Revolution: Ties That Bind


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

This episode of Revolution was very entertaining, and also provided us with some important information. The flashbacks were Nora-centered which I actually really enjoyed. Because this show is so fast-paced (in reference to each individual episode, not overall pace of plot), character development is difficult. The flashbacks provide us the opportunity to really get to know these characters a little better. Nora’s flashback sequences were no exception. We find out that she acted as a care taker for her little sister when their mother died after the blackout. We don’t know how she died exactly, only that foul play was involved; an intruder in their home forced Nora and her sister into hiding, and when they woke up, their mother was dead.

The pattern of week-to-week individual “adventures” is continued as Miles, Charlie, Aaron, and Nora have reached an impasse. They are on the road to Philadelphia — Monroe HQ — when they come across a bridge controlled by militia. Any other bridge is days out of the way, and every minute counts in their journey to find Danny. It turns out that the bridge is all a setup to finally take Miles into custody and to get their hands on the pendant. The militia has Mia, Nora’s sister, tied up and hanging from a rope. They threaten to kill her if Nora doesn’t produce Miles and the pendant together. Of course, they don’t just give up Miles; the group plans an attack and gets Mia back. Mia repays their generosity by betraying everyone. She was pretending to be in custody, when she really made a deal with the ruthless “Strousser” to deliver Miles and the pendant in exchange for the safety of her and Nora. Her deception backfires. Nora is furious with her sister for giving up her friends, and she leaves to go help them escape once more. Which they do. Because they always do, people!

The most interesting takeaways from this episode for me are the two references to “outside the Republic.” Monroe threatens to send Jason (Neville’s son) to California. Neville worries for Jason’s safety, indicating that out west, terrible things are done to people the of the Republic. Nora’s sister, Mia, also implies that they need to get out of the Republic. We haven’t had any references to the rest of the country. Are people out west largely rebel resistance? I’m curious to hear more about that.

I must mention one thing. The Lord of the Rings, nerds… did you notice anything suspiciously familiar in this episode? Hint! Monroe finally gets a hold of one of the pendants. When Strousser hands it to him, Monroe lifts up the chain and inspects the pendant.

“So much fuss for such a little thing,” he says.

Holy, Boromir! Did they do that on purpose? I immediately thought of that moment on the mountain when Boromir holds up the ring that’s dangling from a chain. Boromir’s line:

“It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing.”

The lines are not exactly the same, but the meaning is the same. The tone of the delivery, coupled with the camera angle — which are both identical to the scene in TLOTR — left me wondering if it was a direct reference to the film, or just a cheap imitation. Sigh. I guess we’ll never know.

With only two episodes left this season, we are starting to see things come together plot-wise. Monroe has his hands on a pendant, Nora and Miles finally admit that they still have a little somethin-somethin’ going on, (that kiss was pretty spectacular, no?) and we’re finally starting to see a little bit of dissention within the Monroe camp. Neville’s wife suggests that Monroe is incapable as a leader, and even one of Monroe’s lead men has a son working for the rebel resistance. Lines are being drawn, and people are taking sides. It’s shaping up to be an exciting finish.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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