Supergirl Recap: Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptik


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)
Spoilers to follow!
We pick up where last week’s episode left off. Mr. Mxyzptik uses his magic to make candles appear, then an orchestra, then flowers, and finally a ring. He proposes. Mon-El jumps to her defense, and after a back and forth, Mon-El is sent to the DEO in nothing but his undershirt and underwear. Kara tries to find out more about Mxyzptik, but he snaps his fingers and Kara is wearing a wedding dress. Mxyzptik apologizes for coming on strong. He talks about watching her across the dimensions, and flatters her. Kara refuses him and Mxyzptik thinks she is playing hard to get. He tells her he has chosen her and will make her fall in love with him. Symbol.
At the DEO, J’onn tells them about dealing with 5th dimensional lifeforms. Mon-El tells his planet’s dealing with them as well. Wynn tells J’onn that his uplink to Mars is ready, and J’onn tells the group he is sending the equivalent of an Earth Valentine’s day message to M’gann. He tells them to write something down in their culture is to truly say it.(Keep that in mind kids) Mon El asks about this Valentenne’s day. Kara tells him that they are going to finish what was going on between them as soon as she deals with the imp and they will celebrate the day of the Valentine’s together. Cut to Alex and Maggie. Alex gets a Valentine’s day from her mother. Alex and Maggie talk about Valentine’s Day, and Maggie hates it. Alex says she does too, but her eyes say she doesn’t. Wynn is at the alien bar drinking away Valentine’s Day. Wynn and a few aliens get into it after Wynn orders a weak drink (I mean it’s straight from the Mos Eisley Catania in Star Wars except no light saber). Another alien (female) saves Wynn. She slugs one alien and fights the other. She approaches Wynn and tells him how she hates bullies. Lyra is from Star Haven. Wynn talks about how great the planet was supposed to be. Lyra tells him a blight came and it is in ruins. Wynn quotes a Star Haven book and Lyra knows it. She asks him on a date and he agrees. We cut to a robbery, and Supergirl shows up. The bullets bounce off, and Mxyzptik shows up. He turns the guns on the robbers, and Supergirl saves them. He says the wooing will now begin and commercial.
Back at DEO, Kara is talking to J’onn. Wynn finds evidence of other such creatures for centuries. Mon El tells Supergirl that on his planet they (literally) crushed the imps. She and Mon El argue over how to deal with him. J’onn tells them there may be something in the storeroom, and all walk off but Wynn. He gets a text from Lyra about tonight, and he is hesitant. Cut to Kara’s apartment as she walks in with Alex. Mxyzptik has decorated Kara’s apartment with flowers. Alex tells Kara about Maggie and Valentine’s day. Alex is excited about the “cheesy” stuff couples get to do. Kara tells her to celebrate their own way. Alex tells Kara all the things Maggie loves and Kara suggests she use those things to create their own holiday. Outside there is sounds of breaks squealing, and Parasite is causing havoc. Kara jumps out her window to deal with Parasite. They fight and Mon El shows up to help. Parasite takes them both down. “Superman” shows up, and it’s Mxyzptik. He stops a tanker from blowing up. Mxyzptik is wearing a M as his symbol. He talks trash about Mon El, and Mon El threatens to beat him up. Mxyzptik calls Mon El a thug, and talks about how great Supergirl is. Mxyzptik kinda tells that parasite is his fault and Mon El calls him out over it. Mon El tells him to say his name backwards and disappear. She sends off Mon El. Mxyzptik thinks he’s won, and tells her she has to marry him to get him to leave. If she doesn’t things will get “very bad” for the world.
Back at the DEO, Mon El is mad with Kara. Kara and Mon El argue, and Mon El apologizes for defending her honor. She turns on Mon El and tells him she is not a damsel in distress, she is Supergirl, and she told him she had it.(Walk away clean dude, walk away clean) Mon El tells her she isn’t the best person to know when she can handle something.(Should of walked away). She asks why he didn’t tell her about saying Mxyzptik’s name backwards. He responds that it never works. Mon El tells him she is hard on him, but lets Mxyzptik off. Kara says Mon El is jealous. He tells her she is a little full of herself.(Ok at this point he’s just digging his own grave.) Mon El tells her he is angry because she holds him to a double standard. She tells him he should know better, and he responds that she doesn’t get to turn this around on him.(At this point he should just do something more productive, like baptize a cat.) She then drops the I thought you had changed. They come to the conclusion that this (the relationship)was a mistake.(I really thought they were going to kiss, but they walked away after Mon El asks her if they’re going to kill Mxyzptik) Mon El finds Wynn, and Wynn tells him he has female problems. Wynn asks for advice, and yeah, it’s not good, but Wynn takes away that caring is the kiss of death. Mon El asks what’s in the boxes, and they’re alien artifacts. Wynn goes to dinner leaving Mon El with the possible weapons to fight, “the imp.” Cut to Alex and Maggie, and Maggie walks in to find her personal Valentine’s Day, and Maggie is not happy. Alex is dressed up(or down) for Maggie, and Maggie is so mad she threatens to walk out. Alex tells her she doesn’t get to walk out. We find out that Maggie’s parents weren’t supportive of her coming out. When she was 14, Maggie put a card in a girl’s locker on Valentine’s Day, and it went bad. She was kicked out of her house and lived with her aunt. Alex says Maggie should have told her, and Maggie