Supergirl Recap: Exodus


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

We open to a couple singing off key and dancing to some pop song and the teenage daughter in the back wanting to be anywhere but where she is. The car is pulled over by a police officer. The car has a taillight out, and when the driver gets out, we find out he is an alien. A black van pulls up and takes the mom and dad as the child runs off. The child is caught and drug back to the van. We get the shield and come over to the DEO. We find out that is the 20th abduction. The team is trying to figure out where they are taking the aliens. J’onn says Jeremiah is an enemy combatant, and he is to be arrested on site. Supergirl says they need to inform the other aliens, and she believes she can write an article for Catco. Alex asks if Snapper would do that, and Kara answers, “Absolutely!” Yeah, right. Snapper and Kara argue and Snapper tells her she is supposed to have sources (plural), and mentions that you can’t have fake news. Kara takes the moral high ground, and Snapper tells her that they are the paper of record in this town. For now on she is required to have two independent sources. Kara offers to let Snapper interview Supergirl. Snapper wants an exclusive. We cut to the alien bar. Maggie apparently has won a pool game and tells Alex to pay up. Alex looks upset. Maggie figures she is upset about her dad, and Alex tells Maggie she is worried that the DEO will find him. Alex still believes there is a reason he did what he did. Maggie tries to comfort her, and Alex offers double or nothing, but no grenades. On the other side of the bar James is playing third wheel to Winn and Lyra. They are becoming that couple. James is surprised at how well the two are getting along. As they talk the wall explodes and men in black storm the bar. Gunshots go off, and the heroes that are there fight back, including Lyra. They grab Lyra, Winn tries to defend her, but they pull her outside. Alex gives chase with her gun. Maggie comes out, and so does Guardian to save Alex. The van pulls off with Lyra.
Back at the DEO Winn is melting down. Winn is mad at Alex over Jeremiah, but J’onn cuts him off. Mon-El takes Winn off, and Alex opens the cell to talk to the Cadums guy. By talk, I mean kick his head in. She beats the snot out of him until J’onn pulls her off. Alex is losing it, but she walks off. Back at Catco, Kara tells Snapper Supergirl is there. He walks in and begins the interview. Supergirl and Snapper go back and forth with Supergirl insisting she’s telling the truth and Snapper telling her he has to verify it. She tells him that a government agency had the list stolen and Snapper wants to know how long she’s been working for them. Supergirl tells him that she never said she was working for them. She insists Cadmus is the story. He stops the recording and wants a name. Supergirl refuses and flies off. Snapper tells Kara that they have to tell everything, and until there is a source, this story is DOA. Cut to Alex’s apartment, Jeremiah is in her apartment. He tells her that Cadmus is going to slaughter everyone they have captured and he needs her help. She tells him she can’t trust him, and he says he had to fool Cadmus by doing what he did to her. He begs for help and needs something from the DEO. Jeremiah pressures her into making her mind up quickly. She agrees, turns around, and it’s J’onn. J’onn suspends her. At Cadmus Jeremiah and Lilly are being evil. She calls him their Superman as she lays her hand on his augmented arm. He watches the aliens being marched into the ship. Cut to commercial.
We come back to Alex’s apartment, and Kara shows up. Alex begs Kara for her help, and Kara says J’onn may be right. Alex pleads Jeremiah’s case. Kara tells her that it’s bigger than their dad and has to leave over the article. Alex looks crushed and asks Maggie if she agrees. Maggie doesn’t and tells her “ride or die.” Back at Catco, Kara is surprised by Lena Luthor. They had a prior engagement. Kara tells Lena what is going on, and Lena gets that look. Lena tells her to post a blog. Kara asks about technology to find aliens, and Lena is going to look and see if there is anything her mother left behind. (I’m still not sure about Lena). We cut to underneath a freeway where an alien is on the phone placing a bet. A cop pulls up pulls the same trick on him as earlier. Alex and Maggie are there and take down the crew. They transfers the van’s GPS. Alex tells Maggie she has to do it alone. They kiss and Alex takes off. At Luthor Corp, Lena finds something fishy about a shipment over a building that had been shut down for 10 years. She tells a secretary, and wants info found. The secretary is in Lillian’s pocket. At Cadmus Alex is sneaking in, taking out guards as she goes, and finds Jeremiah. Commercial
