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By: David Carner (@davidcarner)
Welcome to the Supergirl review. This week’s episode, “We Can be Heroes” is directed by Rebecca Johnson, best known for the movie Honeytrap where she was nominated as Best British Newcomer at the 2014 London Film Festival. This week’s episode is written by Caitlin Parrish, Executive Story Editor and writer for Supergirl, and Katie Rose Rogers. This appears to be Rogers first episode.
Spoilers to follow!
To begin tonight’s episode, Supergirl and Mon-El are in a training session. One cardboard cutout gets beheaded but Mon- El convinces her he is ready. We cut to Maggie Sawyer pulling up with her police lights on, and finding drugs and a group of criminals zip tied by Guardian. James gets in the van and Winn notices the suit has a bullet hole. Winn freaks about having to fix the suit and mentions having to make Mon-El a suit. James isn’t happy about it. Winn wants James to tell Kara about being Guardian. Back in the DEO, M’Gann is hearing voices, and noises. She starts seeing things and speaking in Martian. She screams, the glass shatters, and she collapses. J’onn admits he is still attached to her. We cut to the prison Livewire is being held at. She is talking to a therapist. While they are talking (and for God’s sake, call her Livewire) a guard is attacked by another guard. The surviving guard opens a cell door, freeing a prisoner, and they head to Livewire’s cell as she continues her monologue.
We cut to the cell where Livewire was. Maggie and Alex are making a bet how long it takes Kara to get past security. Alex wins. Kara is very upset that Livewire is out. Back at the DEO Winn is giving a dramatic update of Livewire, and Mon-El is itching to get into the field. Again, Kara gets upset over Livewire, and breaks a monitor just by squeezing it. M’Gann is dying, and Alex asks J’onn to mind meld. J’onn refuses to give her his peoples’ memories. At the police station Livewire shows up. Cut back to CatCo, Kara comes in, and James wants to tell her he’s Guardian, but Kara blows up about having a nemesis. James tries again to tell her there are other heroes, but Kara thinks he’s talking about Mon-El. Kara asks James if she has something against Mon-El. James says no, he’s a fun guy, but no hero. Kara asks why he gets to decide that. The TVs show Livewire attacking and both make excuses and run to the police station. Kara shows, and she finds out the two that helped Leslie escape now has Livewire’s powers as well. They take down Kara as Mon-El protects the cops by Kara’s order. Mon-El tries to help out as Guardian shows up to save the cops. Mon-El deflects a blast of electricity and it heads toward the cops. Guardian stops it, but the force knocks both the cop and Guardian backwards into a van. The cop is unconscious and so is Guardian, Kara takes off Guardian’s mask to find James underneath.
Back at the DEO, Mon-El is impressed with James’s motorcycle. Kara walks in and the room goes silent. Kara finds out they all knew. James takes the blame and Kara tells everyone to give them the room. Kara asks why, and James explains. Kara doesn’t agree because James is human. They go back and forth and end with Kara telling him if he doesn’t stop, she’ll stop him, James replies, you’re welcome to try. Ohhhh. Our superhero fight before the big team-up awaits! Elsewhere in the DEO, J’onn is feeling like a jerk because M’gann is dying. Alex lays the guilt trip on J’onn about how M’gann exposed herself by saving J’onn’s life. J’onn admits he doesn’t want to forgive her. Alex gives one more pep talk and we cut to outside. Kara catches up with Mon-El and she tells him she can’t trust him. Mon-El defends his actions, and Kara isn’t buying it. Mon-El comes close to admitting his feeling for Kara, and Kara figures it out. Kara is upset and walks off to find Livewire. We find Livewire in some warehouse attached to a machine with an evil looking guy in a labcoat…yep, I’m calling him Mr. Labcoat the rest of the recap.
