SDCC Exclusives Guide: Part 4


by Stevie Wise

Hello Kitty x Street Fighter Plush Dolls, Toynami, $45 each


Comic-Con is always a great opportunity for companies to mash-up two distinctly different properties to cross-sell to as many collectors as possible (See: Transformers/Gi Joe and DC Universe/Masters of the Universe.) It was only a matter of time before two titans of Japanese pop-culture collided: Sanrio’s Hello Kitty and Capcom’s Street Fighter. Hello Kitty has already appeared as assorted plush versions of M. Bison, Ryu and Chun Li at last year’s show, but this marks her first time masquerading as Akuma. But Ms. Kitty has nothing on perennial penguin favorite Badtz Maru who adopts the Ryu costume for this round and is the first character besides Hello Kitty in the Sanrio Universe to adopt a Street Fighter persona.

Scalper Factor: 4/10 At $45 each, they’re not cheap plush dolls but given the appeal of Street Fighter and Hello Kitty can’t be a bad investment. Makes an amazing gift to bring home to a significant other…as they have to love one of these properties, right?

Starcraft Transforming Zergling Baneling Plush, Blizzard Entertainment, $35


The first Starcraft exclusive has hit Comic-Con, and it is a doozy. Blizzard hasn’t produced a ton of Starcraft related collectibles, so this is certainly a fun addition: a transforming Zergling to Baneling plush doll! Zerglings have been around since the start of the Starcraft saga…the annoying early Zerg unit suitable for mass rushes. The Baneling was introduced in Starcraft II as an evolved form of a Zergling with an added self-detonating acid explosion…which quickly led to tons of Youtube videos of massive Baneling swarms blowing up bases mid-game. With “zerging” entering the nerd vernacular, having your very own plush Zergling (and Baneling when you’re in “that mood!”) to remind you of some successful Starcraft pwnage might be in order.

Scalper Factor: 5/10 People are asking around $70 for this item on eBay…and Blizzard is only offering two exclusives at the convention this year which might mean minor lines instead of a big swarm. Promos and convention exclusives from Blizzard games have a tendency to jump after a few years if considered iconic…and if a plush Zergling isn’t iconic, I don’t know what is.

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