SDCC Exclusive Guide: Part 5


by Stevie Wise

Nosferatu Resin Figure by Kirk Von Hammett, Toy Tokyo, $100


If Comic-Con 2013 will be remembered for anything, it will be as the year Metallica came to Comic-Con. Love them or hate them, Metallica’s announcement to cram into Hall H on Friday followed by a “secret” show sent the SDCC-related internet chatter into a frenzy. Metallica’s lead guitarist Kirk Hammett is quite an aficionado of horror films and commemorates his appearance at SDCC with a work sculpted by his sinister alter ego, Kirk Von Hammett. The Nosferatu resin statue harkens back to the black and white 1922 film of the same name which helped launch the vampire craze into pop culture.

Nosferatu will be available in a special signed edition signed by Von Hammett himself on Sunday from 11am to noon at the Toy Tokyo booth with tickets available for pre-sale in the days before. Yes, imagine chaos to ensue.

Scalper Factor: 11/10 Don’t underestimate the cross appeal of your average Metallica and Comic-Con fan. $100 for a resin figure will scare off most the crowd, but there’s more than enough hardcore fans out there to jump on a limited edition signing of 50.

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