Review: G920 Driving Force


By Thomas Riccardi


I can remember back to the days of vacationing in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, where there were tons of arcades and every game that you wanted to play on that stretch of boardwalk. Some of the games I loved to play were driving games such as Pole Position or Outrun. Gaming has evolved and people now play in their homes and with controllers, but it feels like there is something missing when playing a racing game on the PC or Xbox One and using a controller. It feels like you’re not really driving a car and are instead just playing a game. The minds over at Logitech have sensed this and have brought us a new controller called the G920 Driving Force. But is this controller well worth it or is it just another expensive add-on to your console?


Inside the box, there is the steering wheel system and the adjustable pedal unit and my first thought on these items is that they were built to last. The pedals are made out of stainless steel and there are solid steel ball bearings in the steering wheel. The steering wheel itself is wrapped in leather and while Logitech could have used lesser materials, they instead went all out to make it look and feel like the real thing. The steering wheel can be placed on a table or clipped to the edge of one to give the user more stability. If you are a hardcore racer and have a racing seat, this unit can instead be mounted to that and you can also adjust the pedal faces. Logitech put great thought into this device, allowing the player to use it as he sees fit. Setting up the unit is a snap as you run the cables to either the USB on your PC or Xbox One and plug the unit into a power source. There is even a cable management system underneath the pedals so that your living room won’t be littered with cables.


The steering wheel works flawlessly with the games that I tested with the PC and the Xbox One and while the list is short for games that will work with this device, there are more coming. Across the two platforms, there are 15 games that utilize this controller and two of the big ones are Forza 6 and Project Cars. The responsiveness of the steering wheel is amazing and did I mention that it has force feedback? Yes, you heard me right: this steering wheel gives the player force feedback so you will feel it on every type of terrain as well as driving types (for example, if you drift, you will feel it in this steering wheel). This makes this the absolute best controller to have and the best part is that this is a two-in-one as previously mentioned. If you own an Xbox One and a PC, you can use it on both systems. No need to spend more for one or the other as this will handle both (using the Logitech software on the PC and the native settings on the Xbox One). There is also a shifter attachment that can be bought separately and that delivers even more of a driving experience. The driving force shifter is as well-made as the driving force and gives an unprecedented amount of realism to your driving experience. This six speed shifter has a solid steel shaft and is covered with leather to provide even more realism when you drive.


The only downside of this controller is the price tag and while it is steep ($399 for the G920 Driving Force and $59 for the Driving Force Shifter), you will know that you bought something of quality instead of a crappy third market driving wheel. I have tested other wheels that other companies have made and believe me when I tell you they do not even come CLOSE to the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into this device. If you own an XBox One or a PC and want a great steering wheel, look no further than the G920 Driving Force.


With responsive controls, rugged construction, and force feedback there is no contest as the Logitech G920 Driving Force is the clear winner in this race. For more information on this and other products, head over to and get ready to experience driving like you have never experienced it before.

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