Supernatural: Bad Boys


by Noor Alnaqeeb

If you asked me to sum up Dean’s past with three things I’d say card games, stealing and a boy’s home. Ask me again after this episode and I’d say a wrestling team, good grades and a girlfriend. Dean was called up by Sonny, the runner of the boy’s home he was sent to after stealing peanut butter and bread, about a ghost running amuck on his property.

Dean made friends with a boy called Timmy; quiet, kind of eerie but the type that Dean usually finds himself watching over in episodes like these. Timmy’s mom passed away in a car crash and ever since being found in an abandoned warehouse a year ago, Sonny took him in.

Dean had a taste of a (kind of) normal life and thankfully, we got to see a bit of it. His first kiss, his first prom date, his first love perhaps? Before we got into what happened, the ghost of Timmy’s mother started attacking Dean and Robin, Dean’s first girl. You know that urban legend about the mother who lifted a car off of her child to get her child out of harm’s way? Apparently, that adrenaline is multiplied a thousand times in death. So as this super ghost tried to save her son from any threat of danger, she kicked Sam and Dean’s butts harder than any ghost we’ve seen tear through their defenses. Timmy eventually became the hero as he begged his mother to stop hurting people.

Side note: Why do Sam and Dean insist on using salt circles to keep ghosts away? It never works. There’s always a window open or a crack in the floor. Maybe they should carry around a hula-hoop made of salt… Or not.

Sam and Dean had the usual roundup conversation when one of them reveals something about their muddled pasts. Dean had a flashback to a tear-jerking moment; the night of his first dance with his first love, Dean was forced to make the decision between his hunter family and newfound home. Of course, he picked Sam every time. It’s great to see that there was the possibility of a better life for both characters; it’s also heart breaking to see that they always chose the harder road.

Noteworthy moments of this episode:

1. Sonny’s handlebar moustache

2. The most adorable little handshake courtesy of Timmy

3. Every aspect of sixteen-year-old Dean’s character

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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