‘Riverdale’ Recap: Chapter Eight, The Outsiders


Riverdale Recap: Chapter Eight – The Outsiders
By: Packy Smith (@nerfedllamas)
Previously on Riverdale: Veronica and Hermione Lodge went to war with each other over Hermione’s relationship with Fred Andrews and the forging of Veronica’s name on a document that gave Andrews Construction a very important contract. There was a lot of money spent, clubbing, and disobedience on Veronica’s part, and ultimately the two came to an agreement: if Hermione tells Hiram Lodge the whole truth, peace between mother and daughter can return. Hot on the heels of Polly escaping from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, Betty organizes a search party to find her. Unfortunately, the Blossoms have arranged a search party as well. The Coopers and the Blossoms butt heads over the search, and in a bid to throw the Blossoms off their game, the Coopers announce to the press that Polly is pregnant with Jason Blossoms child. Betty eventually finds Polly, and with Veronica’s help, gets her set up to stay with the Lodge family. Jughead and Archie convince Fred to give Juggie’s dad, FP, a job again. It turns out that Fred and FP have a long history together throughout school and in forming the business Andrews Construction, with mistakes made by both sides. It is alleged that Fred may have unfairly bought FP out of co-ownership of the business. The truth is a touch trickier than that, as Fred had bailed FP out of jail numerous times, and had given him multiple “second chances”, but ultimately keeping him around was bad for business and so he split ways with FP. The Blossoms find out that Polly has been found and offer to take her in, but only for the baby, as they are working on a plan to paint Polly as an unfit mother. Cheryl warns Betty and that crisis is avoided. Sheriff Keller brings Jughead in for questioning, attempting to connect him to the Jason Blossom murder based on how closely Jughead is investigating the murder for the school newspaper. Fred and Archie bail Jughead out, giving him an alibi for the time frame that the murder happened. FP shows up too late to help his son, but promises Jughead that he is trying to get his life in order and their family back together. Jughead moves in with the Andrews for the time being. At the end of the last episode, Jason’s letter jacket is seen hanging in FP’s closet.
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Recap: Chapter Eight – “The Outsiders”

Jughead narrates a recap of the modern day Cooper family. Alice and Hal were high school sweethearts who got married, had two beautiful daughters (Polly and Betty), and for all intents and purposes appeared to be the perfect family… until Jason Blossom started dating Polly. Now that Polly is back in Riverdale, her version of the story is starting to circulate, and it paints the Cooper and Blossom parents in a less than perfect light. She talks about how both families tried to rip Jason and Polly apart, and neither supported their troubled teens throughout the tumultuous events that led to Jason’s murder. Polly also describes, in painstaking detail, how she and Jason had planned to elope upon discovering that she was pregnant. Jason had given Polly an engagement ring, a Blossom family heirloom given to him by his grandmother. They would quietly disappear and move to a farm far away from Riverdale and the grasp of their parents.  

At the Pembrooke Apartments, Sheriff Keller is taking a statement from Polly Cooper. Betty, Veronica, and Hermione Lodge are in attendance as well. Polly explains to the sheriff how she and Jason had planned to make their escape from Riverdale. Betty asks her sister about the illegal drugs that were in the trunk of Jason’s car. Unphased by the question, Polly tells Betty that Jason had agreed to make one large drug drop off for a local dealer in exchange for the money that they would need to start life outside of Riverdale. The sheriff is immediately skeptical, wondering why a star football player from a wealthy family would become a drug mule. The pregnant teen doubled down, and was adamant that drug transportation was just a one-time deal. Unfortunately, none of that mattered anymore because the car with the drugs, and apparently the Blossom heirloom ring, went up in flames a few days ago. The interview has taken its toll on Polly, and before she can get too emotional to continue, Hermione suggests that the sheriff come back the next to ask more questions. Betty gives her sister a hug, and reassures her that they will get through this. 

Way over at the Andrews residence, Archie and Jughead are playing a video game together. Although it would appear that they are not working to well as a team as they game session draws to a close, both players defeated. (Minor bone to pick: they were seemingly playing DC Universe Online, which can’t be co-op played on one gaming system… but I digress). Fred Andrews pops in to tell the teens to get ready for bed. Andrews Construction is breaking ground on the SoDale project (the huge contract the Fred and Hermione secured), so it is a big day for his company.  

