Series Review: Eureka


By Ashley Binion

After five seasons of wacky hijinks Sheriff Jack Carter and Co. departed our screens with “Just Another Day.” Arguably Syfy’s quirkiest show, Eureka, went out on a pitch perfect note and was incredibly satisfying.

For those who are unfamiliar with Eureka, I wholeheartedly recommend that that you watch the show from beginning to end and here are some reasons why.

Eureka begins when Jack Carter stumbles upon the top-secret government town of Eureka, Oregon while transporting his fugitive daughter back to their home. This town is full of genius scientists who are responsible for all of today’s technological advances.

It’s hard to put Eureka into a category because it has a little bit of everything: it’s a comedy, a romance, a family-friendly drama, and a crime procedural. However, this isn’t your typical procedural drama like NCIS or CSI, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and rarely deals with murder, but instead of what cool scientific experiment went awry and focuses more on the season long story arc than week by week story lines.

The characters are dynamic, relatable (except for the whole being a genius part), and have great chemistry with each other. You can tell that the actors genuinely like their job.

Eureka presents science in a fun way and constantly made me want to go back to school and pay more attention during chemistry class.

*Spoilers For the Series Finale Below*

In the series’ penultimate episode “Double Take,” the citizens of Eureka were once again being plugged into the matrix and their clones were in the process of taking over the town when Jack and Allison saved the day. Of course it was much more dramatic than that, but it was by far one of my favorite episodes of the season.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Global Dynamics’ funding was cut permanently and Eureka would be no more. This was the jumping off point for the finale. (For those unfamiliar with the saga that was Eureka’s ending. There was even a joke about this during the finale when the D.O.D took away their six week window and told them they were starting that day.)

While packing up the town and Global Dynamics, random wormholes popped up around town and Jack saved the day one last time. Surprisingly, Trevor Grant bought Eureka and Global Dynamics to keep the town from being closed down. But, the episode (and the entire series) wasn’t about the wormholes or saving the town, instead, it was about the characters we have come to love over 77 episodes.

My sentiment was echoed by Henry: “Eureka has never been about the town, it’s always been around the people. You saved them. So, wherever they go they are our legacy.”

It was heartbreaking when Holly didn’t remember Fargo in “Double Take,” but this was remedied in the finale when she began to feel something toward him and offered him a chance to take job and leave with her (which Fargo did). Elsewhere in the romance department, Jo proposed to Zane (and he said yes) just the way he proposed to her in the original timeline, Grace and Henry were reunited, and Allison revealed to Jack she was pregnant.

A common aspect of many series’ finales is when the main character has a moment of reflection of their journey, like Clark Kent in Smallville or pretty much all the characters in Lost. This occurred when Jack propelled himself through a wormhole to save the town.

In their last hour, the show was diligent in presenting how different the characters are from where they first started. Jack is no longer just the dumb sheriff, Zoe is no longer the delinquent that brought her dad to Eureka in the first place, Jo is no longer the guarded deputy, Fargo is no longer the constant screw up, and finally Henry is happily married and the new director of Global Dynamics.

Eureka was fortunate to have many amazing guest stars through their run such as Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Debrah Farentino, and James Callis. It was wonderful to see most of those familiar faces again for the finale (I’m looking at you Jordan Hinson and Matt Frewer!), including a cameo from Grant Imahara from Mythbusters.

Throughout the finale there were some nice call backs to the pilot, with Taggert still chasing Lowjack and Jack and Zoe entering Eureka. Besides callbacks to the pilot, there were some callbacks to the rest of the series like Jack’s sheriff Jeep being destroyed one last time, Zane’s proposal in the original timeline, and Allison giving Jack a kiss “just for luck.”

The series came full circle, with the last image of Jack and Zoe crossing the Eureka city limits. Virtual realities, body swapping, evil clones, and alternate timelines just won’t be the same.

RATING: 5 out of 5 stars


  1. DakotaAugust 8th, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I loved the ending of this series. Ever since I watched the last episode of Chuck, I haven’t been too fond of watching tv shows that are ending. I just rather leave it on an episode that I like and leave it at. But some how I ended up watching Eureka and loved every last bit of it. There was no horrible feeling as the show came to it’s last five minutes and when it ended, sad I was, but very pleased with it.

  2. MattAugust 9th, 2012 at 9:06 am

    This was one of the few shows that really ended on a great last series. In fact i thought series five was better that two/three in some respects.

    It’s a shame really, i love querky sci fi shows like this. With Eureka gone and Fringe soon to be gone i don’t know what’s going to fill that mad sciencetist type program i’ve come to love 🙁

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