Revolution: Sex and Drugs


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

Revolution is back! Apparently there were more important things last week, like a presidential debate or some such nonsense. Don’t these people know we have a TV schedule?

Okay, I’m starting to think that we will never see Charlie and Danny reunited. Ever. Another episode, another delay. This week’s delay came in the form of a crazed mind-game maniac named Drexle. Miles has the wonderful idea of visiting an old “friend” who can help an injured Nora recover from her stab wound. The doctor tends to Nora, and when the group is on their way out, Drexle informs them they aren’t going anywhere. He believes that Miles owes him for ruining his reputation with Monroe. When Miles deserted the militia, Drexle was cast out.

“Revenge is mine!” Drexle said.

Just kidding, he didn’t say that at all.

Drexle says that all they need to do in order to leave is go kill a neighbor who’s been messing with his heroine enterprise. Yes, that’s right. Apparently when the world is in pieces and food is murder-worthy, there is still a thriving heroine market. He is also running what seems to be sort of brothel. Are there frequent patrons? For some reason I have a feeling that prostitutes wouldn’t be high up on the list of priorities for people living in this apocalyptic society, post-blackout. Drexle decides he wants Charlie to take care of his neighbor, knowing that she will be trusted more than someone like Miles or Aaron. She readily agrees, knowing that if she doesn’t kill the neighbor, Drexle will kill all of them. I believe Aaron put it best.

“So, you’re just going to kill some random dude?”

Yes, Aaron. That’s exactly what she’s going to do! I find this character shift in Charlie a little hard to swallow, considering she’s been the flag-bearer for all that is good and right since day one. However, she did have a mini crisis at the beginning of the episode, remembering how she let Danny slip right through her fingers once more. Charlie tears up the mementos she has of her mother, and we see a darker side emerge. Right before she’s about to commit her very first cold-blooded murder, Miles shows up and whisks her away — naturally.

The Aaron-centered flashbacks were by far my favorite part of this high tension episode. I love his character and it was great to see more of our nerdy ex-Google executive’s background. As it turns out, his wife may or may not be alive! Right after the blackout, she was sick and they found care with a group of people who were efficient in all things survival. Hunting, building fires, being Bear Grylls-ish — these people were all about it. Aaron felt incapable and helpless, not being able to provide for his wife. So, obviously he leaves her with the random strangers. Say what?! Yes, my reaction as well.

Either way, we get to know his blackout story and why he is the way he is. Back in present day, it all comes full circle when Aaron gets to be the hero. He kills Drexle, faking his own suicide and holding up the rest of Drexle’s crew in the process. Go Aaron! Maybe he will suddenly find himself worthy of his wife’s love. I hope we see her soon.

This episode was solid. It served to develop our characters a little more, with Aaron emerging as a capable leader and Charlie letting go of some childish hopes and dreams concerning her mother. Little does she know that her mother is still alive. Speaking of which, Danny isn’t entirely forgotten as he’s brought to Rachel in the last scene. It was truly heartwarming. I cried a little. After I cried, I wondered how Danny recognized her since he was so young when she left. Maybe from pictures? Even then, would he be comfortable enough to throw himself into her arms? Okay, I’ll stop asking these silly logical questions now.

Moving forward, I hope to see Nate/Jason (Neville’s son) choose a side already, Monroe and Miles in a cage fight, and the family reunion we’ve all been waiting for. They are getting closer to these goals, but it’s moving at a slower pace than I originally thought it would. Hopefully, we’ll see these puzzle pieces fall into place soon.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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