The next day at Riverdale High School, the usual suspects are having a conversation about Polly’s return. Betty states that neither her parents nor the Blossoms want Polly to keep the baby. The Coopers want the baby adopted out, and the Blossoms want to keep the child but force Polly away from being able to raise it. Jughead notes that the situation is “true Gordian knot.” The situation seems impossible, but Veronica has an idea that might bring both sets of families around. She wants to throw a baby shower for Polly, to show that Polly is loved and supported by many people. Whereas it would be best if either the Coopers or the Blossoms held this party, they would instead be invited to this family-politics neutral environment to help Polly celebrate. Jughead asks if he would be required to attend this party, and Veronica declares that since he is Betty’s boyfriend, he had better be there to support her. Just as Veronica tries to get the approval from Betty, Alice storms into the room and tells Betty and Veronica that she wants to speak to them immediately.  

Things are starting to get underway at Andrews Construction, or so it would have seemed. Vic, the foreman for the project meets Fred in the office and lets Mr. Andrews know that he has to pull the crew. Cliff Blossom has guaranteed them a 2 year contract for good pay. Fred is gutted by this news, but is powerless to stop them from leaving as he cannot make the same promises that the Blossoms can. 

Back at school, Alice grills Betty and Veronica about Polly. Apparently, Sheriff Keller told momma Cooper about how the Lodges were letting Polly stay at their apartment. Veronica admits that it was her idea to invite Polly to stay at the Pembrooke. Betty adds to that stating that it is a safer space for Polly, especially since their parents just want the baby to go up for adoption. Alice rebuts, arguing that adoption is best for Polly and the baby, but Betty isn’t buying it and tells her mother that it is not her decision to make. On top of that, Betty tells Alice that Veronica’s family will be throwing a baby shower for Polly, and that Alice can come, but only if she is going to be supportive of Polly. 

Later that day, Fred is home and frantically making phone calls, desperately trying to find construction workers to help him get the SoDale project started. Archie comes home and asks what his father is so worked up about. Instead of answering, Fred asks how Archie’s date with Valerie went. It went well, lots of pizza. Archie still wants to know what’s going on. Fred comes clean and tells Archie that the Blossoms cut a lucrative back door deal with the Andrews Construction crew, and that he effectively had no workers now because of it. Sensing that his son wasn’t about to let this go, Fred tells Archie about how the family business is in trouble. There haven’t been many big jobs coming their way and that the finances were getting worse by the week. Now that he is without a crew, he has all of the equipment rented and ready to go, but no work is getting done and as such the business is bleeding money which is compounding the problem. Archie is flabbergasted by this news, and Fred admits that he never told his son that it was that bad because it was never supposed to get that bad. Mr. Andrews always thought he would figure it out and fix it. Archie tells his dad that they will work together to fix it. 
It’s breakfast time at the Lodge apartment, and Polly is uncertain about the baby shower. If it is going to happen, Polly wants her mother present, as well as Cheryl and Mrs. Blossom. Polly wants to show everyone that she is perfectly sane and capable of being a good mother to her future child. Hermione asks Veronica for a private conversation. Mrs. Lodge has concerns about the Blossoms and the Coopers visiting her apartment, citing that they are Riverdale’s “Hatfields and McCoys.” On top of that, Hermione is actively avoiding the Blossoms, as they trying to figure out who owns the SoDale land, and naturally Lodge Industries owns it. The timing of this baby shower is not ideal, and Hermione has serious concerns that Alice Cooper will not even show up. Veronica understands her mother’s concerns, but asks her to try and pull it together and to reach out to Mrs. Cooper to attend. 

Clifford Blossom is driving his fancy car out of the Thornhill lot, when he is cut off by Fred Andrews’ truck. The two men meet outside of their vehicles and engage in an adversarial conversation. Fred is upset about losing his crew to Blossom on the first day of construction. He wants to know exactly what project Mr. Blossom is working on that requires a full crew for 2 years. Clifford doesn’t directly answer the question, but makes it clear that the SoDale land was Blossom property and that he aims to buy it back. Mr. Blossom doesn’t know who the new owner of the land is, but he believes that they have limited funding, and as such if he can keep construction halted he will effectively bleed the new owner’s financial resources dry. Fred acknowledges that the plan is sound, except that it also bleeds Andrews Construction dry in the process. Mr. Andrews makes a thinly veiled threat of legal action against Mr. Blossom, but Clifford calls has bluff and tells Fred to move along. 

