Supergirl Recap: Homecoming


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

Tonight we begin the next morning from last episode. Mon-El wakes up in Kara’s bed, and she’s gone. He’s not sure why she let. In the living room the TV is on, and Supergirl flies in the window. She has brought Mon-El flowers and coffee. They have a few moments, and Mon El tries to get her to stay there with him. She tells him that they have to go to the DEO, and she wants to their relationship quiet. She tells him that she doesn’t want everyone to comment on it like last time. He asks if there is an us and she tells him yes and he agrees to keep it quiet. At the DEO Mon El announces to everyone (and I mean everyone) that they are dating. Apparently they now how to report to HR because they are coworkers, they also have to attend a mandatory sexual harassment seminar. (This may be the best 5 minute opening of Supergirl EVER!) Wynn spots Cadmus on the monitor. Supergirl and Manhunter go to intercept. The vans are lead lined. Manhunter stops the vans and she separates the semi from the trailer. They open the trailer to find her father. Shield and cut back to DEO. Alex sprints and hugs her father, who’s a bit roughed up. Jeramiah tells how Cadmus kept him alive to keep Henshaw alive. Jeramiah was forced to enhance him. Cadmus made him work on other projects. Mon El walks in and thanks him for saving him. Alex tells Jeramiah that the damage to his hand, punishment for trying to escape, is extensive. Cadmus has a nuclear weapon made from Supergirl’s heat vision and plans on destroying National City. We cut to Henshaw at Cadmus. He tells Lillian Luthor that the device is ready. Cut to commercial.
We return to the gang meeting discussing the bomb. Wynn is really excited. Jeramiah tells Wynn to run a trace on Kara’s heat radiation. Eliza walks in and finds Jeremiah. Mon El is concerned that something is wrong. They go back and forth. Mon El reluctantly agrees to a family dinner. Kara believes Jeremiah’s return is a gift. Maggie shows up to the party, and Alex introduces her to Jeramiah as her girlfriend, and Jeramiah accepts her. Kara and Alex share a “crazy happy” and “I can’t even” moment, and Mon El shows up. Jeramiah apologizes to Eliza for being gone. Eliza tells him they don’t know each other, and they will have to learn each other again. J’onn shows up, and Jeramiah hugs him and thanks him. Jeramiah tells them Cadmus changed him and he’s there to make the planet safer. Mon El still doesn’t trust him. Jeramiah asks to return to the DEO, and J’onn agrees. Mon El mutters his worries and Kara tells him to say something nice, and he fails miserably. Alex nearly attacks him, and Kara drags him off. They argue and Kara asks what he would do if his father returned. Mon El said he would run because his father is not a good man. Kara tells him this isn’t about him. Kara throws him out for ignoring everything she asked him to do today. Jeremiah shows Mon El out and follows him outside. Jeramiah tells Mon El he knows who he is and he doubts Kara would like the truth.
We return to the alien bar with Wynn and Mon El. Mon El had asked Wynn to meet him there. Mon El tells Wynn his fears. Mon El tells them they aren’t that lucky to get him back when they got him. They need to know what he’s been doing for the past 15 years. Wynn agrees to help. Wynn tells him he owes him a favor, and Wynn says to be good to her. Wynn’s girlfriend comes over and Mon El is a little surprised. Cut back to the DEO and J’onn and Jeramiah are touring the facility. J’onn credits Jeramiah’s daughters for the change in the DEO and in him. Jeramiah tells him he was open to the change. J’onn gives him a pass for the DEO and leaves. He heads straight to the DEO mainframe and Wynn sees him. Wynn has Kara meet him in secret and Mon El is there. Wynn tells Kara what happened and Kara tries to standup for Jeramiah. Wynn insists he broke into the mainframe and it looks like he’s a spy. Cut to another part of the DEO and Jeramiah asks if they’ve found the bomb yet. They haven’t and he insists to keep scanning because it will come online. He walks off and meets the three. Alex walks over as Kara asks him what he did on the mainframe. J’onn is there as well. He says he was looking at what happened the last 24 months and all he did was look at casefiles. Wynn says he is telling the truth. Alex walks him off and is furious with the others.
