‘Supergirl’ Recap: Star-Crossed


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

We open to Kara and Mon-El in the living room watching a TV show 6 seasons in without Winter (it eventually gets there, I promise) Kara is embracing her funemployment. Mon-EL would like to watch a movie where everyone breaks out into song. (foreshadowing anyone?) Kara loves Funny Face and believes it is the most romantic movie ever. These two are being that couple. Even Mon-El they’re a rom-com on steroids. The TV changes and everyone sees static and Teri Hatcher’s voice saying that Mon-El of Daxium must be turned over by dawn they will take him by force since he is captured. At DEO the question is asked why anyone would want a Daxium guard, and Mon-El doesn’t recognize the ship. Wynn and Lyra are in National City at the art gallery. Lyra wants Wynn go inside and do things. Lyra doesn’t want him to do anything he doesn’t want to do, so if he doesn’t want to break in and have divine museum sex…that’s as far as she gets because Wynn is breaking in. Back at the DEO, Kara is going to welcome them, and Mon-El wants to go but she won’t let him. She flies to the ship and it starts firing at her. She retaliates, and she is captured by some bubble. She breaks free, and flies back to the ship. Mon-El yells to stop and tells the invaders he will relinquish himself. She flies back and tries to talk him out of it. Kara doesn’t like it, but he assures her he’ll be okay, and he is teleported away, as Kara runs up and joins him. Everyone in the room starts bowing to Mon-El, and we see Mon-El’s mother and father.
Rhea and Lar Gand hug Mon-El and he introduces them as king and queen. Kara realizes he’s a prince. Kara is a little mad. Wynn is at DEO singing, badly, when Maggie calls. He goes to the police station and eats a lot of doughnuts. He admits to Maggie that he and Lyra broke into the museum and Starry Night is missing. Maggie shows him the security footage, and Lyra is not on the video. Back on the ship, the reunion is going poorly. The king and queen seem upset that the slaves were freed at Slavers Moon. They insist that they are saving the slaves from a harder path. Mon-El changes the subject to how they escaped. Lar tells Mon-El that the planet was rained down on by Krypton when it exploded and that they had to get off planet. Rhea talks about making the planet great again, and Mon-El counters it never was. Rhea scolds him and blames “the Kryptonion” for the 4th time and throws in how he’s fond of a pretty face. The pretty face fires back, and Lar Gand stops the catfight and wants to hear of his heroic escape. Basically our prince leaves the woman he was with and everyone around him to get off planet. He did try to stop and help people, but his security officer killed a Kryptonion to get Mon-El a ship to escape. Kara looks ready to strangle someone. Rhea toasts him, and Kara bolts. Mon-El follows. At the DEO, Kara lays into him. She’s mad because he knew told her, and Mon-El says she would have had this reaction if he had told her. She tells him this changes everything. She asks him if he feels guilty, he says he does, and she flies off.
At the police station, Alex and James show up and go straight to the interrogation room. Alex thinks Maggie set him up. Alex asks for 48 hours, and Maggie reluctantly agrees to 24 hours. At the DEO, Alex is trying to defend Lyra. We find out that her race can’t be seen on film or photo, and there is a MO of other men saying Lyra set them up. Of course Wynn has no idea where she lives, and her address on her registration is a fake. James and Kara are going to the bar and try to find her. Alex talks to Kara about Mon-El, and she says she hates him right now. Daxium was a party planet because the inhabitants were kept so drunk they didn’t know they were oppressed. Alex tells her to give him a chance to explain when Rhea teleports in looking for Kara. The entire DEO has drawn their weapons. Rhea wasn’t to talk. At the bar, Alex is working a guy over looking for Lyra. He wants Hamilton tickets, orchestra. Alex says deal. He gives up the location. Rhea and Kara talk at the DEO. She thanks her for looking out for her son. She tells her Daxium is a wasteland and wants help bringing the Daxiummites home. Kara feels guilty since her planet was the cause of its downfall. Rhea wants Kara to let Mon-El go home. Rhea insists Kryptonions are unforgiving. Wynn finds Lyra. Wynn believes she cares for him, and he learns she didn’t. He leaves and Guardian intends to arrest her. She has backup as well.