Back at Andrews Construction, Fred explains to Hermione how the conversation with Clifford Blossom went. Hermione makes sure to ask if the Blossoms know who the new land owner is, but Fred confirms that “they are just as in the dark as we are,” about the mysterious real estate investor. Just then, the sound of a car quickly breaking can be heard just outside the office. Fred and Hermione rush outside to see what all the fuss is and are surprised to see Archie, Jughead, Moose, Kevin, and another unnamed teen in full construction gear, ready to work. Fred is humbled, but is concerned that they should be focusing on school and sports. Archie assures his father that they can work after practice and on the weekend until a permanent crew can be hired on. Hermione thinks it’s a great idea, and ultimately Fred agrees to it.  

A bit later at Pop Tate’s Chocklit Shoppe, Hermione meets Alice to discuss Polly. Alice wants her daughter back and under her control. Hermione lets Mrs. Cooper know that it is time to face facts and allow Polly to raise the child. In an attempt to smooth the conversation over, Hermione invites Alice to Polly’s baby showers and urges her to come support her daughter. 

At the SoDale construction site, Moose is enjoying the heavy lifting exercise that he is getting. Moose sees Kevin working hard as well and pays him a compliment, adding that he should joining the team. Kevin tells Moose that he likes his contact sports to be one-on-one, which gets a good chuckle from the group. Archie and Jughead are walking a wheelbarrow full of rocks away from the site. The two best friends discuss having different paths than their respective fathers. Archie loves his dad and will gladly work at Andrews Construction to help him out. Juggie agrees, mentioning that Mr. Andrews has been good to him as well. As early afternoon drifts quickly into nighttime, the teens head into the office to stow their hard hats and gear away. Fred thanks them for a hard day’s work and offers them refreshing drinks from the fridge. Moose realizes that he left his phone outside and leaves to go get it. On the way, Moose discovers that two men with crowbars are busting up one of the generators… unfortunately the men notice Moose as well. The gang inside the office hear the sounds of a tussle, and they all rush outside to see what’s going on. The thugs make a quick getaway, but not before the throw Moose a sound beating. Fred tells Moose to stay down, and then goes to call for help. Jughead asks if Moose knew who the two guys were. Moose didn’t recognize them, but did say that the men said that they would keep coming back if Andrews Construction didn’t stop working the SoDale project. Shortly thereafter Sheriff Keller shows up to investigate. Fred tells the sheriff that two men destroyed some equipment and then beat up Moose for being there when it happened. Mr. Andrews suspects that Clifford Blossom is involved, but the sheriff thinks that’s a long shot at best. Archie wonders if the Southside Serpents could be involved, but neither Kevin nor Jughead are convinced on that theory either. Sheriff Keller says that he’ll question Mr. Blossom, but figures that it’ll be a dead end. Archie gets upset, vocalizing the idea that Sheriff Keller is a puppet for the Blossoms. 

The next day at the Pembrooke, Polly asks Betty & Veronica if Alice is coming to the shower. Veronica answers that Mrs. Cooper was formally invited. Betty hops up and says that it doesn’t matter if their mother comes or not, and that not coming will be her loss. Polly appreciates Betty’s enthusiasm and support, so much so that she makes Betty the Godmother of the child. Overjoyed, the two sisters embrace.  

In the shortest boyfriend/girlfriend conversation ever recorded, Archie vents more of his frustration towards the Andrews Construction conundrum to Valerie. She asks him to confide in her, but instead he leaves telling he can’t stick around talking about it. He as to take action… 

…which brings Archie to Pop Tate’s, where he finds Betty, Jughead, and Veronica having a pleasant meal together. Archie asks Jughead why he hasn’t been responding to phone calls or texts. Betty replies that Jughead had just been telling them about what happened to Moose the other day. Apparently, Archie and Moose are going to a bar on the other side of town to see if they can identify the attackers and he wants Jughead to come with them, the assumption being that the thugs might be Southside Serpents. Jughead is still not convinced that the Serpents are involved and Betty thinks that it is far too dangerous to risk it. Archie is adamant that they should go, stating that they only want to I.D. the two attackers and then call the sheriff to come arrest them. According to Archie, this has to be done to help his father out and to stop the attacks. When he asks Jughead if he is in or out, Juggie doesn’t move or say a word. Archie leaves without his friend, but not before berating him for not having his back. 