says she wanted things to be better for Alex. Maggie leaves. Cut to the alien bar, and Wynn is late. He has them a reservation. Wynn talks a lot, and Lyra kisses him and tells him she wants him. Back at DEO Kara is practicing saying Mxyzptik’s name backwards. J’onn can’t find the item with 5th dimension radiation item. In an alleyway, Mon El calls out Mxyzptik, and they agree to fight to the death. Mxyzptik snaps his fingers and they are on stage at a theater and Mon El is dressed as Hamilton. Mxyzptik is dressed as Burr. Pistols at dawn. Mon El shoots Mxyzptik but it did nothing to him. Mxyzptik knocks down Mon El, and Mon El pulls out the item, and it cuts the imp from his 5th dimension power. They fight hand to hand and trade insults. Mxyzptik gets the device, and Mon El finds himself about to die. Kara shows up and tells Mxyzptik that she will marry him. Mon El disappears, and Kara asks to be married at the Fortress of Solitude. (I smell a trap)
At Kara’s apartment Mon El comes and pleads Kara not to do it. He admits he’s jealous and pours his heart out to her. She tells him he doesn’t listen. She tells him she is marrying Mxyzptik. She gives all the reasons why she should and Mon El is crushed. She tells Mon El that they are too different. She opens the door and tells him she’s sorry.(I really smell a trap) Kara goes to the DEO to find Alex, and she is nowhere to be seen. Maggie is there looking for her as well. Kara tells her she knows Valentine’s Day is hard on her, but Alex was looking forward to them being together. She leaves and we cut to the Fortress of Solitude. Mxyzptik is holding a bottle. She arrives drinking orange juice (one of the things Mxyzptik said earlier that he couldn’t affect.) Kara tells him she brought him there in case he got violent, and she isn’t marrying him. Mxyzptik makes the ice statue Jor-El animated. Cut to commercial.
Jor-El takes down Kara. She gets up and fly through him, destroying the statue. Mxyzptik threatens her, and she locks the fortress and sets it to self-destruct. Mxyzptik tries to reason with her, but she reminds him he can’t stop her from killing herself. Kara says she’d rather die than be with him. She tells him there is a cancelation code (yeah, you know what it is). He begs her not to kill herself. She shows him the buttons to push to stop the countdown, and he does. It’s his name backwards. She repeats what J’onn said earlier about to write something down is to say it. He insults her, and he begins to disappear. He tells her he wanted someone to love him. She says you can’t force love. He disappears and we see the statues are back. Commercial.
Back from the commercial Wynn is waiting for Lyra on their second date. Apparently, they had “big fun” the night before. Lyra is surprised that a human would date an alien. Wynn tells her he’s had his heart trampled on and he’s scared of dating anyone, alien or not. They agree to take things slow, and then she tells him to take her where he lives. Cut to Alex entering the apartment and she finds a box for her. There is a ballroom set-up for a belated Valentine’s Day prom. Maggie apologizes and Alex asks her doesn’t she hate this. Maggie tells her she is the one woman who makes her like Valentine’s Day. At Kara’s apartment, Mon El stops by again. He tells her she is awesome and he never should have doubted her. He apologizes for acting like an ass. He admits that she is his kryptonite. He tells her he has never felt like this for anyone. He goes to leave and she stops him. He says he listened to her this time. She tells him she was protecting him. She says she didn’t mean the part about them being a match. They say nothing is stopping them and they kiss. They lower to the couch, and the shot cuts to a rose on the table in front of them, and then the symbol.
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“Once you’ve been adored by the powerful Mxy, there’s no going backsy.” – Mxyzptik
“Yeah, that guy probably would have choked on your bones… as he ate you.” – Lyra
“No, I didn’t tell you that because it never works. Because first enough it’s hard enough to say it forward, and second of all, that guy is a motormouth, but he’s not stupid.” – Mon El
“Things were a lot easier on Daxium when I objectified women and didn’t care about them.” – Mon El
“Love isn’t making demands of someone, or forcing them to marry you. Love is putting someone else’s needs above your own.” – Kara

Little Things

This episode was very Valentine’s Day themed if you couldn’t tell. They pushed the message to just love each other, and you know what, with today’s climate, don’t we all need that message?
Yes, the episode was a little corny, over-the-top, but anything having Mxyzptik is going to have those moments, and the episode was done very well.
What a difference a year makes. Last year was all about Jimmy and his romance with Lucy and how that was killing Kara, and now…I know some things had to change to budget and changing networks, but this show has made some huge changes from last year. Many of them have been good, but man I miss Kat. I know why she can’t be in the show with it now being shot in Canada, but I still miss her.
Next week is Dean Kane. I’m not sure if that’s the Terri Hatcher episode or not, but it would be nice to see them back together on a “super” show. (Yes I’m old, I know.)
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
If you haven’t today, please take a second to open the Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson. When you donate a photo, $1 is given to the charity of your choice, and Operation Smile is one of those charities. There are several other charities on there as well. Come on back next week and we’ll talk “Homecoming.”

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