SDCC Exclusives Guide: Part 3


by Stevie Wise

Star Wars Power of the Force Yak Face Jumbo Vintage Figure with Coin, Gentle Giant , $80


Released as the last figure in Kenner’s vintage Star Wars line and primarily overseas, Yak Face has had an aura of mystery to Star Wars collectors for years. Gentle Giant is premiering the first figure in their vintage-based jumbo figure line based on the 1985 Kenner Power of the Force series and it shows up at Comic-Con first. The exclusive jumbo Yak Face comes complete with the gray Skiff Guard Staff and a 3 inch reproduction of the POTF coin. Gentle Giant has toyed around with the coin being included with an exclusive release of the Gamorrean Guard, but if early pictures and reviews are an indicator really sharpened the focus and quality of the coin pack-in.

Fun Fact: The Yak Face packaging is based on an unproduced version…”The 93rd Figure” that found its way to foreign toy shelves featured a bilingual French and English package.

Scalper Factor: 7/10 Gentle Giant has vastly improved over its offering last year of the Blue Snaggletooth which featured an odd thinner package. Yak Face is priced at the same retail price as the Snaggletooth but includes a large weapon and replica coin. The Snaggletooth has yet to appreciate in value like some of the other Jumbo Star Wars figures, but Yak Face is sure to buck that trend with the added bonuses.

Walking Dead Governor in Riot Gear, Skybound and McFarlane Toys, $25


If you’re going to go the “crazy bloody action figure” variant-path as your Comic-Con exclusive, this is the way to do it. A joint creation between Skybound (Robert Kirkman’s imprint at Image) and McFarlane Toys, this addition to the Walking Dead comic series line is just stunning. While the mass retail figures feature some generic packaging, the epic “KILL THEM ALL” artwork by Charlie Adlard from issue 42 is splashed across the packaging on this exclusive…and unlike the comic, in FULL COLOR! If you’ve only made it to issue 30 of Walking Dead (like me), it is a bit of a spoiler when you’re getting an armless Governor wielding a samurai sword clad in bloody riot gear.

Scalper Factor: 4/10 The figure’s priced at just a bit more than your normal Walking Dead packaging and might just fly beneath the radar of other collectors. While the comic series figures haven’t rocketed in value like some of the TV show based McFarlane Walking Dead figures, this figure just might spark some interest.

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