Supernatural: As Time Goes By


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Spoilers ahead.

A very elaborate ‘Then’: Destiny, Winchesters, Campbells, the union of John and Mary Winchester, John’s legacy, his journal and the family business.

A very confusing ‘Now’: Normal, Illinois with nothing normal about it. We’re talking cults, demons and secret initiations in the dead of night. Oh, and not to mention time-traveling into Dean and Sam’s motel room after an attack by said demon on said cult during said secret initiation. Henry – the man who fell out of 1958 and straight into Dean’s closet. The man from the 1950s with a fedora, a secret knock and saving the world on his mind asks for John Winchester, the very dead John Winchester, in order to carry out his mission. His mission is to protect a box from Abaddon – the demon chick with a lot of nerve and a passion for killing. So, in the words of Detective David Mills, what’s in the box? After a lot of snooping, it’s pretty complicated.

Henry. Henry Winchester a.k.a John Winchester’s father a.k.a Sam and Dean Winchester’s grandfather a.k.a \ a ‘Man of Letters.’ The box held a key to a room filled with all the secrets and spells of the supernatural world. And the Men of Letters guarded it. The Men of Letters, the literary club where the chosen learnt spells and the ways of the supernatural world was studied. Apparently, they also clashed with hunters, only trusting a few to carry out the ‘dirty work’. They were their Jedi to their Yoda… apparently fashion wasn’t the only thing different back then. Henry Winchester carried out a legacy that he was meant to pass on to his son, but after this episode, carrying a legacy out while dead is a difficult feat. Henry Winchester had a subtle ‘Cas’ feel to him. If it wasn’t the fact that he tapped into his souls energy to time travel, it definitely could have been the fact that he thought cellphones still used operators and one computer couldn’t possibly fit in one room.

This episode, perhaps unneeded, was very much appreciated. Optimistically, Supernatural will not ignore this episode’s existence in the future and build on the knowledge they had found throughout this particular adventure. I mean it’s not every day you bump into your long-dead grandfather who just so happens to be a secret member of a group of individuals who know all the secrets to everything supernatural. The spell Henry used to knock that woman out with a dash of chamomile certainly would’ve gotten Dean and Sam out of more than three-dozen binds. Another fine trick to keep in mind, a devil’s trap carved into a bullet. Pretty cool.

Supernatural gave their fans a break, giving us an episode before Leviathans, scheming angels and lost tablets. And as is the price of an episode that doesn’t seem to be part of the major plot arc, it left us with a dead Winchester. The demon-requested, good old fashioned horse-trade between Sam and Henry was followed by a good old-fashioned we-knew-you-were-going-to-die-but-did-you-really-have-to Winchester death. I just wish we could’ve seen ‘what could have been’ if Henry never died. One thing Henry’s legacy did leave behind was the understanding behind John’s journal. The hunter’s journal that Sam and Dean have used as their bible was, in fact, Henry’s. He ordered it the day before he disappeared. During the final moments of his life, Henry states that he is saddened that he will never know his son as a man, but after meeting Sam and Dean he is sure that he would’ve been proud of his boy. This episode Dean, as his untrusting self, had reservations about his time-traveling grandfather because he chose a ‘glorified book club’ over family. And after Henry was gone, as the Winchester boys stood at his grave, Sam saw the fate of their family, predestined and important, as Dean just saw the ever-falling leaves of their family tree. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. SherryJanuary 31st, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    Just wait till you see the rest of the season, you’ll see why this one is actually important 😀 Love it!!

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