with Abaddon mid fight/flirt and Sam facing three demons, solo. One helpful little angel dormant in Sam’s possessed body, a blinding light and a few punches later and we have Ezekiel and three dead demons. Keeping his promise to make sure Sam stays unaware of his current angel infiltration, Dean asks him how he’s feeling. Sam replies with the most worrying sentence of this season exclaiming that he feels better than he has in a long time and that he feels “happy”. Now we definitely have something to worry about.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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