Review: Revolution – Soul Train


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

After this week’s failed rescue attempt of Danny, Revolution fans are left to wonder if a triumphant brother-sister reunion is even a possibility at this point! They were so close to their goal, yet by the end of the episode, they seem further away than ever before.

The episode opens with Charlie, Miles, Norah, Aaron, and their prisoner “Nate” closing in on the trail. They arrive at a train station crawling with Monroe Militia. The revelation that Monroe has a functioning train spells bad news for the resistance, as any form of transportation is few and far between. They didn’t get into detail about what it really means as far as how it changes the game, but any means of transporting supplies and troops is obviously a huge advantage.

Miles, Charlie, and the rest of the crew assume that Danny is going to be on the train, but they need confirmation; they split up to gather intelligence. Charlie runs into Captain Neville who she foolishly decides to follow. Neville is ready for her, of course, and it’s up to Miles to save her once again. I’m beginning to think that Miles has some sort of “Charlie is about to die” radar, because he somehow pops up at the most opportune of times. Miles and Neville are on a first name basis, just as Miles is with the rest of Monroe’s men. The two men go at each other, and both are accomplished fighters. However, Miles gets the upper hand and escapes. This is what Miles does — escapes unharmed time after time. Is he immortal? Probably not, but a girl can dream.

Speaking of Neville, we get a fantastic background sequence this week that focuses on the transition from meek insurance claims adjuster to cold-hearted Captain of the Monroe Militia. He is fired the day of the blackout, and Neville’s anger begins to fester. Weeks later, his house is being looted. Instead of backing down, Neville beats the intruder to death (who turned out to be his neighbor) in front of his wife and son. This concludes his transformation into a killer. I’m thinking there was already some instability under the surface, because most people would need at least a year before they are in full-on murder mode. But, hey… this is the blackout and emotions are heightened. Oh, and the most surprising reveal concerning Neville? His wife and son are alive. And Mile’s prisoner, Nate, is actually “Jason” — Neville’s son! Jason escapes and returns to his father. The bond between Charlie and Jason seems real, so it will be interesting to see where that storyline goes. Jason doesn’t seem like he’s fully on board with the Monroe cause, but only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Norah decides to go rogue and blow up the train. To her, the rebel cause is more important than anything else. She has faith that Miles will get Danny off the train before it blows to smithereens, so she links up with another member of the rebel resistance named Hutch — a man intent on avenging the death of his family. Norah’s moral compass starts kicking in when she sees Danny on the train. She tries to foil the plan and gets stabbed by Hutch; turns out both sides have their fair share of anger and bitterness.

Norah is okay, and Miles saves the day again. He is able to remove the bomb, but not before Danny is once more out of reach as the train chugs away, slipping through their fingers. Despite this disappointment, we did receive some very important information this week. Rachel reveals to Monroe that in order to get the power back, twelve pendants must be found. This answers the question of what plot point will drive the story forward once Danny is recovered. Aaron is in possession of only one of the pendants. Who has the other eleven?

Miles and Charlie are forming a unique bond, what with him saving her life twenty-four seven. Viewers are no doubt curious as to how the family dynamic will develop as they continue towards their goal — getting closer to Danny and Rachel. What sort of relationship do Rachel and Miles have? Not to mention Rachel’s relationship with her children; as far as we know, they believe her to be dead. The quest to reach Danny is winding down, but the complications that are sure to arise once the group reaches their destination are far from simple.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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