Supernatural: Blood Brother


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Warning: Season Eight: Episode Five Spoilers.

This week’s episode, “Blood Brother,” focused on the year that came to pass when the Winchesters were separated. We were shown the promising beginning of a relationship between Sam and Amelia and the complicated yet strong friendship between Dean and Benny.

Finally, we get more information on Benny, the hitchhiking vampire. Benny’s storyline is central to this episode’s plot. It begins with the vampire exacting revenge on his killer, a vampire slayer? No, more like a vampire from the very same nest he was reborn into.

Meanwhile, still trying to track Kevin the “criminal prodigy rain man”, Dean gets a call from Benny who’s as close to death as an already-dead creature can get. A less-than-pleased Sam watches as Dean decides to take a “personal” day and deal with his “adult crap.” As Dean drives away, a flashback to Purgatory shows us how close the vampire-human duo got in the battlefield. I guess when you depend on another solider at war, a friendship forms. The older Winchester finds his vampire buddy and rushes to his aid with a certain type of first aid kit. Seems like Benny has a type… Blood type, that is. Before his decapitation, Benny had turned to drinking donated blood—AB negative, to be exact. The reason for this sudden change in un-beating heart was the moment he met the love of his life, the human love of his life. Benny explains, while sucking on a juice box of blood, that his “father” and maker was the jealous type and didn’t come to terms with Benny’s betrayal very well. This resulted in a surprise visit to their home to behead Benny while ripping Andrea’s throat out.

Benny tells Dean that he used to be part of a nest that travelled the seas and after feeding on their victims the sea would swallow up their sins. They were vampire pirates. “Vampirates,” as Dean so articulately put it. Their mano-a-mano conversations differ greatly to the mano-a-monster encounters Dean usually has with vampires and the like. Another flashback to Purgatory illustrates a heated argument between Cas, Benny and Dean about their chances of survival. Castiel and Benny both agree that Cas is not making things any easier as Purgatory’s Most Wanted and if they want a chance at any one of them surviving, they would have to go their separate ways. Thankfully, Dean isn’t buying it. It’s all of them or none of them through the people portal.

While the battle boys hunt Benny’s maker, Sam is left in the motel room with Amelia on his mind. While stalking—“checking up” on her, Sam reminisces of his time in the town where they met. Settling in with a job as a handyman and with a dog called Dog; Sam seems to be leading a semi-normal life. Except Amelia isn’t buying it. She can see right through him and he can do the same. Although in completely different lines of work they both don’t know where they’re headed and they have both lost someone they’ve loved and been left with no one at all. May the bonding commence. Sam’s thoughts are interrupted when he decides to call Dean to make sure he’s alive. After an old-married-couple argument over the phone during a showdown with the Vampirates, Sam steals a car and drives to Dean’s location. Sam misses out on the ‘Benny finds out Andrea has been turned into a vampire, Benny kills his maker and Dean kills Andrea after Benny realizes she’s a monster” drama, but he is there at the docks waiting for Benny and Dean to come back. Which leaves us with the ultimate tense first meeting of a defeated ex-Vampirate, an irate Sam and a Dean with a lot of explaining to do.

Supernatural is bringing the show’s central arc back on track, but what happened to Castiel has still not been revealed. Fans are itching to find out what has happened to their favorite fallen angel and on what terms things ended between Sam and Amelia. As Benny turns out to be more than just Dean’s version of Ruby, strengthening their bond by killing vampires throughout the episode, a genuine friendship might be in the works for the rest of the season. Amelia’s suspicions of the Army Surplus wearing, side burns sporting, white supremacist/handyman/serial killer made her engaging and appealing this episode as her personality shone through her initially hard exterior. This episode’s look into the past has revealed that there is much more that we are unaware of and there is much more for us to learn. If this surprisingly intense episode was a testament to things that will come as the season progresses, then bring on the ass kicking because we were born ready.

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars 

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  1. MichelleNovember 6th, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    I’m so glad they are turning Supernatural around there was a point I thought it would be cancelled due to a few bad seasons but this season has gotten back to the best of the first few seasons of Supernatural.

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