Star Wars Comics Capture the Original Trilogy Magic


by Kelly Knox (@kelly_knox)

Forget Episode VII – it’s Dark Horse Comics’ new comic book series that has me excited for Star Wars again.

Dark Horse Comics kicked off the ongoing Star Wars comic book series in January, set in the weeks following the destruction of the first Death Star in A New Hope.

Each issue has consistently captured the essences of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa more than any Expanded Universe story in recent memory, imbuing the ongoing series with the magic and adventure that the original trilogy gave us a long, long time ago.

Star Wars writer Brian Wood has made it no secret that he sees Princess Leia as a strong character. In an interview with USA Today earlier this year, Wood declared (quite accurately in my opinion) that the films “have [Leia] established as proficient with weapons and speeder bikes and surviving torture. It seemed like a no-brainer that she could do a lot more than wear a beautiful gown and be in a meeting.”

Wood has since lived up to that portrayal in each issue of the comic books; Leia as a hands-on, strong character is my favorite thing about the series. The princess is currently in command of a secret, hand-picked squad tasked with finding a new base for the Rebellion.

Minor spoilers for the issue follow.

starwarscomicfullIn Star Wars #4 Leia confidently pilots her X-Wing alongside Wedge Antilles as they scout a planetary system for their mission. The two find themselves once again ambushed by the Empire, despite her best efforts to ferret out a traitor in the Rebel’s ranks who continues to leak the possible base locations.

As Leia and Wedge escape the Star Destroyer, Carlos D’Anda’s art explodes off the pages, conveying suspense and action that rival the battles of Yavin and Endor in the films.

Elsewhere in the issue, D’Anda doesn’t let up on the energy as Han and Chewbacca find themselves in a firefight of their own on Coruscant. The image of Chewie singlehandedly taking on a TIE Fighter will now forever be etched in my mind when I think of him.

Star Wars #4 hits comic book store shelves on Wednesday, April 10, but I would recommend that any Star Wars fan pick up the first three issues as well.

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