Review: Bones – The Gunk in the Garage


By Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

Another week, another murder mystery to solve. On this episode of Bones, we find out what happens when identical twins are unknowingly separated at birth… and one of them is murdered.

Spoilers Ahead.

This case begins in the creepiest of late-night settings, a parking deck, of course. The soon-to-be victim is walking towards his car as a stealthy, faceless lurker keeps tabs on him from a distance. The victim then opens his car door, gets in, and is blown to smithereens. Thus, a crime scene is born.

The murder investigation is following the typical pattern, and Brennan is soon able to identify the body as belonging to one Robert Carlson. But we know from past experience that Bones cases are anything but typical. When Sweets goes to inform the wife of Carlson that her husband is dead, she is dumbfounded and angry when a very undead Carlson walks up the drive before Sweets is even gone. How could this mistaken identity have happened? Brennan rarely misses the mark. After interviewing Carlson, it comes to light that he was adopted. This revelation leaves room for everyone’s theory — twins.

As the episode progresses, we see several of our favorite characters in a little bit of a different role. Booth is totally out of his element working off of the case and behind a desk–Caroline has assigned him to sort out the bureau’s budgeting issues. If all goes well, he is up for a promotion. Brennan wonders if this is something that he should even consider, but Booth has already made up his mind to do it. He mentions that he has more important things to think about now that Christine has come along. He doesn’t always want to be in the line of fire, and a less-dangerous position is a possibility that he needs to consider. He wants to keep himself safe for his two children. I find it interesting that they finally mention Parker, his son from a previous relationship. He hasn’t been a factor in a long time. In previous seasons, Parker was visiting Booth regularly. He seems to now only be an afterthought, which is strange because with Booth and Brennan’s new baby, his relationship with Parker would be an interesting angle to observe.

We are starting to see more of Sweets this season! I’m sure other fans are just as pleased as I am with this turn of events. Sure, he’s always been a crucial part of the team, but he’s been brought to the forefront now more than ever. This episode was evidence of what I hope will be a more regular focus on our loveable shrink. Not to mention, a new romantic interest for Sweets has been introduced — Special Agent Olivia Sparling. She’s quite a handful as they are partnered together on the case, and the budding romantic tension between the two is sure to be revisited in coming episodes.

As the mystery unravels, it’s discovered that Carlson’s twin is one Jerry Langella and he is indeed our victim. The Jeffersonian team comes to the conclusion that Carlson’s wife had motive to murder him due to his connection with a cult, a cult that she did not approve of. Carlson confesses to Booth that he was going to surrender everything to this cult and even move to Colorado. Their suspicions are confirmed when his wife confesses to hiring a hit man. There’s only one problem. The hit man hit the wrong twin and he won’t stop until he gets the right one. Booth, Brennan, and Olivia get to Carlson before the hit man does and he’s taken into custody, leaving the real Carlson safe and sound.

The episode is chock-full of twists and turns. I like how we see Booth from a different perspective, working on the books. It serves only to prove that he’s best in the field and we would certainly miss him if he was no longer fighting off the bad guys. I also thought the dynamic between Sweets and Olivia is a much needed addition to the show. With Brennan and Booth’s relationship going full steam ahead and Angela and Hodgens still in the happily-ever-after stage, the show is in need of some emotional conflict. It will also be interesting to see what they do with Daisy, Sweets’ current girlfriend. Trouble ahead? Looks like it.

Speaking of Hodgens and Angela, when will we see more of their relationship? I’m curious to see what their life is like post-baby. We also haven’t seen much of Camille yet. Will she be a major player this season? I hope so. She’s just the touch of normal the craziness of the Jeffersonian lab needs. I hope we see more of her soon.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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