Revolution: Nobody’s Fault but Mine


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

Revolution is all kinds of fall finale crazy this week! With this being the last episode of 2012, we did get some resolution. However, cliffhangers are necessary in these situations as we all know, and we’re left with a rather large one.

Miles, Charlie, Aaron, and Nora arrive in Philadelphia, home to Monroe Headquarters. They roll up to the home of Miles’ old friend. This friend is working with Monroe, but apparently he’s known as someone capable of betrayal because Neville is already up on the situation. When Miles leaves the house, Neville comes in and takes Charlie, Nora, and Aaron hostage. This doesn’t last too long though because Miles busts in on the party, per usual. He holds Neville’s wife at knifepoint, threatening to slit her throat if Neville doesn’t release the others. He agrees to bring Aaron and Nora to him, though Charlie has already been taken away.

Meanwhile, Charlie is thrown into a cell with none other than her mother! Their reunion was pretty awkward, considering she left her children and never came back. Charlie doesn’t know the circumstances of her mother’s disappearance, so naturally she is hesitant to throw herself into Rachel’s arms. Still the reunion is an emotional one, even with Charlie cutting it short and getting straight to the point — finding long lost Danny. Soon they are moved from their cell into a room where Charlie finally stands face to face with her little brother Danny! The moment was a little casual in my humble opinion; considering she basically almost died five hundred times in order to rescue him, but whatever.

Monroe, in a truly sick and twisted move, goes right to the Sophie’s Choice playbook and makes Rachel choose which child to kill — Danny or Charlie. Right when Charlie very calmly volunteers to die at gunpoint, Rachel assures Monroe that she will help build the amplifier. In other words — she agrees to power the Monroe army, enabling them to kill thousands.

While Rachel is busy building the weapon of mass destruction, Danny and Charlie bust out of prison and steal a machine gun. They go in search of Rachel, fighting off Monroe militia left and right in the process. They run into Miles and Nora and the foursome (with Aaron off to man the explosives should anything go wrong) teams up in search of Rachel. As it turns out, Rachel doesn’t need much assistance; Miles walks in just as she’s killed her attacker.

The most gut-wrenching moment of the episode surprisingly has nothing to do with our much anticipated family reunion, at least not blood-family. Miles and Monroe battle in an epic standoff. Flashbacks center on their friendship, and we realize just how close these two were. They grew up together and considered each other brothers. Monroe tries to get Miles to come back to the militia, but Miles tells Monroe they are no longer family. He’s too far gone, and not the person that Miles remembers him to be. Their face-off goes from guns, to fists, to swords obviously. Neither of them win, because we would no longer have a series. Miles escapes and meets up with Aaron, Nora, Charlie, Danny, and Rachel. Our foursome is now a… six-some? Hmm, I’ll get back to you on that. They run out of the compound and directly into the path of a Monroe helicopter. End scene.

I’m excited to see what’s next for Revolution in 2013. I’ve had some issues with the show, but those are personal ones and mostly related to my lack of patience regarding plot reveals. I’m hoping the flashbacks continue to give some crucial information as to how things have progressed after the blackout, and I’m sure they will. Overall, it’s been a solid start and I’m invested now. I don’t feel as emotionally connected to these characters as I want to be, but that will come in time if character development is explored a little more. Aaron has that endearing quality about him, but nobody else is super likeable at this point. Again, that’s just a personal thing and I’m sure fans of the show are connecting to different characters in their own way.

I’m very interested in the back-story between Rachel and Miles. It might be crazy, but do I sense a potential Nora-Miles-Rachel love triangle? She was married to his brother, yes. Attraction seems unlikely, yes. But, they definitely have something to talk about if that slap is any indication. Speaking of attraction, where in the world is Jason? Charlie needs a hug, that’s all I’m saying. Homegirl could benefit from some prime cuddle-time to soften those rough edges. Will he make a triumphant return? We’ll see.

See you in 2013, Revolution.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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