The fight begins, and Wynn is sent after Lyra. Alex joins the fight with Guardian, and the backup gets away. Lyra is caught and tells them they don’t know what they’ve done. Lyra is in DEO custody, and Wynn is furious. Lyra tells him that her brother is in danger, and Wynn says he will help her. Lyra tells him her past, and she admits he was different. She has been working to clear his debt from the gang they fought. Wynn finds out the fence’s name and the DEO is going to take down the gang. J’onn asks Wynn if it’s a con, and decides to proceed accordingly. Wynn frees Lyra. Mon-El tries to use movies to tell Kara by now she should have forgiven him for the dumb thing he did. She tells him she has talked to his mother. She tells him the message, and walks off. He stops her and begs for forgiveness. She is still angry and she tells him he’s got a second chance and that he is a prince and he should start acting like it.
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At the warehouse for the trade of the art, Wynn and Lyra walk in alone. The gang is there and the trade happens, except the painting is a fake. Wynn stands up to the criminals, and Guardian shows up. Wynn, Lyra and the brother all run, but they are caught by the gang. As the Guardian looks like it’s over, the DEO drop in. Wynn was part of the set-up all along. Lyra is reunited with her brother.
At the police station, Wynn turns over the gang, and the painting, and they let Lyra go. At the DEO, Wynn and Lyra talk. Lyra thinks Wynn hates her, and he tells her he doesn’t and kisses her. She walks off to check on her brother. Kara comes over, and is amazed that he’s giving her a second chance. She asks isn’t he scared she’d hurt him again. Wynn tells her she did what she did for someone she cared about and turns it around on Kara. He tells her there were reasons, and she has to decide if those reasons are good enough. Back at her apartment, Mon-El is waiting on Kara. He thinks he’s about to lose her forever. He tells her the truth. He goes on a monologue about what a spoiled person he was until he met her and she has changed him. He ends it with, “I love you.” Twice. She is still hung up on the lying. He begs some more. She asks if he was ever going to tell her the truth, and he responds, “I don’t know.” She says that he wants everything to be easy and being a hero and in love isn’t easy and is messy. He said he’ll never hurt her on purpose, and she responds you won’t again, and walks over and opens the door. She tells him it’s over. He is heartbroken and leaves. She cries. Cut to the ship and Mon-El teleports up. They berate Kara, and Mon-El refuses to go with them. He denounces them, and tells them he’s done taking the easy way out. Rhea blames Kara and he tells her that Kara is the best thing for him and he’s staying whether she wants him or not. He tells them to leave and never return. They send him back to Earth. At the DEO, Kara runs into Wynn. Wynn has done something to the transporter Cisco gave her. Kara sees Mon-El and wishes she was in another dimension. (I know where this is going.) J’onn tells them they are bringing in a new prisoner, and it’s Music Meister. He tells her he got caught on purpose and has been looking for her. He uses the dimension thing Cisco made. Kara collapses and Mon-El catches her. In her dream, she’s a lounge singer in a musical and we get to be continued on Flash.


“And to find you and we might return now that the atmosphere is hospitable, to make Daxium great again.” – Rhea (You know why I did.)
“Sometimes the people closest to us are our biggest blind spots.” – Kara
“Superfriiieennnddss! Back in the habit!” – Kara
“Maybe Mon-El is an evil prince, but maybe he’s just a guy who’s ashamed of his past and is looking for a fresh start.” – Alex
“She didn’t do what she did to hurt me, she was willing to sacrifice herself for someone she cared about. I mean that is a girl worth forgiving.” – Wynn

Little Things

Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo are so good at these roles!
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
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