Back at the DEO, Supergirl sees the footage of the jailbreak, and realizes she was wrong, Livewire was kidnapped. Winn says he can’t track Livewire, but he lied. He calls James and tells him he knows where Livewire is and they go to get Livewire to prove Supergirl wrong. Mon-El heard part of the conversation and follows discreetly. Cut to the medical room with Kara, Alex, and J’onn and a dying M’gann. J’onn finally decides to try the bond. He doesn’t know if it can be done with a white Martian. J’onn warns them he’ll relive the past, and he begins. We are transported to Mars. M’gann is sitting on her feet, crying. She is reliving the memory. She refused to kill a little boy. She admits that she killed her own people for the boy, she is ready to die. J’onn tells her she lives. He tells her their story. M’gann wanted to be J’onn’s friend. J’onn takes her face in his hands and tells her she is his friend and she is forgiven. They touch heads and leave the memory. M’gann opens her eyes on Earth.
We cut to Livewire being tortured by Mr. Labcoat. Mr. Labcoat is building supersoldiers for militaries. Guardian swoops in to fight Liverwire clone A and B. He saves Livewire. Mon-El bursts in and keeps the female Livewire clone from lighting up Guardian. Mr. Labcoat then tells them he has experimented on himself and shoots out lightning from his hands. Winn tells Kara that he lied, and Guardian and Mon-El might be captured. Labcoat begins his monologue about how he was denied on Sharktank (seriously, no sarcasm) and is going to turn Mon-El and Guardian into Livewires. Labcoat turns the dial, and Supergirl flies in and saves the day. She frees Livewire. Livewire thinks about killing Kara, until Kara gives her a speech. Livewire helps the heroes, by grabbing Labcoat. She tries to kill Labcoat, and Kara makes a deal with Livewire to save the villian’s life. Livewire escapes.
Back at the DEO, J’onn rips Winn a new one for keeping the secret from him. Alex asks why Kara let Livewire go and Kara says there is still good in her. Kara walks off to talk to James, and Maggie tells Alex she won the bet. Kara tries again to get Winn and James to stop. She refuses to support them, and James walks off. Winn follows. In the sick bay, M’gann is recovering. She and J’onn talk. J’onn frees her from the cell. M’gann said she was attacked psychically. She tells J’onn that the white Martians know where she is and are coming. Back at Kara’s apartment, Mon-El is waiting for her. Mon-El tells Kara he remembers kissing her. Mon-El tells her how he saw her when he was dying, and it was okay that he was dying because he got to kiss her. He admits to saving her at the police station because he cares about her. Kara is close to tears. Mon-El knows she doesn’t feel the same way, and he wants her to just keep working together. He gives her a high-five and tells her he’ll, “see you tomorrow, partner.” He leaves and Kara sets there looking upset.
“She dies, she dies! She deserves it 1,000 times over! Let her drown in her own sins!” – J’onn
“Why do you get to decide that?” – Kara
“Because that thing that you feel, that thing that makes you want to make everything better, I feel that too. I always have, and I’ve tried, so many different ways to help people in my life. Whether it’s careers, or friendship, it’s just not enough, but this is. Now look, I was never meant to be in Superman’s shadow, or yours. I am more me as Guardian than I have ever felt as James Olson, Kara, we are the same.” – James
“You do not get to decide who gets to be a hero” – James
“Forgiveness isn’t something you give to someone who hurt you, forgiveness is something you give to yourself” – Alex
“This is copyright infringement, asshat. I’m going to sue you, and then I’m going to murder you.” – Livewire
“You know what I love? Little boys that think they can do a better job than the actual superhero.” – Livewire
Little Things
Alex and Maggie had a solid week, with everything seemed to be going forward.
We still have this strange triangle of James, Mon-El, and Kara that I suspect will continue to play out over the season.
I had almost forgotten that M’gann was even on the show it had been so long time-wise since we have seen her. With next week being “The Martian Chronicles” I’m sure she’ll play a big part.
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
If you haven’t today, please take a second to open the Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson. When you donate a photo, $1 is given to the charity of your choice, and Operation Smile is one of those charities. There are several other charities on there as well. Come on back next week and we’ll talk “The Martian Chronicles.”

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