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By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Supernatural has a strange yet reliable way of giving its audiences an episode like last week’s ‘Meta Fiction’ and then following it up with a filler episode. Although that was the case this week, the filler episode brought with it Sheriff Jodi Mills. Running with the idea that the Winchesters would drop their Metatron feud to hunt a few vampires with an old friend seems far-fetched, but it’s only episode nineteen and we can hardly expect Supernatural to share all its juicy content in one go.

We found ourselves in darker territory with last week’s episode: Dean’s inescapable behavioral changes as he carries the mark and Metatron’s inexplicable ability to dodge every curve ball the Winchesters throw at him. The mood was temporarily lightened by the return of Gabriel in an episode of Casa Erotica… and then for a bit of Cas-control throughout the rest of the episode. Gabriel’s existence served as a reminder to Castiel that he was built as a leader of a revolution and that he should lead the angels back to heaven. The only problem with that would be it plays right into Metatron’s plan of killing Castiel and his followers ultimately painting Cas as the villain and Metatron as the hero of this tale. The only good thing Cas took away from this episode (aside from having his life spared… again) was Metatron’s blast of pop culture knowledge into Castiel’s brain. Finally, when Dean makes one of his many references to pop culture Cas won’t be left dumbfounded.

This week, the Winchesters abandoned their quest (and Castiel) to pursue a nest of vampires that had taken a girl hostage eight years ago and kept her alive as part of their family – Stockholm Syndrome of the most severe kind. With the standard bumps in the road Sam, Dean and Jodi get the girl to safety and kill off her monstrous family. There was one fundamental difference, though. If you thought Dean enjoyed slaying monsters before – considering his demeanour after being marked by influence of the symbols on his forearm – you’d have to think again. It’s Dean’s turn to lose control of his actions as Sam has time and time again. And with the last few episodes jam-packed with plot twists, it wouldn’t surprise me if the next episode was as good as this one, yet had as little to do with the overall season plot arc as this one did.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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