Supergirl: Distant Sun Recap


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers ahead!

Before we begin, I must tell you that last week’s crossover on The Flash brought Kara and Mon-El back together. OK, on to this week’s episode! (BTW, the “Super Friend” song was great!)

Kara wakes up to the smell of hashbrowns, bacons, biscuits, and poached eggs. Mon-El is trying to be the good boyfriend. We learn Mon-El’s parents are still orbiting around Earth. Mon-El goes to do laundry while Kara takes care of aliens that are firing lasers out of their eyes. The aliens are taken care of and we switch to the DEO, where President Lynda freakin’ She’s-Still-My-Wonder-Woman Carter (sorry, had a BIT of a crush on her as a kid) (OK, still do) is trying to find out about Mon-El’s parents. She asks J’onn to refrain from engaging with the Daxamites. Cut to the city with Alex and Maggie. (They walk past a sign that says Yoga Hosers, a movie directed by Kevin Smith, who also directs this episode of Supergirl.) They run into Emily, who is an ex-girlfriend of Maggie’s. It’s only a little awkward. Alex offers to let Maggie catch up and they invite Emily to dinner. Back at the DEO, we find that the alien from earlier in the morning is a bounty hunter looking for Kara, and it’s a significant bounty.

According to Mon-El, the bounty is enough to buy a planet. Kara isn’t worried, but Alex tells her she should hide to avoid collateral damage. J’onn and Mon-El agree. She agrees to give them 24 hours. J’onn tells Mon-El to keep an eye on her, but he has to do something first. At the bar, Mon-El’s parents meet him. They criticize his job, and he in turn blames them for Kara’s bounty. They swear it’s not them, and they tell him they want him to come home. They try again to convince him to come home and that they don’t want to hurt anyone.

At the restaurant, Maggie and Alex are waiting on Emily. We learn that Emily told Maggie that Maggie didn’t deserve happiness and that they had been together for five years. At Kara’s apartment, she gripes to James and Winn about not being able to be Supergirl. Mon-El enters and they beg him to stop her before she runs off. He tells them he suspects his parents, and he still doesn’t believe them. Outside, an alien takes over Mon-El’s actions and his eyes turn blue. He grabs Kara and they burst through the window and into the night.

Mon-El is thrown off and they trade punches, while the whole time Mon-El apologizes to Kara. Winn’s program goes off and he tells James there is another device nearby. Guardian shows up trying to help, and Mon-El takes him down. Winn shows up at the last second and puts a stapler to the back of the alien and threatens him. Kara clocks Mon-El after the effect wears off, and he quickly yells, “It’s me, it’s me!”

Back at the DEO, the alien is locked up. He claims to be a powerful telepath. He taunts them about being too moral and Alex asks for a wrench. J’onn tells her to stand down and tries to probe the alien himself. This goes on for a bit. J’onn wins, and the bounty hunter screams that it was the Daxamites. They want to attack, but J’onn tells them the President said no. (Maybe she can use her Lasso of Truth on them).

Alex finds Emily. They have a conversation and Emily tells Alex Maggie cheated on her. Alex does her I’m sorry thing and scurries. Mon-El and Kara talk, and Mon-El says they need to run and Kara wants to talk to them. Mon-El tells her about a planet they can run off to. He says he has been thinking about it because of a play he has been reading, “Rom-me-o and Juliet” (that’s exactly how he says it). He says he’s at the point where they talk about running away and living happily ever after. Kara spoils the end for him, and he doesn’t see it coming. Kara again tells him she doesn’t run. Kara believes his mother can change. Mon-El doesn’t believe it, and she reminds him he has. He agrees to contact the ship. We go to what looks like the Fortress of Solitude and there is a Legion flight ring in the shot just for a second, and Kara and Mon-El meet Mon-El’s mother. Mon-El tells her he knows about the bounty hunters and he tells her to call off the bounty hunter. She tells him she is his mother and he doesn’t dictate terms to her. Kara pleads with her and appeals to kindness. Yeah, that doesn’t work. Kara gets weak, and his mom pulls out a Kryptonian dagger and cuts her with it.