Kara comes over to Alex and apologizes but she tells Alex she’s worried because he was with Cadmus for a long time. Alex says she sounds just like Mon El. They go back and forth, and Alex walks off mad. She tells Kara she is either part of the family or she isn’t. We go back to the bar with Wynn and his girlfriend Lyra, they are playing darts when Mon El come in. Mon El tells him he is a terrible partner. Wynn tells him Kara doesn’t need a protector. Mon El asks what’s left for him. Wynn says maybe he should ask her and just listen. Wynn’s phone goes off and the bomb has been located. Cut to the DEO agents coming to a warehouse. Jeramiah tells them to be careful or the whole city could blow. They open the warehouse and storm it. Tense moments while they look for the bomb, and there is nothing. Jeramiah walks away at the DEO and J’onn tires to follow him. J’onn realizes he can’t read Jeramiah’s minds. Jeramiah appears to have a metal arm and is taking down DEO agents at an impressive clip. Kara realizes what is going on and her and Alex take off. Jeramiah tells J’onn he did what he had to. J’onn accuses him of being a Cadmus man and Jeramiah tells him he doesn’t have the whole story. They fight as the computer transfers something. Jeramiah takes out J’onn as the transfer is completed. He shoots the mainframe and leaves.
Back at the DEO medical room, the team regroups, but Alex still doesn’t believe it. J’onn tells them Jeramiah’s arm has been enhanced. Alex is ready to wage war on Cadmus. Wynn hid a tracker on Jeramiah. Jeramiah is in the woods and meets Luthor and Henshaw. Alex and Supergirl show up. Henshaw destroys a train track taking Supergirl out of the fight, and Henshaw knocks over a tree to separate Alex from the bad guys. Supergirl quickly repairs the bridge. The bad guys leave Jeramiah behind when Alex catches up, and Supergirl holds the last train rail in place by hand as the train passes over. Alex demands the truth out of Jeramiah. Jeramiah tells her she isn’t bringing him in alive. He gives a little speech and Alex lowers her gun. Jeramiah runs off as Alex sits alone in the woods.
Back at the DEO Wynn is trying to talk some agents through a rewire when Alex and Kara walk in. Wynn goes down to the mainframe, as J’onn walks up on them. Alex walks off, to tell their Mom and J’onn and Kara talk. Kara is worried about her family. J’onn reassures her. Cut to Alex’s apartment and Maggie knocks on the door. Alex is drinking. Maggie asks how the first day went. Alex breaks down as Maggie holds her. At Kara’s Kara is on the couch crying and Mon El knocks on the door. She tells him it’s unlocked. He comes in. Mon El tries to say several things and he finally says he’s not going to talk and he’ll listen to what she needs. She tells him to just be here with her. He holds her and asks if she needs anything else. She answers to wake up with her. He tells her he’d love to. Her phone rings and it’s Wynn. Wynn tells her he took the national alien registry. They head to the DEO. Back at Cadmus Jeramiah and Luthor agree they have a deal. They look at what appears to be a ship, and Luthor says soon the Earth shall be free forever.


“Was it that bad…Was it that good?” – Mon-El
“It’s nice to do that without breaking a guy’s nose.” – Kara
“I mean back on Daxum they used to throw parties when people got together. You’re lucky I didn’t arrange a parade.” – Mon El
“Alright, I knew I shouldn’t have given you my Netflix password, because watching that much 24 at once is not healthy, I told you.” – Wynn

Little Things

Wow, this episode started out as fun and light, and then it turned the amp to 11 and got serious, quick. The first 5 minutes I absolutely loved, and then I loved the rest, but for absolutely different reasons. This was a great episode!
Exodus appears to be an all-out war!
It appears Jeramiah is not all the way-bad, or possibly not even 50% bad. In fact, he might be a double agent, but we’ll have to see next week.
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
If you haven’t today, please take a second to open the Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson. When you donate a photo, $1 is given to the charity of your choice, and Operation Smile is one of those charities. There are several other charities on there as well. Come on back next week and we’ll talk “Exodus.”

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