Review: Once Upon a Time – Lady of the Lake


By Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


Another week and another brand new episode of Once Upon a Time. We begin with Snow and Charming having to separate when their camp is under attack. She runs into the new general, Leviathan, whom no one saw coming or survived. This was actually Lancelot, from old King Arthur legend, who brings her in front of George. George, too, was once in love, but the woman he loved drank a potion which led to her being unable to conceive. He wanted Charming to know that same pain after he rejected him and worsened his suffering, and gave Snow that same potion.

George releases Snow and throws her into the forest where she is met by Lancelot who says he is there to help. George had sent men to a cabin where Charming was with his mother. Charming took them all down, but in the process, his mother was struck by an arrow. Snow and Lancelot arrived too late. The arrow was poisoned, but it would take something stronger than fairy dust: the water of the lake where he received his sword. While Lancelot and Charming scouted ahead, Ruth showed Snow her necklace that predicted the sex of a baby, even before conception. It didn’t move, and Snow explained why. Ruth said the lake would cure her as well. When they got there, the lake was gone.

Fortunately, Lancelot found enough water for one sip in a shell, and Ruth told Snow to drink it. She said she’d understand that mothers put their children’s lives first. Charming gave her the water, and Ruth said they’d find another way for Snow. However, it didn’t work, and Ruth told Charming she didn’t want to spend her last moments with him searching for more. She just wished she could see him marry Snow, and Lancelot married them, and they drank the water from the flask as part of the ceremony. Ruth got her wish and Snow got back the ability to conceive. Charming told Snow they’d take back the kingdom as a family.

Back in present-day Fairy Tale Land, though Cora claimed that she wanted to help, Mary told Emma she was worse than Regina. After Lancelot had them taken from the pit and Mary explained they could trust him, he told them Cora’s powers were stripped. Mary still didn’t trust her and refused to voice her plan. He agreed to let them go if they took Mulan with them for protection. The three women armed themselves, with Emma taking her gun back, and Mary revealed to her daughter they were going home—to the wardrobe.

On the way to the wardrobe, the women run into one nasty Ogre and Mary comes to the defense of her daughter, killing the Ogre by shooting it in the eye with an arrow. Upon arriving, the wardrobe is still intact and Mary talks about everything she was going to do with her there. They needed to get the wardrobe back to the island, and Lancelot showed up to help. However, when he mentioned he wanted to help them get home to David and Henry, Mary realized he wasn’t who he said he was. Only Cora knew Henry’s name. She trapped both Snow and Mary as she had been looking for a way over to see Regina. Mary burned the wardrobe to keep her from being able to, and Mulan saved Emma from Cora. Cora disappeared. With Lancelot dead because of Cora, they needed a new leader, and Mulan looked to Mary. After putting Henry’s safety first, Emma understood why Mary did what she did, putting her first. She had to get used to that. Once they were gone, Cora returned to gather up some of the ash.

In Storybrooke, Henry talks to Jefferson, who told him about Regina’s vault. Henry tried to talk to him about seeing his daughter, but Jefferson wasn’t looking because he left her. He thought she’d hate him. But Jefferson finds Grace in the end, and Henry watches the family reunite before David brings him a wooden sword to learn to sword fight. However, George was watching.

Family is always a major theme in this show, but this week was particularly heavy on the idea. But family can be both good and bad. For every mother like Charming’s, who is willing to sacrifice her life in order to give her child the chance to have a child of his own; or Jefferson, who never gave up on trying to find a way to be with his daughter again, there’s a Cora or the king who takes revenge on his adopted son’s brother by cursing him with childlessness. And now he remembers who he was in Storybrooke…is he still bent on revenge? If so, Charming needs to keep an even better eye on Henry. Plus, the mother-daughter element between Mary and Emma was wonderful to watch. Though the women are about the same age, Mary brings a motherly element to Emma in this episode that we haven’t seen prior. It further builds levels in their relationship which can only get better as the show progresses.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  1. AmyOctober 16th, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Great review! I really loved this episode! I was adopted so the moment between Emma and Mary was particularly touching to me. I was so glad that Emma finally realized why Snow and Charming made the decisions that they made. My other favorite moment of the episode was Jefferson being reunited with Grace. Her joy at seeing him and her simple statement of “I knew you’d find me” plus his reaction made me cry again.

  2. JustinOctober 16th, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    Definitely Amy. The mother-daughter relationship between Emma and Mary was amazing, it felt so “real”, and the moment with Jefferson and Grace was heart felt also. I could totally see moist eyes from fans watching the show last night

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