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By: Brandon Myers @BrandoCalrysian

Retro gamers rejoice! There has never been a better time for gamers who enjoy taking gaming back to its roots. From the look of the sprites to the beeps and boops of 8-bit music, we are in the midst of a retro revival. Continuing on the success of You Have to Win the Game, Minor Key Games is bringing Super Win the Game to Steam in October of this year. It is a pure 8-bit throwback, and based on what I’ve played of the beta, it’s a solid platformer with plenty of promise.


Super Win the Game hits it out of the park with its presentation. The game itself has a great 8-bit look that immediately made me think of Zelda II – Green floppy hat? Check! Hub towns? Check! A great touch is that the game looks like it is being played on an old CRT television set. This adds to the nostalgia factor and immediately sets it apart from the pack. This is adjustable to fit your preferences or can be done away with all together, but I absolutely loved it.

Super Win the Game is a platformer through and through. Precise jumping and timing is the name of the game and trust me when I say that you will fall. You will fall a lot. Fortunately, the game is very forgiving with ample save spots. I really got a sense of accomplishment after getting through a tough spot that I haven’t felt since the days of the NES. Good controls are essential to a good platformer, and I’m happy to say that the game handles great. With some practice you’ll be hopping platforms and collecting keys and gems like a pro.

There is more to enjoy than just great platforming, however. Without giving too much away, the game also has and interesting understory dealing with dreams and the subconscious. Pair that with some great-sounding retro music and you have an interesting platformer that is sure to turn some heads.

If you are a fan of retro gaming, or platformers in general, then Super Win the Game might be just what you are looking for. The beta had some solid gameplay and some very interesting ideas. Look for it October 1 on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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  1. Stephanie MAugust 21st, 2014 at 7:54 am

    Great article! Can’t wait for the game to come out!

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