Jeremiah shows Alex what they are doing. He shows her that they are sending the aliens back, even though Lillian wants to kill them. Alex tells him he lied to her. Jeremiah defends himself. He is sticking with the story that Cadmus would kill his family if he didn’t. They argue. Back at Kara’s apartment, Mon-El comes in trying to be funny. Kara is trying to decide if she should blog. He tells her to do what she thinks is right. They have a little moment, and he keeps getting points, and she publishes it. Her phone goes off, and it’s Lena. As she is telling Kara, men attack her, and she is pushed over the rail. Supergirl flies up with her. Lena tells Supergirl where to find them. At Cadmus, Lillian is launching the ship because Kara published the article. Alex tells her to turn it off. Alex has booby-trapped the facility…and she’s not bluffing. Alex asks her dad to do the right thing. After back and forth between Alex and Lillian, in which Lillian tells him she will wage war on his family, they attack the guards. Alex blows the booby traps, and she races off to stop the launch while Jeremiah tries to stop the launch from the computer. Hank Henshaw grabs Jeremiah. Alex is fighting her way to the ship and she boards it, as it is about to launch. Lyra is freeing the prisoners but before they can exit the ship, the ship begins to take off, with Alex in the pilot’s seat. Commercial.
At the DEO, they are detecting the launch. Alex calls Winn, and they try to talk Alex through a way to land it. Supergirl shows up to help at the ship. At Cadmus, Jeremiah and Hank are trading haymakers. Hank shoots Jeremiah with his eye, and Jeremiah is down. At the ship, the ship begins to target Supergirl. She takes a hit or two. She isn’t hurt but knocked away. She freezes the gun and grabs the ship trying to slow it, all while only a thin plane of glass separates the two sisters and dramatic music plays. Alex is trying to urge her on, while Winn gives the dire countdown of the ship jumping to the other side of the universe. (High drama, folks, high drama). Kara can’t and is nearly crying as Alex puts her hand to the glass (It’s the original Star Trek II) and Kara puts her hand over Alex’s. Kara pushes one more time and screams and the ship slows while Alex urges her on. The engines make noise like they are about to jump and then smoke bellows out of the engines. Supergirl looks on, exhausted. Commercial.
At the bar, Winn and James are waiting on Lyra. She shows up, and they hug as James smiles at them. At Catco, Kara walks in, and everyone avoids her. Her stuff is packed in a box on her desk. Snapper fired her. She pleads her case and Snapper talks about the press and how it is run and why it is the way it is (it’s almost like it’s a commentary on today’s society…nah.) and how you need to be a good reporter. He tells her the worst part is he was rooting for her. She leaves and Snapper looks more miserable than ever. At DEO, Alex comes in to talk to J’onn. J’onn says he was wrong and he is sorry. He tells her he never meant to hurt her. He reinstates her and we find out, Jeremiah is still in Cadmus’s hands. Maggie is waiting for Alex. They walk off, and we cut to Kara’s apartment. Mon-El knocks, and he has pot-stickers. He tries to cheer up Kara. She tells him that Supergirl is what she can do, and that Kara is who she is. He tells her she has so much to offer the world and not to let anyone tell her to do anything. She thinks maybe being Supergirl and having him is enough. Cut to the ship that is looking for Mon-El (I mean you knew that was coming, right.) We see Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo. They call Kevin, your highness, and I think we might have just met Mon-El’s parents. Shield. We’re off until March 20th.


“Careful, Ponytail. You’re at Defcon 3 with the moxy.” – Snapper
“Ah, game! Which means you owe me dinner, a bottle of scotch, and one of those flash grenade things. It’s like the 12 days of Chirstmas.” – Maggie
“Not unless I can verify your story’s origin, you expect people to trust you?” – Snapper
“But how can you be so sure.” – Kara “Because you are the most moral person I know, so if you think it’s the right thing to do, it is.” – Mon-El
“Can we just agree to stop doing the wrong things for the right reasons?” – Alex

Little Things

I wrote during my pre-work that I’m beginning to think something is up with Winn’s girlfriend, and it’s going to end bad for him. I’m still not sure something bad doesn’t happen.
Snapper did what Snapper had to do. However, this storyline about reporting appears to be far from over.
I still don’t trust Lena. Maybe I’m not supposed to, but something sure seems up with her.
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
If you haven’t today, please take a second to open the Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson. When you donate a photo, $1 is given to the charity of your choice, and Operation Smile is one of those charities. There are several other charities on there as well. Come on back in two weeks and we’ll talk “Star-Crossed.” The episode after that is the Kevin Smith directed episode.

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