Review: Revolution – Chained Heat


by Shawnie Kelly

The results are in, and the second installment of Revolution doesn’t disappoint.

If you missed the episode, SPOILERS AHEAD!

We open with a flashback of Charlie and her mother, Rachel, getting ready to leave the city with the rest of the family. Rachel makes Charlie promise to never let go of Danny’s hand and we immediately know the source of Charlie’s turmoil: she blames herself for her brother’s capture.

Cut to present-day and the recently assembled band of misfits: Charlie, Maggie, Miles, and Aaron are continuing their journey to find Danny. Miles, however, has plans of his own as he knows they will need help on their mission. He leads the group to what looks like some kind of market place littered with Monroe militia in hopes of finding the mysterious “Norah” — a character we’ve heard nothing about until now. After inquiring about her, he is captured by militia, an outcome anyone could have predicted based on the fact that he led them into a pit of Monroe vipers. But alas, his capture is not long lived as Miles is seemingly capable of slaying entire armies all by his lonesome. Does he double as Beowulf? I hope they address this pressing question soon.

We find out that Norah has been arrested and sent to a work camp. The revelation that these kinds of camps are a regular part of society post-blackout is a bit chilling. It really gives a sense of what sort of depravity society has fallen back into. Miles and Charlie find Norah, rescuing her from chains, but she is reluctant. We soon find out why. Norah has intentionally imprisoned herself in order to steal a rifle. She’s working for the rebel resistance and they’re in dire need of weapons.

A couple of major developments occurred in this episode, things that most viewers would need in order to keep watching. First, the face of the resistance is becoming clearer. Norah is tattooed with a U.S. flag on her back, and if Miles’ reaction to this is any indication, we know it’s significant — even dangerous. Does his concern also point to Norah as a potential love interest? Perhaps. She explains to Miles that the rebel cause isn’t futile and that it’s made up of patriots. Their mission is to restore the United States back to some semblance of its previous self, and to do that, the rule of Monroe must come to an end.

Secondly, we are starting to see Charlie emerge as truly capable. It is revealed that the source of her drive and determination comes from her mother, Rachel. Another flashback features Rachel shooting a man who threatened Charlie while attempting to steal their food supply. The memory of her mother killing a man to protect her own gives Charlie the strength to pull the trigger when she needs to.

The biggest reveal of the night? Rachel isn’t dead. I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw this coming considering we never witnessed her death. She’s held in what appears to be comfortable captivity by Monroe, or as she refers to him, “Bass”. We only realize that she’s held against her will when Monroe reveals that he has Danny. He threatens her, and she refuses to talk. It’s becoming increasing clear that Miles, Rachel, and the late Ben Matheson know more about the blackout than anyone else.

Finally, we are left with hope that the blackout isn’t necessarily permanent. Leave it to the ex-Google millionaire (and resident nerd) to be putting the pieces together on that one. Aaron deduces that the blackout is most likely man-made, and therefore, potentially reversible. This glimmer of possibility is all that we need.

As with any drama worth its salt, there are always questions. Who is Grace and who is she chatting with on the other end of that computer? Is she in possession of the only remaining technology? Is she in league with Miles? I’m still curious enough to put in the time.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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