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Archie, Moose, Kevin, and Joaquin arrive at a bar named the Whyte Wyrm. Joaquin suggests that everyone play it cool and keep eye contact to a minimum. The plan is simple but explained once more, if possible, I.D. the two bad guys and then leave and call the sheriff. Moose looks around the bar, but doesn’t immediately recognize anyone. The boys decide to hang out a bit and shoot some pool. After a bit, Moose thinks he recognizes one of the attackers and out of nowhere Archie approaches them. Way to stick to the plan, Archibald. The Serpent asks if Archie has a death wish, and the hotheaded lad responds by asking of the Serpent enjoys beating up teenagers. Just as things are about to get super bad for Archie, FP Jones shows up and breaks up the ruckus. Outside of the bar, FP asks Archie what’s going on. Archie gives him the scoop, and adds how he thinks it’s a personal vendetta now that he knows that FP is a Serpent as well. Amused, FP tells Archie that he’s got it all wrong. Fred pulls up to the bar, and FP informs Archie that his dad was notified the second he walked into the bar. Fred tells Archie to get in the truck. 

Way back over at the Pembrooke Apartments, Polly’s baby shower has started and the guests are piling up. Josie and the Pussycats are coming in as Jughead sets a multi-tiered plate of sweets out for everyone to munch on. Betty thanks Juggie for being there, and he laughs stating that organizing a baby shower was on his bucket list. Alice Cooper arrives, to the shock of both Betty and Polly. Just as Alice and Polly are starting to have a tearful reunion, Cheryl Blossom barges in with a new fancy baby stroller. Mrs. Blossom approaches Polly and apologizes for her past behavior, especially in regards to embracing the baby but not the mother. Alice grimaces at the exchange but Betty helps to stay calm. 

Outside of the Whyte Wyrm, Fred grills FP about being a Southside Serpent. FP assures Fred that the Serpents were not involved. FP asks how how bad things are for Andrews Construction, and Fred says that they’ve never been worse. Considering how well the Andrews have treated Jughead, FP is willing to help try to figure out who is responsible for the attacks. Before retiring back to the bar, FP urges Fred to keep better tabs on Archie… who is not in the truck. 

On a stranger note, Nana Rose is waving a crystal in front of Polly’s stomach and then declares that the young lady will in fact be having twins. That oddity aside, everyone gathers around Polly as she starts opening presents. When she makes it to Alice’s gift, it is revealed to be the night light that Polly had in her room when she was a young child. The gift creates an emotional charged moment of connection between Polly and her estranged mother. Not to be outdone, Mrs. Blossom asks the young mother-to-be to open her present next. Before that can go down, Archie bursts into the room and starts grilling Jughead about FP being a Southside Serpent. Betty and Veronica get the boys to simmer down, but not before the damage is done. The gift from the Blossoms is a toy rocking horse, a family heirloom, if anyone actually cares… Cheryl then offers for Polly to come and live at Thornhill with the Blossoms. Mrs. Blossom adds that Polly and the child would want for nothing and be treated like family. Alice takes exception to this offer, and is offended that the Blossoms are using money to try and steal her daughter away. Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Blossom exchange some very pointed words, which prompts Polly to put them both in their place, claiming that their collective hatred is what caused Jason Blossom to be murdered. Alice tries to apologize to her daughter, but Polly walks off before she can get the chance.  

After all the guests have gone, Betty urges her mother to try and talk to Polly one more time. Alice agrees, and apologizes to Polly. However, Polly is still quite upset and points out that had Alice not sent her away that she would have met up with Jason (as was planned) and he would still be alive. Alice refutes the initial argument by stating that they could have easily both could have wound up hurt or killed, had Polly been there. It’s a sticking point that could go either way, but it doesn’t excuse Alice from sending her daughter away to be alone for so long. Alice tells her eldest daughter that it was not her intention to make her feel alone or unloved, and to start to make up for it she wants Polly to move back home. Polly is enthusiastically interested in the idea, but is concerned that her father will not approve, mentioning that she fears that he might try to schedule her another secret doctor’s appointment. This is news to Alice, and in finding out more learns that it was for a proposed abortion. This rotten turn of events upsets both Alice and Betty greatly. 

