Sherlock: The Sign of Three


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)



The Sign of Three signifies two things; Mary’s marriage to Watson (and by extension her marriage to Sherlock) and a little secret revealed at the end of the episode. The episode began with LeStrade having quite an adorable freak out session over eighteen months as a result of the Waters gang – bank robbers who were impossible to catch. In the moments right before the Waters’ arrest at the hands of a victorious LeStrade, he received a message from Sherlock “Baker Street. Now. Help”. Dropping everything and calling maximum back up LeStrade arrived at 221b to a crazed Sherlock asking for anecdotes and a funny story about John – Sherlock has just been appointed Watson’s best man.

If Watson gets married where does that leave Sherlock? Alone? Without a companion for unsolved cases? With an empty chair with a John shaped indent in it? It actually leaves them exactly the same. Sherlock spent the beginning of the wedding with a bridesmaid – not flirting goodness no, but deducing which bachelor would be the most suited to her.  The story was intercut with memories of past cases through Sherlock’s best man speech. Possible one of the best speeches in the history of television – but maybe it’s just because Sherlock showed emotion, lots and lots of emotion directed towards Watson. It was tear-jerking. Sherlock, the sociopath, successfully made the entire room (and extended audience of Sherlockians in their living rooms) cry buckets.

The flashbacks shown throughout the wedding showed us the moments of when John told Sherlock he was his best man, how Sherlock took John out for his bachelor’s night out and the wedding planning done between John, Mary AND Sherlock. The editing of these scenes and intercutting between the wedding and past scenarios brought tears to my eyes (of both an emotional and hysterical kind). If you’ve watched it you’ll know no words would do it justice so I will leave you with the highlights:

1.     Mary convincing Watson to “take Sherlock out” and “find a little case”

2.     Sherlock attempting his hand at napkin origami

3.     Drunk Sherlock and drunk Watson

4.     Drunk Sherlock and drunk Watson trying to solve a case

Of course throughout the wedding there was a case to be solved. This case was inextricably and unexpectedly linked to every case Sherlock mentioned in his speech. His speech itself was a mystery; it seems that this man can crack anything – even the formula to being the perfect best man. After pulling off his speech and making everyone cry he realized he was moments away from solving the case – and that it linked to someone in this room and that the person it linked to would be dead by the end of the wedding. Sherlock – although a genius – can only multitask to a certain extent and fumbled all over his beautiful speech starting to yell out words such as “MURDER!” trying to cover his tracks by saying “Oh sorry, marriage – I meant marriage”.  Finally, Sherlock’s nonsense finally made sense as he spoke two code words to John, which meant, “battle stations – someone is going to die” and then sent a text to LeStrade, which read, “Lock this place down”. Apparently his multi-tasking even when malfunctioning is at a pretty high standard. Finally solving the case and realizing that Watson’s commanding officer was at risk for once leading a group of recruits into bloodshed, their problem was that the officer had retreated back to his room and they couldn’t remember the room number. Cue Mary with the room number and her adorable ability to clue into what Sherlock needs and how much John needs Sherlock. This season is infinitely quirkier than the last, with a variety of belly chuckle moments. The high-functioning sociopath is hilarious with a newly married John by his side and a perfectly cast Mary to compliment the duo’s ingeniousness. So the wedding ended with Watson saving a life, Sherlock solving the case, Mary finding out she was pregnant (yes Sherlock may have accidentally deduced so in the closing sentence of the night) and the promise that although Mary got married to Watson, they will never be rid of their adorable high functioning sociopath.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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