Review: Bones – The Future in the Past


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

Season eight is off and running, Bones fans! As we know, last May’s finale left us with Dr. Brennan and baby Christine on the run when Brennan is expertly framed by serial killer Christopher Pelant for the murder of her friend. We weren’t given a time frame or even a hint as to where she was headed or what we should expect this season. Lucky for us, most of these odds and ends were tied up on last night’s season premiere, “The Future in the Past.” For those who missed the episode, SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk.

The show picks up three months later with Brennan and her daughter Christine still on the run at an undisclosed location. Her father, Max, is coordinating her hiding as Brennan is moving from one place to the next quite frequently, it seems. His protectiveness is touching given their tumultuous past relationship, and this episode puts to rest any question of whether or not their current relationship is on steady ground.

I wasn’t sure how the writers were going to tackle this episode, knowing it had to place Brennan back into the mix at the Jeffersonian despite the many logistical issues this would bring. For instance, her whole team is legally bound to report any contact with her — apparently runaway murder suspects are kind of a big deal. Would they risk their careers for her? Would they risk their own incarceration? The answer to these questions is a whopping “Yes!” It seemed nobody was overly concerned that all of their livelihoods were on the line, but it showed one thing, that their love for Brennan is bigger than any trivial personal concerns like aiding and abetting a murder suspect. I love that everyone is going to bat for her. Angela is the only one who has been in constant contact with Brennan, but that’s to be expected given they are best friends. Aside from that, I cheered a little bit when Sweets is thrown off the case for showing partiality to Brennan, and of course, when Hodgens is choking Pelant within an inch of his life. It’s the little things, you know.

The “Most Touching Moment of the Evening” award, however, goes to the reunion of our star-crossed lovers, Brennan and Agent Booth. He’s been without the love of his life and his daughter for months, and he’s been forced to work a desk job in the meantime. It’s about time he catches a break! The two are reunited in a dingy hotel room in the middle of Nowheresville, USA. Not exactly the most romantic situation, but hey, fugitives can’t be choosers. The moment is actually perfect and soon, Brennan convinces Booth to smuggle her into the Jeffersonian to solve the murder of one of Pelant’s first victims. It’s the only way to lock up Pelant, and therefore, the only way to ensure the safety of Booth, Brennan, and baby Christine. Brennan solves the murder in what seems to be the same amount of time it takes me to tie my shoes, naturally.

The episode is well done and opens a lot of doors for plot options this season. The biggest twist comes at the end when Pelant somehow manages to swipe his identity clean, and claims a new one as an Egyptian citizen. Say what?! My reaction exactly. He hands Brennan a marigold on his way out, flanked by Egyptian government officials. What does a marigold signify, you ask? Booth wonders the same thing and lo and behold, it represents “pain and grief.” This isn’t the last we will see of Pelant. Shh, we don’t need to ask silly questions like how in the world someone was able to change their DNA, fingerprints, work history, and medical records all from the comfort of their jail cell. I’m sure they will address this (probably not) in the next episode. We are left with a serial killer on the loose, and really, would Bones be Bones without a crazed killer out for Brennan? I think not, my friends.

It’s sure to be a season of unexpected events. Speaking of which, was that a menacing look from one Special Agent Hayes Flynn as he pulls the discarded marigold from the trashcan? Could he be working with Pelant? Holy betrayal, Batman! We’ll have to wait and see. For now, I will leave you to ponder the biggest mystery of all: how I wrote this many lines without mentioning one thing about that blonde mop of a wig that Brennan was rocking the ENTIRE episode. Let us be thankful that in the end, she emerged from the shower free of that burden.

Cheers to season eight!

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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  1. AmySeptember 18th, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Great review! I agree on all points, especially the blond wig! That thing was horrific!

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