At the Andrews residence, Fred is drinking a beer and waiting for his son to come home. Archie does eventually make it home, and tells his dad that he knows that it might have been a mistake but that he wants to help in any way that he can, he wants to help keep the family afloat. Fred gets that, and admits that they both have tried everything that they could up to this point. Getting personal, Fred tells Archie that he has been building things his entire life, including a family that didn’t work out. Now he is trying to build a safe life for Archie, and he’s not sure how that is going to work out. Fred’s been doing construction work since he was a teenager, and it’s all he knows how to do. Archie loves his dad, and tells him that he’s been thinking that one day in the far future when he has a kid, that he might not love music like his dad but might want to build things like grandpa does. Fred enjoys the idea and thinks that it would be something special. Archie tells his dad that the legacy that Fred is creating is his legacy as well. They are in this together. For a brief second, it looks like Fred is about to tell Archie to grab a beer. 

Betty and Jughead finally talk about FP and the Southside Serpents. Juggie admits that he kept his father’s affiliations secret because he was ashamed of him. Betty takes her boyfriend’s hand and tells him that if they are going to be a couple, she needs Jughead to be open and tell her everything. He agrees. Betty thinks that they should ask FP questions about the Serpents and if he knows anything about Jason Blossom’s murder. 

At the trailer park, Jughead introduces Betty to FP and pleasantries are exchanged. Juggie admits that this isn’t a social call and asks if the Serpents had a drug deal going with Jason Blossom. FP seems flustered by the question, but once told that Polly gave them the info, he confesses. Jason came to the Serpents because he needed to make a large sum of money quickly to support the plan to elope with Polly. Assuming that FP had not told the cops about this, Jughead gives his father a head’s up that Polly told Sheriff Keller about the drug transporting arrangement that Jason had with the Serpents. Jughead flat out asks if his dad had anything to do with Jason’s murder. FP tells his son that he has not been a good father, but that he couldn’t take a life, it just isn’t in him to do so. Outside of the trailer, Betty asks if Jughead believes his father. Juggie says that he does, and then asks if she believed his as well. Betty simply replies that she believes in Jughead… and then they smooch a lot.  

Alice finds Hal sitting in the den watching a baseball game. She confronts him about the clandestine doctor’s appointment for Polly to have an abortion. Hal silently acknowledges the fact, which sets Alice off. Apparently, Hal made Alice go through an abortion when they were younger, and it still haunts her to this day. This reaction is exactly why Hal didn’t mention the appointment to his wife. He argues that he wanted to save Polly from the mistake of having a baby with ties to the Blossom family. She tells him to suck it up, because Polly is moving home and keeping the baby. Hal isn’t having it, and just like that Alice kicks him out of the house.  
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Whilst jamming on his guitar, Archie is visited by Jughead who has come to apologize and come clean about FP and what he knows about the Southside Serpents. Archie tells Juggie that he can tell him anything, because they are like brothers. Jughead confirms that they are essentially brothers, and as such he wants to help, but what can he do? Archie tells him to pray for a miracle. 

Late night at the trailer park, FP and Joaquin are making some last minute arrangements. FP tells his fellow Serpent that the “heat is on,” as he passes a full duffel bag to Joaquin, asking him to stash it somewhere safe just in case they need it for when the cops come. Then FP asks if the young Serpent’s relationship with Kevin is going well, because they are going to need that inside track with the Sheriff if things go really bad. Joaquin admits that things are going well, but is concerned because Kevin is developing real feelings. FP pops open a beer and tells Joaquin that “you’re breaking my heart. We’ve all got a part to play, even me.”  

The next morning at the SoDale construction site, FP and a bunch of Serpents show up to work the construction site. FP tells Fred that he’s the best foreman Andrews Construction ever had and that his crew can’t be run off by thugs looking to break equipment. Fred tells his erstwhile friend to get them started, and FP says he will just as soon as he can get the paperwork lined up. This gives FP an opportunity to tell Hermione Lodge that it was her husband that was behind the attack earlier, and that it was done because Hiram has somehow found out about Hermione’s new romantic relationship with Fred. FP poses the right question to Hermione, “who ratted you out?” 

At the Pembrooke, Betty tells Polly that their mother had no idea about the secret doctor’s appointment. Polly can’t believe that Alice kicked Hal out. Betty says that their mom is very serious about Polly coming home and feeling comfortable raising a child there. The scene ends with Betty telling Polly that she can come home. 

