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By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

In the past, Sam has been addicted to demon blood; in the present Crowley has just gotten over his addiction to human blood and it seems that Dean is oh so very close to developing an addiction for the power of the First Blade.

As the Winchesters searched for more information upon Crowley’s disappearance, they looked for a crossroads demon to locate him. Now, picture the least likely actor or celebrity to appear on Supernatural. Now picture Snooki from Jersey Shore. If they’re the same person, then well done you share the same thought processes as Supernatural writers. This is because Snooki was our token demon this episode, who gave the Winchesters information and then got exorcised.

This episode we were faced with a destroyed Crowley; in the wake of his human blood addiction, surrounded by pizza and humans drained of their blood while being taken care of by a fellow demon. Crowley had turned human… but not in the cute, endearing way. In a more of a drunk-on-blood kind of way; which included leaking the news of the First Blade’s existence to his demon friend who then leaked it to Abaddon’s minions. Therefore, the Winchesters’ task was to find the First Blade before Abaddon did.

On their way to figuring out where it was hidden, Sam and Dean, who seem perfectly fine with each other now, were put on a path that looked a lot like the workings of the Men of Letters. With further research and a bit of help from Crowley, they were led to the Master of Spells, Cuthbert Sinclair who now goes by the name of Magnus. Magnus has a zoo. His zoo is filled with vampires, shape shifters and so on and so forth. His mansion also has no windows and doors. By now you’re probably realizing that this isn’t sounding too great for the Winchesters. However, that’s where they end up and with a lot of Winchester luck and again… a bit of help from Crowley; they get away safely with the blade.

As Crowley finally started to see clearly in his glorious sobriety, understanding that the Winchesters no longer need him, and are now in possession of a way to kill him, Crowley took the blade from the boys and disappeared. And as all things never come to a triumphant end at the closing of an episode, he left them with a few bruises and the promise of returning it when they find Abaddon… if they find Abaddon.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars

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