Supergirl: “Nevertheless, She Persisted” Recap


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

Welcome to the Supergirl recap and this week’s episode, “Nevertheless She Persisted,” the season finale! Tonight we open with the fight between Superman vs Supergirl. We are introduced to silver kryptonite, and Superman believes Supergirl is Zod. The fight between the two is amazing. Cars destroyed, falling from great heights, and numerous innocent buildings feeling the brunt. There’s a fight in a pool of water of nothing but haymakers after haymakers until both are just exhausted and can’t hardly stand, until Kara gets in the last blow, sending Supes high into the air, and she collapses, spent. Wow. Just wow.

Lena’s slow turn toward evil continues as Lillian comes to visit her and after a while admits she may have backed the wrong Luthor. They’ve played with this storyline for a year now, and it seems the time is close at hand for Lena’s big turn.

At the Fortress, we learn of two things: something called “Dacum Orr,” and that Supergirl beat Superman straight up. He was at full strength. This is huge in a little while. Mon-El hates the idea, but Kara, as she has done ALL season, does what she wants when she wants (persists even?), and challenges Rhea. Apparently, it is a one-on-one fight, and though it’s not said, it’s implied a fight to the death.

It turns out, the fight is not to the death, but if Kara loses, Rhea gets Earth. Clark confirms that Kara is the champion of Earth, and this is her fight. Thank you, writers, for getting this right.

J’onn awakens after seeing M’gann in his dreams, and he wants Kara to contain the story of “the superfight.” This brings us to one the BEST scenes of the night. Clark and Kara go in reporter disguise to Catco, and Cat Grant blushes at the sight of him, talks trash about Lois, and basically makes a complete fool of herself over Clark. Cat outs James as being Guardian, while making terrible Star Wars references (spoiler alert, Calista Flockhart is married to Harrison Ford who played Han Solo…ah never mind). The chemistry between Cat and Clark is amazing, and Cat dances all around Supergirl and Kara being one and the same. It’s an mazing scene; however, the next one is jaw-dropping: the Luthors concoct the Kryptonians a way out. The bomb Lex was working on could make the air toxic to all Daxamites, including Mon-El, and they would all have to leave. Again, the Lena makes a comment that makes you wonder whether she knows Kara and Supergirl are the same.

So I never mention commercial breaks but tonight, I squeed, my daughter squeed, and the cats ran. The tease for Wonder Woman showing Supergirl wearing her boots and the nod to Lynda Carter was so well done. Go See Wonder Woman June 2nd! OK, back to the review.

The heartbreak begins, as Mon-El offers to leave the planet to save Earth – this isn’t going to go well. Kara and Clark spar but have a heart-to-heart after. Kara has the classic superhero breakdown of “how do I get everything I want,” and Clark shows why he’s Superman with a pep talk. They have done this Superman so well. He’s not whiney, he’s not over powerful, and he’s trying to be human. Then the fight for the Earth begins.

Rhea cheats and calls her army to destroy the Earth. J’onn and Superman speak to each in Martian, and team up. (JUSTICE LEAGUE!!) We learn Rhea has Kryptonite in her blood, Lena completes the bomb that Lillian tries to use, but can’t thanks to Lena knowing her mother, and there is open warfare in the streets. Catco is in shambles and we finally see James Olsen ¾ of the way through the episode. M’gann shows with other White Martians, and we have an all-out brawl for Earth. Rhea has the Daxamites lock onto every child in the city. Mon-El tells her Kara must punch the button to Lena’s device, and in a heart-ripping moment, she does. The Draxamites fall, and flee. Mon-El becomes sick as well. Mon-El watches Rhea die, and has only minutes left. They profess their love to each other, and Mon-El leaves by ship to save his life.

Clark tells Kara that she is stronger than he ever will be and he doesn’t know if he could have made that choice for Lois. Kara finds herself alone. Clark flies off to Lois, the Martians are together, and Maggie and Alex are together. Kara persisted for the Earth. Alex tries to comfort Kara, but all Kara wants is for everyone else to be happy and together. Kara flies off and HOLY CRAP Alex asks Maggie to marry her! We cut away before the answer is given. We end the show with the most moving talk between Kara and Cat. Cat praises Kara and tells her how women can be vulnerable and survive. At the end, Cat says to an empty room, “Go get ‘em, Supergirl.” We end the show with Mon-El in space, being sucked into a vortex; Kara flying off to save the day; and a sad song playing. And then…we flash back to 35 years ago on Krypton and another baby being loaded into a shuttle. I have no idea what it is, but who knows. We’ll find out next season!


“Ah, you do love danger, don’t you Clark Kent? Yet another reason Lois makes no sense.” – Cat

“Whenever I fight, no matter who it’s against, or where it is, I’m always fighting for Lois. I fight with her right here. (points to heart) The people we love, they’re another secret superpower.” – Clark

Little Things

Winn’s fanboyness for Superman feels like how I would act if I saw some of my favorite actors. When Superman looks away and Winn mouths, “I love you,” you can’t help but smile.

Is Calista Flockhart staying? Please figure something out, people – she makes this show so much better.

I don’t think the Mon-El/Supergirl relationship is over by any means. I don’t know how, but that vortex will play somehow next year.

We have heard that Zod is supposed to be a villain next year, and I have to think the closing sequence played into that somehow.

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