Review: Warehouse 13 – The Ones You Love


by Ashley Binion

This week’s penultimate episode, “The Ones You Love,” was action-packed, full of revelations, and ended on a huge cliffhanger.

*Warning* Spoilers below:

Not worrying about exposition or a soft start to the episode, the audience was thrown right into the action. Artie was searching the Warehouse, making sure the artifacts were all still in their rightful spots, but while doing so, he spotted Brother Adrian who used D.B. Cooper’s rip cord to reenter.

Claudia traced the shipping of three artifacts to three areas around the country. Each location corresponded to an agent’s loved one. Instead of punishing Artie, he is now punishing his friend’s loved ones, and with that, they raced off to save them.

In Colorado Springs, Myka went to protect her pregnant sister Tracy, played by the amazing Amy Acker. Within the first handful of minutes, Myka noticed her sister’s eyes began to glow green.

Throughout the course of the episode, Tracy tried to kill Myka on several occasions; first, by poisoning her tea, then by trying to stab her with a kitchen knife. Eventually, Myka found the artifact and neutralized it, though it was never specified what the artifact was except one that was of sibling rivalry.

Pete visited his ex-wife Amanda at a military base in Yuma, where he found her sick with a fever. On her shoulder was a tattoo of Kotik, who was considered the first suicide bomber. As usual, Pete touched it and the fever transferred to him.

With Myka’s help via the Farnsworth device, their version of Face Time, she helped him transfer the tattoo from his body back to the box it came from. Of course, what would a near death experience be without a last minute declaration of love from an ex-wife?

Claudia was off to California where she went to find her brother Joshua. When she arrived, he was already a victim of the artifact and frozen in amber. He was holding the scroll of Pliny the Elder, who was famous for theorizing that amber can turn from liquid to solid. This was the easiest artifact retrieval of the episode. She took a torch to it and freed Joshua. I wish he was on the show more often because I really enjoy their fun sibling dynamic. However, some may argue that Jinks and Claudia have a very similar relationship. For a show usually with a good amount of comedy, this episode was lacking because of the amount of action. But I found Claudia’s scenes with Joshua (or frozen Joshua) were the funniest.

While all of this was happening, Leena and Artie chased Brother Adrian around the Warehouse. Artie eventually caught him and put him in the bronzer, a way of freezing the most dangerous criminals, but he somehow escaped. Leena found Artie yelling at nothing, causing Artie to realize he was hallucinating.

The fifth of the main story arcs this week came when Mrs. Fredric and Jinks were on special assignment at the Vatican in Rome. While there, they found the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond’s secret library and began looking for a secret passage way. Somehow, Jinks became trapped in a painting with the rest of the Brotherhood. The frame ended up being an artifact, which was made from the tree of life that made Rembrant’s paintings look as if they were, indeed, lifelike.

Slowly, Mrs. Fredric and Jinks ushered the Brothers out of painting. The last Brother to emerge was Brother Adrian. He was stuck in the painting the whole time! Meaning, Artie was the evil of his own making and he suffered a psychotic break and was the one sending out the artifacts.

As Pete and Myka race back to the Warehouse, Pete gets one of his bad vibes, one he hasn’t felt that extremely since the death of his father. The last image of the episode was a trail of blood leading to Leena’s body.

Wow, that was a great cliffhanger and I couldn’t tell if she was dead or not. That could have easily been the season finale, but since it wasn’t, I can’t wait for what is in store for next week. Will Leena survive or did she indeed die at Artie’s hand? Can’t wait for the midseason finale next week!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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