His mom goes to finish her and Mon-El blocks it. She kicks him away and stabs Kara in the leg with the dagger. Mon-El saves her and he tells her he’ll go with her. She pleads with him not to, but he pledges to save her life. They hug, his mom pulls him away and they are teleported to the ship. His father knows nothing of the bounty and he is angry.

At Alex’s, Maggie comes in and Alex tells her that she saw Emily. Alex blames Maggie about not telling her the truth and Alex says Maggie has a history of not telling the truth and she has stopped trusting people closest to her. Alex tells her she is there to help her heal. Alex’s phone rings: it’s Kara and she has to leave. Kara flies into the DEO and she tells them everything. J’onn tells her they can’t disobey the President. Kara tells them she has to save Mon-El. Kara fights for him, and J’onn relents. (I admit I teared up a bit). On the ship, Mon-El stares out into space as his father approaches. He tells him that Kara will be safe, and Mon-El walks off. His father follows him and tries to convince him he did the right thing. Mon-El tells his father that things will change if he is to be king. He wants to start with a new system where everyone has an equal chance, and his father tells him he is wrong. They talk, and his mother shows up and slaps him. She puts him in a cell for the flight home, which is only four short years.

Back at the DEO, Winn has fixed the Stargate thingy, and he explains how the coordinates have to be exactly right. On the ship, the Queen tells them to launch and Supergirl shows up. After Supergirl quickly takes down her guards, the Queen pulls two daggers on her. Winn teleports in to save Mon-El. Back on the bridge, the Queen does her best to take down Supergirl, and she stabs her. Oh wait, it’s J’onn! Winn frees Mon-El, and back on the bridge, it’s seven-on-one. Supergirl teleports in to save J’onn. The Queen comes at her again, but J’onn protects her. The King shows up and the two men go at it as the two women fight. Winn heads for the bridge. The Queen has Supergirl down when Mon-El shows up and blows out a window. The daggers and a guardsmen go flying out the window. The King tells everyone, “Enough!” and tells Mon-El that this is his family. He hugs Kara, and Mon-El tells them they will never see each other again. The “Stargate” opens and he and the Queen teleport home, leaving the Queen teary-eyed.

Back on Earth, Maggie and Emily are talking while Alex watches. They hug and go their separate ways. Maggie thanks Alex for making her talk to her.

Back at the DEO, the President gives J’onn grief for what he did. J’onn tells her he had to defend an alien under their protection; he made a decision and will accept the consequences. She tells him she will decide what those consequences will be. He confirms they have left Earth’s orbit, and she signs off, still mad. In her office, she undergoes a change and we see she is a true alien as hinted at last time she was on the show. At Kara’s apartment, Mon-El tells her he thought he would never see her again. She apologizes and he tells her that because of her, his father changed. Mon-El doesn’t understand how she does the right thing everyday, and he admits it is terrifying and hard and he admires her. He says they saved each other like Romeo and Juliet, and Kara tells him he really needs to finish reading it. Back on the ship, the King is looking out the window and is approached by the Queen. He reminds her that their people value happiness. She reminds him of his vows to stand by each other’s side and their family. She tells him he ruined that. He tells her he is still by her side and hugs her. She doesn’t return the hug and stabs him, killing him. She tells him he betrayed her, and we have a big bad.

“We’re gonna need an alien cleanup on aisle three.” – Supergirl

“I’m not going to hide. I’m the girl of steel. I don’t bend, I don’t break, I don’t stand down to anyone!” – Kara

“I’m a mixologist. It is an artistic profession in the medium of preparing alcoholic beverages and it is very honorable.” – Mon-El

“Actually I used to always think you were perfect but it’s nice to see you have problems too.” – Alex

“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” – Mon-El
“You finally saw Star Wars!” – Winn

Little Things
Sorry for my Lynda Carter fandom…okay, I’m not sorry.

Both of these Kevin Smith episodes have been very good.

I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.

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