Rick and Morty Blind Bags (Toy Review)


By Billy Fulton
For a show with as big of a fan base as Rick and Morty, it is crazy that there really isn’t a major push with merchandising and collectibles for the series. Granted there’s a Funko Pop! for both of the title characters, but aside from the custom made Etsy market, there’s next to squanch out there for fans who want to show their love for the series.
That is about to change. Five of the mini-figures in Kidrobot’s upcoming Adult Swim set feature characters from the show, and just this past month, J!NX released a seven figure blind bag series for Rick and Morty. While I was aware that these would soon be in existence, I had not seen any major push to have them put out to retailers, or local comic shops. I managed to stumble upon them at Hot Topic, tucked away on a shelf, next to a bunch of other blind bag items. I immediately grabbed four of them, checked out and then furiously opened them in my car.
This is a seven figure set that includes Rick, Morty, Summer, Tiny Rick, Happy Meeseeks, Sad Meeseeks, and Rick’s Spaceship. It is about impossible to figure out which one you have just be feeling the bag, as each figure is packaged the same way, and any weight difference is incremental at best.
Let me say first in my review of these figures that they are surprisingly small. The Tiny Rick is 2 inches tall, and the regular Rick figure is just a mere ¾ of an inch taller. If you look at the figures on J!NX’s site, they look much larger. Don’t let their small size fool you, they are crazy detailed.
For the purpose of this review, I will be looking at the Rick, Tiny Rick, and both Mr. Meeseeks figures.
Each figure stands on a green, translucent base that is meant to look like one of Rick’s portals. The figures are made of a harder plastic, which keeps them from getting all wibbldy-wobbly like a regular old plumbus, when you mess around with them. The paint jobs are really fantastic. My Rick has a slight imperfection with the shirt, but since they are so small, it’s hardly noticeable.
Rick and Tiny Rick are two of the sets real winners. I’m less enthused about the Mr. Meeseeks figure, which have the exact same pose, and the only difference is in their printed on facial expression, as opposed to the more detailed Rick figures. The stance that Happy Mr. Meeseeks is in makes a lot of sense, but for the Sad version, the pose just makes him look nervous.
The only other downside to these figures is the small numbers of characters in the series. While it’s nice to see Summer, it would have been great to get a Jerry or Beth over a second Mr. Meeseeks. I’m sure with this only being Series One, they should pop up in the next set, along with myriad of other characters (Snowball, Birdperson, Morty Junior to name a few). That being said, and this goes for blind bags in general, there’s no telling when that set could come to fruition.
Overall, these are great figures, even if they are a bit small. They are expressive and fun, and really look fantastic. And at just $4.99 each, they’re incredibly affordable for a blind bag figure of this quality. I would certainly recommend pick some of these up for your collection.
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