Review: Comic Con Episode IV A Fan’s Hope


By Zack Fox

Back in late 2005 Morgan Spurlock’s film Super Size Me was running on HBO. Me being a fat kid, loving McDonald’s “Super Sized” meals, I didn’t care to watch his film. Me mother on the other hand did care for me to watch it. I watched it. What I figured would happen, happened. I didn’t want to “Super Size” my meals anymore. McDonald’s later phased them out anyway.

So at the time my good side thanked Morgan Spurlock, while my dark food loving side hated him.
Later/Now I started watching his show 30 Days, Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, and so on, I now consider myself a Spurlock fan. I’ve been attending San Diego Comic Con since 2007. My look on life now is the four and a half days (Preview Night) at Comic Con is life, and the other 361 days is just media buffering time.

When I heard that Spurlock was doing a Comic Con documentary, I froze, Is Spurlock about to become my enemy, or my ally? After I heard that Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, and Stan Lee were involved and that the film wouldn’t mock us nerds, it would praise us. He’s is my ally. At Comic Con 2010 I was lucky enough to meet Morgan Spurlock at Comic Con when he was filming Fan’s HopeFan’s Hope didn’t opening anywhere close to me, I requested a screening, and received an email, saying that basically there is way to many nerds wanting to see this film, and it will be awhile before there is a chance for it to be in my area. At 12:03am on Friday April 6th the link was live on iTunes. Rent. From the minute I pressed play I was teleported back into the world that I love.

Welcome to Comic Con. I’ve always been in the Con, I have never been able to observe it from the outside looking in, until now. I found it awesome watching the film looking at the lines, the panels, the signing, and saying to myself “I was there”. At the moment when the exhibit floor opens and the Geek goes running for his Galactus, at the same time I was about 5 isles over, running to the Tonner Doll booth for a Megan Fox as Lilah from Jonah Hex doll.

To me A Fan’s Hope is a film that should be shown in schools, in the way that Martin Luther King’s speech is shown, telling kids to respect the Nerds/Geeks. The world can say what they want to about Nerds, that we are losers, shut in’s, or whatever, but watch this film then say to our faces that we are losers. We’re a group of creators, thinkers, doers. Fan’s Hope put us nerds in the light we deserve, and at the same time is inspiring as hell. I was at the Masquerade ball in 2010, and as a lover of Mass Effect, the Suicide Mission skit brought tears to my eyes, and the tears returned when watching it again. So awesome she got a job for the Mass Effect film. Beside being a great Documentary, it was very fun reliving the moments of Comic Con 2010 over from different points of view. I hope that Morgan Spurlock does more of these, Fan’s Hope 5, 6, 1, 2, and 3..

Thank you Morgan Spurlock, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, Stan “The Man” Lee, and everyone else that took part in making this film, like Shepard did for the Krogan in Mass Effect, you’re helping give our nerdy life’s meaning.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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  1. MikeSatumbagaJuly 31st, 2012 at 9:25 am

    I too rented the documentary via iTunes when it was available and it was awesome to put the spot light on us. Society has such an obscure view on social stereotypes in general, they must have a -5 to perception *gigglesnort*. That’s my biggest gripe. Nerds are seen as anti-social and shut-ins…yet we we play multiplayer games, board games, create communities, talk and share with each other the stuff we love. Not to mention ComicCon the largest gathering of Nerds. Anyways this documentary made me a little misty eyed for a lot of reasons. No spoilers, but I will say the one that made my heart fuzzy involves Kevin Smith. Good article and good read. ^.^

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