Review: Revolution – The Plague Dogs


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

In this week’s Revolution, Charlie, Norah, and Miles are closer than ever to finding Danny. On the road again, they are finally reunited with Maggie and Aaron who have agreed that they cannot tell the others about what happened at Grace’s home — thirty seconds of power. Aaron knows the knowledge they discovered, evidence of a computer and other technology, is dangerous for the group. People have died for the contents of that flash drive, and Aaron isn’t willing to risk it.

Meanwhile, Rachel is still in custody at the hands of Monroe. The situation she’s putting herself in by refusing to divulge information shows Rachel’s loyalty to her family. This is a glimpse into Charlie’s character as well. It’s been made clear that Charlie and Rachel are very similar, and we’re starting to see that more.

It’s discovered that Nate has been trailing Charlie and the rest of the group when Miles backtracks. Hoping for information, they tie him up despite protests from Miles who wants to do away with him altogether. It’s unclear why Nate is so invested in them. Yes, he’s apparently militia. But he saved Charlie once already, leaving room for suspicion as to where his loyalties really lie.

We see a different side of Maggie this week as most of the flashbacks focus on her desperate journey to reach her boys. She never made it back to England, but we see now that Ben, Charlie, and Danny essentially became her family, taking Maggie in when she had reached her end. When the group stumbles onto a pack of savage dogs, they make a run for it, leaving Maggie behind. She is attacked by a man — the owner of the dogs — and is stabbed. An artery was hit, and Maggie is quickly bleeding out. This isn’t a huge shock as previews for this episode have hinted that someone wasn’t going to make it out alive. For the sake authenticity in this sort of post-apocalyptic-like setting, one of them would have to die eventually. Maggie was the most obvious choice for fatality as everyone else is more vital to their mission. She brought a lot of heart to the core group, but other than that, Maggie was expendable.

While Miles is hunting the man responsible for Maggie’s injuries, that same man manages to take Charlie from the group. We find out that he is vindicating his wife’s tragic death. The crazed man ties her to a chair and wires the door to a crossbow; if the door is opened, Charlie will die. Miles and Nate eventually find her, fighting the man off. The weapon is triggered and Charlie manages to shift her head just in time to avoid the fatal blow.

This episode focused on Charlie’s abandonment issues stemming from a flashback of her mother leaving them after the blackout. Rachel went in search of supplies, which we later find out was a cover to go see Miles and Monroe, and she never returned to her family. In present day, Miles threatens to leave Charlie and with Danny gone, she is feeling utterly lost. With her reaction to Maggie’s death, we start to see how vulnerable Charlie really is. It was an important piece of her makeup as a character, one we needed to see in order to understand the walls that she’s constructed around herself.

Overall, plot-wise, there seems to be a gaping hole emerging that may or may not be filled. They haven’t really addressed why no one has tried to “re-invent” power. Sure, there’s Grace with her homemade computer and the mysterious flash drive. But the technology was already invented. Wouldn’t someone try to harness that once again? They could easily explain this away by noting that there’s some sort of block or literal barrier that no longer allows the original blueprint to succeed. I just think there’s room to get into the science of it all. Maybe that’s coming.

Looking ahead, I’m expecting more clarity on the Nate situation. Is he with them or not with them? We now know that Ben was working with the Department of Defense, and it seems that Rachel and Miles are the only ones who know why. We should see some answers there soon. Finally, I’m expecting some sort of solidifying bond for Miles and Charlie. She needs someone that she can truly trust and Miles, with his tendency for always wanting to bail, hasn’t proven that he’s capable of that kind of trust yet. As the group draws closer to Monroe’s camp, things are looking to reach a boiling point next week.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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