Which leads to Polly hopping in a cab and moving in with the Blossoms. Alice takes this news especially hard. She and Betty tearfully embrace with disappointment. Mr. And Mrs. Blossom welcome Polly to the Thornhill mansion. 

My hot take on the Eighth episode:

– Betty and Jughead are adorable together. I know that some fans are disappointed that Jughead has an interest in women, but frankly speaking even in the source material he is not against the idea of dating, he usually considers girls to be far more complicated than he wants to deal with. Regardless, This different TV version of Jughead and Betty are evenly matched and are quite a lot of fun to watch on screen. Their chemistry is spot on and it shows in the way that they look at each and in the tiny reactions they have as they hang on to the words that the other character said. It’s sweet, adorable, and I like it.
– That being said, Archie and Valerie being little more than an afterthought is disappointing. I like Archie and Valerie together. I think the actors portray their characters with a lot of charm and nuance. They also play well off of each other when they have scenes together. It just seems like after they kissed in episode 6, they’ve hardly had any screen time together. Here in episode eight, they have a single scene that lasts for roughly 30 seconds (probably less). For all of the set up that they gave this relationship, I fear that it’s going to fall apart with a whimper as Archie will likely just choose to date Veronica instead by the end of the season (which will be awkward, as his dad is currently hooking up with Veronica’s mom… it’s good to keep it all in the family, I suppose).
– Alice’s change in attitude towards Polly and the baby was a nice touch. Perhaps it’s my love for the old Archie comics, but I like the idea of parents that care. The Cooper family has been all but certifiable in this show, which is why it is excellent to see Alice have a change of heart. Since we found out that Polly was pregnant, Alice has been adamant that the child be given up for adoption. With the revelation that Hal attempted to pay for Polly to have an abortion, a maneuver he successfully accomplished with Alice when they were both much younger, it give Alice a strong emotional reason to rally behind her daughter. Even though it didn’t work Alice’s way at the end of the episode, it set the foundation for Polly’s return when her arrangement with the Blossoms goes south (and trust me, it’s going to go south).
– Hal Cooper is a problem that needs to be dealt with! These last few epsiodes have given us a brutal glimpse into how jaded and twisted Hal is. The more we see about the Cooper/Blossom rivalry, the more unhinged he gets. It was already eluded to that Hal was who broke into Sheriff Keller’s home and stole the Blossom murder investigation evidence, and his treatment of his daughters and wife has displayed a man that is slowly becoming unhinged. They keep trying to paint him as the killer, but I believe that is a red herring. Regardless, Alice needs to reign Hal in and get him under control ASAP, before his hot temper gets the Cooper family in a ton of trouble.
– Hiram Lodge made a serious statement in this episode. You know, for a guy who hasn’t even be shown on screen yet, Hiram Lodge’s presence is continually felt throughout this first season. First he worked with the Southside Serpents to devalue the property in Riverdale. Next Hiram purchased the Twilight Drive-In. Then he planned with the Mayor to build a new shopping center. Now, in this episode we find out that he has an unknown person feeding him information about Riverdale… which included that his wife was fooling around with Fred Andrews. Hiram then sends two paid goons, recently released from the prison that Mr. Lodge is currently serving time in, to shut down Andrews Construction and to send a message to his wife. Mr. Lodge has quite the intelligence network and long actionable reach for a man behind bars.
– FP did not kill Jason Blossom (continued from last episode). But it’s clear that there is a larger conspiracy at work here. FP knows more than he is letting on, and he and the Southside Serpents are apparently prepared for whatever Sheriff Keller can throw at them. It will be truly fascinating to see how far down the rabbit hole goes. Rest assured, FP didn’t kill Jason Blossom, but he definitely has been elbow deep in the cover up ever since.
– Archie’s insistence on helping his father through tough times is awesome! I have commented before about Archie and Fred’s relationship, and how it is one of the better aspects of this series. In this episode we got to see Archie slowly transform from a naïve teenager, to an experienced son who is ready to stand with his father through thick and thin.
Be sure to tune in for the next episode as family rivalries between the Coopers and the Blossoms come to a head, Fred Andrews tries to protect his son from the Blossoms, and Archie locks lips with Cheryl Blossom!

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